today I will review the magisk nfs injector pro module.
what’s the difference with the free version.
than you play warts, we better discuss.

hi, back again with me levv, dumpling seller.

today i will not share nfs injector pro.
instead, compare nfs injector free and pro.
what is the difference, if we use pro the fps will go up.
or stuck at 15 fps is like a sandal number.

if you want to try the free version, you can download it in the description.
or if you want to use the old version, you can look for it in playst according to the name of the magisk module.
because there are so many, there is a zoom version, there is a x2 version and many more.
I am using nfs injector x9.
if you want to use this module.
then you have to install the following magisk module with the application.
because you have to use the app.
Don’t forget to install the app.
because I have installed the magisk module, let’s just discuss it.
if you use the free version.
there are still modes 4.
starting from battery mode, balance mode, ultra mode and gaming mode.
although using the free version, but

no mode is removed.
the difference is from the nfs injector settings.
if you use the free one, then you are only given 5 features.
the first feature is the cpu settings, the second feature is the i/o scheduler.
3rd mode is dns, 4th mode is selinux and 5th mode is tcp.
for other features such as doze, shield, ram level, and others have to buy the pro.
not only that.
if you buy pro version then all settings in log menu will open.
from the start of optimization to the end of optimization.
while in this line a lot of tweaks that you need.
for example smart control, shield,
spy cleaner, doze, low latency.
and many more tweaks will be unlocked.
if you have money then you can buy pro version.
if you want to buy it, then you can press the link that I have prepared.
you can pm the admin and you will be asked to send 2 dollars.
then you can feel the pro version.
actually if you know how to code, you can use the free version but like a pro.
for the locked features you can replace using another magisk module.
I will give an overview of the pro features.
the first feature is overwatch, this feature will check our device for 24 hours.
to keep the device stable and prevent the app from running on its own.
an example is wakelock.
so your device ram usage will stay low.
the second feature is thermal.
maybe you already understand.
its function is to remove the temperature limit that can lower the cpu speed.
the 3rd feature is the spy cleaner.
This feature aims to check every application that we install.
whether the app is clean or malicious.
sometimes in every application there are ads and viruses.
the 4th feature is the custom doze.
This feature aims to prevent applications on your device from running continuously.
sometimes make your device hot.
if this feature is enabled, then your device will stay cool.
the 5th feature is shield.
the function of this feature so that your device is safe and there is no harm.
an example is a hack or account theft.
the last feature is super sampling.
this feature to monitor memory, virtual memory and cpu speed.
in order to recognize the application that we open.
whether an application is light or not, whether a game or not, so it’s like a sensor.
on the other hand, there are still a lot of tweaks that are not shown.
starting from I/O foreground, ads killer, optimization and watch descriptor.
it’s just that I don’t really understand its function.
you can try to find a magisk module which is the same as the features I have mentioned.
there are some modules available and some have to make your own.
suppose you want to try the magisk combo module, is a futile task.
because the tweaks that are locked in the magisk module are not only 1 but a lot.
I have explained the features and I will conclude.
if you just play games and optimization only, the free version is enough for you.
what else are the games you play are free fire and mobile legends.
if you play HD games then my advice is to buy the pro version.
so the difference between nfs injector free and pro is the fps meter.
the pro version is higher than the free version.
the 2nd difference is the nfs injector pro is cooler.
even though there are a lot of tweaks that have been activated.
the 3rd difference is better ram usage.
the 4th difference is, you can play the game longer if you use the pro version.
because the free version is hotter.
That’s why I can’t play the game any longer.
that’s the only difference between nfs injector free and pro.
If you have other opinions, you can add them in the comments column.
basically you can try nfs injector free if the game you are playing is light.
so that’s all I can explain, if you don’t understand, please just write in the comments column.
See you in the next video, thank you.

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