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hello there citizens of the reject Nation Greg here today I’m going to do a movie reaction for the film inside out first things first please go ahead leave a like doesn’t take too much effort on your end but it sure helps us out a lot so thank you for doing that that’s very appreciated secondly yeah I’m a little bit familiar with inside out I’ve heard thematically what it deals with it’s always sounded very interesting to me and here’s the truth I I explained this in a trailer reaction not long ago but I’ll do a quick

like 10 second recap of it and I’m gonna watch what I’m gonna say just because YouTube’s hypersensitive here I rented this probably in like 2015 and I fell asleep about like 10 minutes in don’t remember those 10 minutes not because the movie was boring but because I ate a special dessert that uh 2015 Greg was taking quite a bit of at the time and I knocked out really fast so yeah never ended up watching the movie and I had to return to film the next day I’ve heard of this movie throughout the years I’ve constantly

nodded my head in conversation with people like it’s kind of look inside out I’m like yeah yeah yeah and in my head

I’m like what I know of inside out but guys I’m here to do it properly this time I’m ready to focus and absorb this film also uh full interaction watch along as we sync up with your own copy of inside out I’m watching this in Disney Plus available for super sexy Rejects at our patreon page I want to say once again thank you to all who have joined our patreon thank you to all

who support us there because you guys have been astronomically beneficial for us and at times just of massive savior in our lives so thank you anywho let’s finally watch this hmm and there she is so cute aren’t you a little bundle of joy memories it was amazing just Riley and me forever for 33 seconds I’m sadness oh hello I I’m Joy can I just if you could I just want to fix that thanks and that was just the beginning oh there’s so many so many emotions okay looks like you got this very good that’s fear

he’s really good at keeping Riley safe see easy huh oh we’re good we’re good thank you thank you very much and we’re back this is disgust she basically keeps Riley from being poisoned physically and socially that is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur it’s broccoli Riley if you don’t eat your dinner you’re not gonna get any dessert wait did he just say we couldn’t have dessert that’s anger no dessert oh sure we’ll eat our dinner right after you eat fish tears are coming yep well she there’s no place for her to go so

she’s good we’re good it’s all great oh joy can’t exist without sadness to really understand Joy but the really important ones are over here I don’t want to get too technical but these are called core memories yes like when she first scored a goal that was so amazing damn I was psychologically deep is this gonna get and each core memory Powers a different aspect of Riley’s personality like hockey Island goofball island is my personal favorite come back here you little monkey we love our girl and she’s got great friends and a great house things couldn’t

be better after all Riley’s 11 now what could happen dramatic memories we’re getting close I can feel it there it is here’s our new house oh it’ll get better we’re supposed to live here I’m telling you it smells like something died in here can you die from moving guys you’re overreacting nobody is done a dead mouse oh no all through the drive Dad talked about how cool our new room is let’s go check it out it’s gonna be great yes yes yes yes yes no no no no no no well guess what the moving van

won’t be here until Thursday you’re kidding God she’s closing in Hey Oh no you’re not coming behind you watch out watch out I wonder what the actual plot of the movie is or is it just an exploration of Riley’s mind the investor is supposed to show up on Thursday not today I gotta go it’s okay we get it see you sweetie dad just left us oh he doesn’t love us anymore that’s sad you know what I realized Riley hasn’t had much remember hey I saw a pizza place down the street maybe we could try that

pizza sounds delicious yes Pizza is always a joyful emotion what the heck is that we’re disgusting broccoli I like that time with the dinosaur that was pretty funny wait what what happened she did something to the memory what did you do sadness thinking of her dad making her sat wait what what happened oh no she’s not finding the joy and the things she once found joy in anymore she’s growing up why are you King really the opposite of what we’re going for here crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems

you know crying can actually be very emotionally beneficial for you long-term memory data selection via Channel subgrouping see fun already oh you lucky dog you’re reading these cool things I gotta go work life is so unfair oh Joy just keeps pushing away the sadness a moving van Tuesday can you believe it where’s Dad on the phone this new Venture is keep ing oh no she’s feeling neglected I guess all I really want to say is thank you huh you know through all this confusion well you’ve stayed our happy girl your dad’s under a lot of

pressure but if you and I can keep smiling it would be a big help we can do that for him but would that deny Riley her own emotions I have a feeling this movie’s gonna break me this is surprisingly mature looks like we’re going into REM I’ve got dream Duty so I’ll take care of sending these great day today guys I wish Joy would get to work on my dreams oh this is it a new place somebody order a broccoli Pizza ah gross I not supposed to do this but we are not going to end

the day like this no Joy here your Nevada is all wrong Joy oh that’s beautiful what are you doing in there perfect this is the circle of sadness your job is to make sure that all the sadness stays inside of it oh no did you did building a wall around the sadness all the sadness stays in the circle okay everybody we have a new student in class today are you kidding me out of the gate the anxiety my name is Riley Anderson I’m from Minnesota and now I live here how about Minnesota can you tell

us something about it Well you certainly get a lot more snow than we do she’s okay pretty much everyone in my family skates it’s kind of a family tradition we go out on the lake almost every weekend oh it’s turning sad again what hagging stuff oh no Riley but everything’s different now since we moved oh Riley this is so sad it’s a core memory but it’s blue oh God no that’s a core me whoa what’s happening oh thank you Riley I know it can be tough moving to a new oh no she’s shutting off her

emotions no personality islands and no you’re headquarters without you Riley can’t be happy we gotta get you back up there oh almost must hurt Riley to feel right now fascinating empathetic experience right here I found a junior hockey league right here in San Francisco here you you pretend to be Joy want to be great to be back out on the ice oh yeah that sounds fantastic yikes the hone did you guys pick up on that what should we do we’re gonna find out what’s happening but we’ll need support signal the husband oh that’s clever that’s

really cool oh she’s looking at us uh what did she say oh oh sorry sir no one was looking signal him again ah so Riley how was school time for this we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot school was great all right Riley is everything okay tone Riley I do not like this new attitude oh I’ll show you attitude no no no no stay happy oh no that’s your problem just leave me alone sir reporting high levels of sass take it to Defcon 2. you heard that gentleman Defcon 2. yay I don’t know where this

disrespectful attitude came from you want a piece of this pops come and get it yeah well look here it comes prepare the foot ready to launch on your command sir that’s it go to your room now uh put us down the foot is down good job gentlemen that could have been a disaster well that was a disaster Escape into those memories things got a little out of hand downstairs you want to talk about it come on where’s my happy girl oh he’s trying to start up goofball this is so clever all her dominating emotions are

there this is so fascinating I’m like so fascinated by this oh goofball Island that means she can lose friendship in hockey and honesty and family you can fix this right Joy I uh try oh we’ll never make no no no no no no no no don’t obsess him don’t don’t touch remember if you touch them they stay sad oh sorry I I won’t what happened with the playoffs we won the first game bushes we might actually go to the finals this year oh and we’ve got this new girl on the team she’s so cool uh

she did not speak oh new girl Meg has a new friend already place no need for Riley the newspaper is ready I gotta go what I gotta go go go Island no I love that one and now it’s gone goodbye friendship hello loneliness Riley’s imaginary friend and I’m Joy they join well what the heck you doing out here oh without you anyone ever be happy we can’t have that we got to get you back uh I’ll tell you what follow me oh thank you what a great imaginary friend you are taking the train train oh

good try this is abstract thought what’s wrong with that I’m not missing that train Bing Bong knows what he’s doing he’s part dolphin they’re very smart well I guess this can be dangerous yes I like how illustrative like the animation is yet there’s something that’s they keep it simple but not too bombastic it’s the right balance to strike for this could have easily been just like Gonzo Madness if they wanted it to be I’m gonna turn it on for a minute and burn out the gunk no they turned it on ah never seen this before

Oh God okay never mind I guess the thing I was saying they might do what they’re doing abstracting there are four stages this is the first non-objective fragmentation oh God the train oh no we’re not figurative wait we’re two-dimensional fall on your face oh sadness you figured it out trophy Town medals ribbons everyone’s a winner all the dreams and there’s always something new like who the heck is that imaginary boyfriend I would die for Riley luck isn’t gonna help us now if she tries to use hockey Island it’s going down which is why I’ve recalled

every hockey memory I can think of one of these has got to work in place of the Corn memory she’s about to play hurry way to go fear I’m rejecting it all foreign box box Riley can’t be done with me no that’s so sad it’s gone forever sadness don’t make him feel worse sorry it’s all I had left of Riley he can confide in sadness we were best friends yeah it’s sad there’s a comfort to be had in sadness when you align yourself to just feel it this is this is a touching movie oh nothing

just the best idea ever what all the good core memories were made in Minnesota Air go we go back to Minnesota oh no let’s sleep on it because hey I’m sure Jolly fun-filled times are just around the corner oh man she becomes super depressed we’re all on break yeah the train of thought doesn’t run while she’s asleep it’s really not she wakes up sometimes when she has a scary dream we could scare her scare her no no she’s been through enough already we’re gonna make her so happy she’ll wake up with exhilaration then that’s never

happened before I mean this is pretty scary this is not working oh you are ruining this dream you’re scaring her look it’s working oh damn sadness you’ve been pulling this off you might know Riley better than Joy I’m bingo what is this place the subconscious subconscious yeah hey you oh you got us get back in there no escapement no escaping what is going handy wrap it’s a trail thank you very clowns huh God it’s so loud we still have to wake up Riley but how scare her with jingles follow us this cannot be good for

Riley’s brain but it is just her subconscious she’s dreaming man sadness has been holding it down so how are we gonna get to Minnesota from here we’re taking the bus Network there’s a bus leaving tomorrow no this is terrible where would you stay Riley you’re not thinking this through uh-huh honesty Island guys oh my God you gotta be kidding me emotions at least for Salvage we have no core memories you want Riley to be happy let’s get back to Minnesota and make more if we hurry we can still stop her family Island let’s go oh

you know what the sad part is like Riley just needs a a moment to be vulnerable you know just to take an opportunity to be sad and express that have a great day sweetheart see you after school monkey we love you haha what a fascinating illustration of the mind if you get in here oh that is messed up oh what a bunch of Joy this music’s freaking effective damn it’s that phrase out here for years of like if you keep Chan chanting into the garden there’s no ways there’s no ways there’s no weeds the weeds

will overtake the garden it is very possible to block your emotions by trying to like just do positive affirmations and but can’t build the house on the sand it’ll sink eventually remember oh she used to stick her tongue out when she was coloring interesting Joy’s experiencing the sadness interesting She’s Like Coming to Terms of reality laughs ah there is a joyful memory there that’s that’s really well done I came to help because of sadness we have to get back up there Joy kid existed that satisfaction s don’t give up persistence persistence come on huh we

did it that was great that’s what her imaginary friend wouldn’t do geez I’ll try Bing Bong like totally plays with like whatever childhood feelings you have you know sadness come on sadness where are you okay if I were sadness where would I be oh everything is awful and you have to drag me around why touch all the oh no it’s Mom again what do we do it guys we can’t make Riley feel anything it’s completely shut off wow now wow that worked well what would you do if you’re so smart I tell you but you’re

too dumb to understand oh my God it’s up to you me sadness Riley needs you that’s really sweet what a fascinating lesson wait stop how would you know how to get back worried sick where have you been it’s so late okay that is fine foreign and my hockey team I want to go home please don’t be mad oh I miss Minnesota too I miss the woods and we took hikes come here let’s please don’t be bad you did the sadness it’s beautiful man that’s beautiful everything’s restored God this is not just won’t stop being washed

the shirt I’m not missing one go ers she loves the face painting I told you it was a great idea idea he’s had in a while he’s a really good guy just in case we’ve been through a lot lately that’s for sure but we still love our girl she has great new friends a great new house things couldn’t be better after all Riley’s 12 now what could happen that was wonderful that was absolutely wonderful let’s see what’s in these credits since the images are moving yay what a little very accurate yes very true I love

that let’s talk about it ah yes okay just gotta get a good stretch in here yeah that was very moving that was very very touching I love the hell out of it guys that was an amazing film um it’s one of those movies where like the messages and themes are the centerpiece of the film and they are like just driving the entire narrative forward you know and it’s crazy to they can make something that feels high stakes out of something that is not it’s like because we’ll make something feel high stakes in a film is

why is is is how how it could feel like life or death for the main character pretty much like you know the circumstances themselves are not like that high stakes but when you go to the recesses of the mining you see the emotional turmoil and the challenges that Riley is going through uh that that makes it feel like I stick so it’s pretty crazy how they they put this picture together I just was watching it so fascinated by by the whole construction because it has a really like nicely woven message like with with the most

obvious one being that being you know sadness is okay and that it’s okay to feel sad I just repeated it myself I just repeated that but yeah being sad is okay and that there’s something meaningful to it and and that the main thing that you have to learn to to do in life is to be honest with yourself and with your emotions that and that like really emotions it’s not really that emotions are good or bad and I think you know and depending on what part of the world you live in um but at least

in the the sections of the world I live in within Western societal culture it often can be the case of you know that there’s a much higher emphasis put on you know obviously positive thinking is great there’s a lot of power and positive thinking there’s a lot of power in you know good thoughts and stuff but that’s like what I just said right there was the thing that I ought to not be saying is because we often have a habit of labeling our emotions as good or bad when emotions are just emotions and we ought

to be more accepting of just how we feel and be okay with accepting how we feel because that’s how we move on that’s how we move forward you know uh that was one of my earliest lessons I ever as someone who’s been in therapy for like a decade at this point one of the close to a decade one of the earliest lessons I ever got because you know I was someone who who got very much into of personal development like a little over a decade ago and who had a very much like toxic depressive mindset

at least that’s how I Associated and yeah it was I was just a very manic person and uh I was really really I felt like I was really personally volatile and angry all the time and uh just depressed like constantly for most of my life and when I began to understand where they might come from you know in between that time of understanding what I would do with like personal development I you know you would hear so much about positive thinking and you know I was I was around for the time when something like the

secret the law of attraction was was brought into the Forefront and especially being I know it exceeds far past Los Angeles but being out in La that was so such a dominant subject and and and one thing that I think when you think about like law of attraction or or the power of like positive thinking like you attract what you think about it’s not it’s not really like every emotion first comes from thought sure and I think the power of like attracting what you think about it’s really you attract what you feel and a lot

of the times you know it we there’s there’s way I I damn one of those people who believes in the gray side of it all like yeah like there’s there’s power and powers of thinking there’s power and and reminding yourself of what to really be grateful for and a lot of the time though you know some people and I was exceptionally guilty of this like life was not changing for me because I would just try to reject I would just reject it would be so hard to face the things that I felt personally traumatized by

by just trying to pile like I got this like toxicity and baggage and I was trying to pile positivity on top of there but that doesn’t make for a good foundation and I feel like that’s what the message of this movie really is more about more than just going it’s okay to be sad which is a great message uh to convey like it’s so it’s okay to cry it’s so it’s okay to show your emotions it’s okay to show how you really feel and a big part in you know moving past something it is first

accepting how you feel like it’s it’s one thing to be with your emotions of when you’re sad it’s another thing to you know to get lost in it and to become and dwell in it so much to the point where yeah you are just in a a void that that’s the heart that’s the part where you don’t want to get two down there two down that rabbit hole you know like life is just a struggle for balance all the time and that’s just what I believe is that you don’t want to go too far down

that hole uh but at the same time there’s that that other side where it is okay to feel how you feel and not reject it because that’s the only way you move on you know grief has been such a prevalent Topic in my life and what a lot of people often uh I think a hover between is the first and fifth stage of what at one time one of my I’ve had a couple of therapists in my life and one my first therapist what she pointed out to me was was that because in grief there’s

like five stages there’s denial uh anger and blame depression a denial anger blame um bargaining and depression and then the last one being acceptance and it’s not like and what she pointed out to me was that those first four stages are all kind of intertwined those first four of they’re all sort of like its own form of shock and denial like those emotions that are coming through are all sort of its own form and then I think this movie represents that really well because you know as a as a child like with this Riley character

is dealing with of feeling hurt and not having a decision in the matter and feeling like she has to put on a happy face you know because Dad’s going through a hard time this is tough for them but yeah I gotta be all smiles that’s what they expect from me and I so as so anyway like that’s as she’s dealing with like she’s grieving over a situation because that can be a traumatizing experience for someone where they are uprooting their whole Foundation their whole base their whole life and having to start a new one and

they got to mourn the the life they’re leaving behind so so I think that you know when you’re thinking about that in association with grief because that’s what she is doing is grieving she’s experiencing those emotions you know from from those stages of grief and then the the part that you have to get to is acceptance right is acceptance doesn’t mean I’m over it necessarily like this acceptance just means I I yeah I can deal with the reality of it now and I can I can move forward but the thing about getting to acceptance is

you have to first feel all your emotions and be honest with yourself like whenever I’m around anyone with loss I always say like the most important thing you do right now is be honest with yourself even if it’s like I don’t want to feel right now or I I just really can’t deal with this be honest with yourself when you can’t do that so that’s what I loved about it was this in in a day and age where it’s like I don’t feel like we’re there’s so much emphasis like if you go on social media

about a one Niche area of of positive thinking which is not a bad thing all obviously it’s positive a positive thinking where this isn’t more of an encouragement to be honest with yourself and a lot of the time when you do that that can naturally pave the way for you to feel a more sincere genuine way of feeling happiness that these emotions can coexist that they don’t have to necessarily cancel out one one another and they can help support each other and that’s what makes us human um there’s a book I read it’s actually not

a religious book despite what the title might make you think I’m not like I’m certainly not a religious person this book was called conversations with God and one of the things that book really uh emphasized on is life is about experience and you can’t really have one emotion without the other like in order to truly understand one emotion you have to experience the other so that’s why like early on in the movie I was like Joy you can’t exist Joy cannot really exist without really understanding what sadness is like because that’s what really helps us

to understand Joy is when we completely understand the opposite and it’s like that with a wide variety of emotions you know so I think with what this movie did and talking so much thematically and like the movies thematically on display the whole time and that’s why I loved it because it was that that was The Narrative of the of the film like when everything is collapsing and then when she like shut when Riley shuts herself off when it becomes too too painful to deal with it she’s just left in the stages of fear and anger

and and like disgust just these three emotions and this is all because like to deal with joy like can’t feel Joy and dealing with sadness is too hard so they’re just pushed down to the recesses of her mind and this is all that she has to work with on the Forefront if there was something that felt very real and and truthful in that depiction uh I thought it was it was great because like the characters the emotions are written so well like it I felt like I kind of craved a little bit more out of

the disgust character I think that’s one Mindy calling was playing I kind of creeped a little bit more out of her in terms of just the writing because yeah she was like the least standout of the personalities to me what and I think there might that might have something to do with the fact that you know the other emotions are more easier to pinpoint where disgust seems like there’s a specific like oh this is disgusting the other emotions can present a little bit more of a range like Fear Can represent you know I once heard

that every emotion comes down to love or fear and if you take any emotion that kind of belonged to one of those categories but if you’re gonna break it down within the rules of this movie of the mind you know like fear was able to show you the anxiety parts of it all and those kind of emotions and uh anger would have some of those bargaining stages you know the blame stages that I thought were great and uh yeah sadness and joy learning from one another I guess those are like the two Primal emotions for

for depicting this and I think the the voice acting work by Phyllis Smith from the office amazing work it’s brought such sweetness to the role Joy Amy Poehler what I loved was bringing the right ounce of what I thought was great about her voice over work and obviously this isn’t the writing is that she it is kind of that thing I was talking about where you try to push down like negative thinking with positive thoughts instead of just kind of admitting to yourself like I’m I’m actually dealing with something kind of hard right now instead

of just admitting that to yourself like that would shine through in her performance of using optimism to push it away that was excellent stuff with the Bing Bong imaginary friend you know like that was heartbreaking to me of of like because the imaginary friend scenario you know like to me I felt like growing up my am I having an imagination was was such a in that fantasy and escapism was such a big part of my my survival is how I would put it and it’s stayed with me my entire life and you know you always

hear the cliches of like when you grow up you kind of start rejecting that side of yourself you stop being as playful be an adult but I feel like we’re all we’re all really just all of us adults are really just we’re still our kids our childhood selves just in a bigger form you know as we reform from that like they call it the core memories here and it’s funny to hear that because that’s the word I would use in my life is core memories understanding core memories and core memories so often help Define us

and what we ultimately develop into over time and I loved I I loved the the uh the aspect of the imagination is the thing that helped find the the creative way like Joy had to get creative to to pierce through the again and then get to sadness and to get to the headquarters and it was that imagination that helped save like because really this is all Riley’s mind and and the imagination of that character is the one who to help save the day is the imagination side so I thought that was really connected with that

and it was sad to see like Bing Bong go away because it was interesting with Bing Bong because he’s the kind of character where he was amusing but I was like he might be a little bit annoying but then he wasn’t I was worried he’d get on my nerves but he did it and then I felt I was really affected by that moment when when he ultimately did fade away to help Joy get the chance to get to Edwards to take care of Riley imagination helps saving and and I think a lot of a lot

of ways it can it’s not not like using fantasy to become delusional towards your reality but there’s the other side of it again it’s it’s a gray area and I think what this movie does is really help teach and illustrate to embrace the gray area the collectiveness the community of your emotions versus just one way or the other and I think that’s a powerful thing to to say to adults and to kids and pretty much everyone of all ages that’s usually what makes the best Pixar movies right the ones that are for all ages and

uh yeah I thought it was great like the way they dealt with dreams and the reality Distortion of it and like yeah that’s that’s what dreams feel like reality distortion and you know I think dealing with the the idea that you know uh to keep up happy appearances and when you’re not maybe don’t actually feel happy and to be okay with letting you know you don’t feel like you have to let everyone know but you can let some people and on the ones who are most important to you the ones you value if you’re most

people doesn’t give a what’s on everyone I’m sure go for it uh but I think that’s another great thing to and still you know I live out in La too where it was all over the world but I really feel like in LA yeah it’s really hard for like oh it has constant keeping up of appearances out here can feel like a facade after a while a charade so yeah and I’m going off the Dome here as I always do but rather than picking apart the plot points I feel like what I’m talking about that

is the plot points and that’s what I think makes for a fascinating discussion about an animated movie is these are the this is the plot of the movie so and you’re just watching it play out in a in a way that’s digestible for for families for children in a way that can just they can be cute and fun and a great Learning lesson but I think it’s also one of those movies I can imagine watching this watching as a little kid and then watching it like 10 years later and learning more like if I saw

us at five then understanding it better at 15. and then wow 25 I could understand it even way better 35 the older you get the more you might be able to actually understand this so as much as I was like I feel bad like I don’t think me in 2015 would have even understood this movie that well honestly uh I might have been like yeah it’s fine but or like yeah I really appreciate but uh who I am at 2015 in 2015 was is not who I am today and anyway like I really feel like

I’m a very completely different person from that so it’s it’s just gnarly to see what they what they put together here and I’m curious what they do with the sequel because I feel like there are many you’d have to probably expand the emotions out expanding characters out but there is a lot you can do with a sequel that I’d be very much interested in seeing because you can go pretty mature too if you really wanted to I hope the inside out it’s gone All PG-13 or R right here they wouldn’t do that there’s a version

where obviously you could do that so I think that would be crazy and the movie was funny it was also like a really funny movie if it was it found a lot of a lot of great moments of of poignant humor as well and you know it is the kind of thing where I feel like I just get more from on a re-watch and and because it is a it’s a construct of the mind you know even dealing with like long-term memories and then if you don’t nourish those memories it can often fade away I

thought it was I thought that was great I thought it was a really great film with a with a really powerful narrative uh as well so yeah yeah I I loved it um I wasn’t expecting to talk about it like this but here we are because that’s what the movie is at least my take but guys uh what do you think about it I thought the voice acting was great I think the music of Michael giaccino should have predicted it was him amazing great Direction overall and uh awesome voice over work it was deep and

deep in a way they kept it light-hearted for the for the most part you know like it was really not a good tone really strong tone might be one of my favorite Pixar movies alrighty well I’m done for the day thank you for being here subscribe click that Bell leave a like check with me on patreon

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