Hello Friends! This is Leneha Junsu. Welcome 
to my channel that is all about enhancing what  
you have. Today, I am reviewing Innisfree 
Fruity Squeeze Tints. It claims that moist,  
glistening water shine lip with vivid color, 
enriched with menthol-based ingredients and  
pearl extracts to create plumper lips. It comes 
in a transparent plastic tube that represents its  
color along with its cap. The applicator is thin 
and flat, just like the Pony effect’s applicator  
but with a fuzzy texture. It is quite flexible. 
These tints include many vegetable and fruit oils.  
Hence, you can see the glossy texture. The first 
color, number 3 Sun-Dried Jujube, is a brown  
purple color. It looks like you have chewed on 
someone’s liver as a gradient lip. Just kidding!  
The shine is stunning that looks like dewdrops 
on my lips. These tints have a non-sticky finish,  
even though it’s a gloss type. These tints are 
very pigmented yet transparent at the same time,  
as you can see that even a small quantity of 
it has coated my entire lip. The more I apply,  
the shinier and vibrant the color looks on my 
lips. These tints have a fruity scent and smell  
so delicious. Oh! Btw! If you are liking my review 

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this video, as it will help my channel a lot. As 
a full lip, it looks so mesmerizing. These tints  
are very moisturizing and don’t dry lips at all. 
In fact, it keeps lips hydrated. I will recommend  
this color for people who are into fall vibes. 
I think it will compliment any skin tone. All of  
these tints stain just like their color. It stains 
pretty strong, and the stain lasts for more than 4  
to 5 hours, even while eating and drinking. Number 
6 strawberry is a bluish tone fuchsia pink color.  
This color gives summer vibes. I will recommend 
this color to people who love bright colors.  
These tints are not at all patchy. Even a 
messy coating looks very even and natural.  
It makes lips seem volumized by its shine 
coating system that has pearl added to it. 
Number 7 Apricot is a warm coral color. This color 
gives warm tone vibes more but, I think it will  
suit everyone. These tints feel light on the skin. 
The color blends well and glides on smoothly,  
giving it a natural look. But, the gloss 
disappears pretty quickly within 1 to  
2 hours of applying the tint. This 
is the stain it leaves on the lips. 
Number 9 Pomegranate is a red blood 
orange color. It is a warm color,  
but it will be suitable for every skin tone, 
I think. These tints give summer vibes.  
This is the stain it leaves.  
That’s how it looks after 5hours. The stain is 
still there on my lips, and my lips don’t feel  
dry at all. I will rate it 4.5/5 and -0.5 for 
these colors looked very different in real life  
from what they looked at on the model but, 
I will definitely recommend it to you all.  
In case you still have questions, then do comment. 
I will try to help you as much as I can. Bye!

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