Inside the NBA reacts to Clippers vs Nuggets Highlights

>> David Whitehead. >> What a fun night of basketball this was. >> This reminded us of the good old days. >> Yeah. When you had all kinds of games going on, just watching every screen and ten games in the end season tournament and some really good ones at that. And some really bad ones too. Man >> Is that a new ring? This Yeah. No, it looks a little shinier today. >> It is shiny. That’s Maya. >> Yeah. >> It looks 1-8, man. Yeah. >> I’ve never seen a diamond or the glistening diamond. It’s a little

something. It’s a little. I’ve never noticed all these years. >> I know for sure. For 41 years. No, come on now. >> 41 years. >> You told him It seems longer. >> It’s what you telling? >> It seems longer. >> It’s inside the NBA. Presented by Kia with just a slight divergence here as we begin. >> I know. >> It’s like honestly, you did. >> Bernie Johnson. You did Shaq. He did Jet Chuckster. Hey she says, like a walk in the park. >> Jurassic Park. No >> Boom, boom. >> Where is that thing anyway? Oh

wait on that. Let’s jump into the highlight show. We got ten games to get to. Well some of them were good. >> A lot of them were good, but

some of them was. >> I was saying before you. >> So rudely interrupted me. Jeff, can I interrupt with you? >> I didn’t suck. >> Why you never get it right? Never mind. >> Oh, man. >> Oh, nuggets in trans Edition. >> Christian Brown. >> Why you never buy your wife. There’s a clock on the stove. >> Come on, Shaq, Don’t encourage him, man. >> He’s retreading.

He’s jokes. The last 25. >> Yeah, Yeah, you’re right. >> Joker for three, Right, Ernie? >> And actually, that’s a lot of money. >> Joker was a little floater for a couple there. Up by a dozen Ding, ding. Paul George had himself a 20 point first half. >> Every shot going, I’m going to go ding 6′ 8252 Was your halftime score in favor of the Nuggets? Oh my gosh. >> Russell Westbrook along the baseline throws it down on know that five game losing streak I think the Clippers played with a little bit of desperation Well

they played in the game yeah Clippers had not yet won a game on the road in Denver had not lost at home going in that’s Aaron Gordon right there Come on James Harden James Harden had 21 seven for 15 played All right Yeah Paul George had as you see as you see Harden but Paul George is good right here Kenny he had 35 and look at Aaron Gordon Yeah that was good right there. >> Kenny Eurostep from half court Yeah. >> Game tied at 89 early in the fourth. >> Oh tough shot. 35 for PG

Oh too little, too little down there. Come on Joker sticks with it. >> Yeah that lineup Look at that lineup Right. 3216 and nine. >> That’s A65 and under lead And then when your double when I was going to be open. >> But you can’t go on Aaron. >> Look at this pass. >> Yeah. What a pass. Look at them. >> Oh, stop it. He just tapped it to him. That’s a hell of a pass to keep that ball alive. >> They’re up by five, and now it’s a three point game. And Kawhi Leonard comes

up with the steal and Paul George is going to make it a one point game. All right. >> I just you know, if the to really get over the top you know they have to have another guy other than Zubac that can play with those four guys. Well they can’t even when they have man Now a three point game. >> Paul George didn’t like this shot. Paul George to tie and we get a wedgie. >> I don’t even I hate it Three to play Yeah I didn’t like that shot. >> I don’t understand that. No

movement just rise up and I don’t know what the hell Reggie’s doing. >> Reggie almost did a thing with the Toronto Raptors one. Look when Washington lost. Washington lost back in the day. >> But not. Not going to happen. It’s the Nuggets 111 108 winners over the Clippers as they go to two and oh in group B and the Clippers fall to zero and two. Now Nuggets seven and oh at home Clippers now zero start in ten games since the 2007 2008 season. >> All three of their losses have come by double digits. So here’s

the way it stands in Group B, they got the Nuggets after that win over the Clippers at two and zero. Again, you’re playing four games here. You win your group, you go to the knockout round and then you still got a chance. If you don’t win the group with a wild card. Rockets are one two, no pelicans now one and one Mavs fall to one and two. That’s going to be tough for them and tough for the Clippers, too. Don’t see a team going two and two and getting in there somehow. Now you have to

be a pretty crazy tie breaker. >> Maybe a wild card. >> Yeah, but. But I’m thinking. I’m thinking wild cards are going to go three one, three and one. Yeah Let’s go to the Clipper clipper game. You lose this one. There were all kinds of questions, all kinds of statements being made by players and by coaches about here. You know, it’s going to take time. We’re trying to get on the same page. We need James to be James, you know, and all this. >> If you actually looked at that game, you saw their problems. In

a nutshell, they didn’t make their runs. They took James out the game . If you go back and look, when they were down double digits, when they took James out the game, that’s when they made their run. When Russell was playing the primarily the point that was the first issue because James and Russ can’t play together. Secondly, their lack of size like, yeah, when Zubac gets in trouble Yeah and Zubac he don’t fit with those other four guys you know because of course the court is so stagnant, so they can’t play. James and Russ together.

But I think they traded all their size away to Philadelphia. So man, it’s going to be a, it’s going to be interesting. >> They’ve been outscored by 70 in the five games when James Harden has been on the floor. Here’s Ty Lue post game I thought going small was able to switch you know switch a lot take away a lot of their triggers offensively and then going small just you know if Jokic is going to blitz the pick and rolls you know get a small short roll and make him plays, which we were able to

do and KD to get back in the game. >> And so that was encouraging to see. And then you know, down the stretch what hurt us is just you know him posting up Jokic you know be able to score or make plays out of the post really hurt us So you know I was encouraged by some things I saw tonight you know winning the possession battle only having 11 turnovers you know we did a good job taking care of the basketball only. They only had six offensive rebounds, you know, So doing a good job with

that as well. You know. And so they had some things go their way. You know, Aaron Gordon makes a half court shot, you know, just big plays. They made that that that kind of helped propel them to get the win you know and so and I think you know tonight we I thought we were doing a good job of driving the basketball, getting to the paint, getting to the basket. And we didn’t get the same calls. >> Adebayo 8′ James because 21 points through three quarters, he looked to me at least the most comfortable. >>

He’d been so far. >> But then it only takes one shot in the fourth quarter and fourth. How do you sort of evaluate his night? >> I mean, I don’t really care about it. I mean, shots you get just about how the offense is going and like I said, PG had it going and so we was able to make the short roll pass and kind of get guys involved or James was in pick and roll, they were blitzing or he was getting downhill, making the right pass and the right play. And so, you know, that

was good to see like, like you said, that’s the most comfortable he’s been since he’s been here. And this is something to grow, grow, grow off of. So very encouraging. You know, disappointed we couldn’t get the win. But I saw some good things. >> Yeah. One of the positive Shaq, you take away that if you’re if you’re Ty Lue and you know you heard Reggie in the broadcast, he said he said you won’t get a real good read on this team until close to the all star break when you see how things come together. So

what do you take away that’s positive if you’re Ty Lue? Well, his only mistake tonight, you know, you talked about, you know, switching everything. >> You have a big joke is not your average big because even though you do all this pick and roll and you know you get him in a disadvantage, what are you going to do on the other end? What are you going to do on the other end? So, you know, with the small ball didn’t work like he said, you know, Joker just post it up. He either took him one on

one or he made plays. I don’t really see a lot of positives. I mean, they they got back in the game. You know what I what I never liked about the Clippers is they, they wait till late to come back and they try to Herro ball. You know, Paul with the step back three like that that’s not how you win a championship. That’s not how you get better. I would have like to see them today. You know, because they played hard. They played hard. James played. I like to see them. Do they win by 20

so we can say, okay, this works, this works, this works. But it’s you know, it’s not really it’s not really much to read on, especially when you lose six games in a row. Chuck made a great point. A lot of those guys can’t play together in combinations and they can’t go small against a guy that can score on the other end. Not Minnesota. >> And I know Reggie’s point. Like when you go to a new team, you have a bunch of new well, well, James is actually the only new piece isn’t that shouldn’t take 30

games but the problem the problem I disagree with Reggie on is it’s not the players. It’s the players. It’s not the time. Like James and Russ, they’re not going to change. They both need to ball to be effective . Same thing with PG and Kawhi. So they are all terrific players. But the one thing about basketball, all you got to find a way to help your team. James and Russ, they need the ball to be effective. If they’re not going to change now, they need to play a lot faster and I do think they need

a trade because you can’t go out there with one big guy because you got to go against Joker. You got to go against Anthony Anthony Davis. If you’re going to if you’re going to be the best team just in your own building, you know, you can’t you could because the Lakers got a big team. Also, don’t forget Christian Wood and you got the other kid who they just got came over from New Orleans. I forget his name right off the bat, but you can’t have one big guy. >> It would help to get Mason Plumlee

in there for sure as he he is out. Yes. For the clips Well you know there’s a saying the same things that make you laugh make you cry and he he said it in a nutshell what makes him laugh and jovial is they can’t guard us when we’re small teams are going to have difficulty when they’re playing well. >> But when you’re small, what makes you cry Is he said, Well, then we couldn’t. Like Shaq said, we can’t guard him inside. So So in the key moments when you need a basket, they’re able to get

it easily where you’re working for it. So this to me is not about I heard you say about the players. To me it’s about now. He’s done a great job to this point, but it’s about Tyronn Lue. He has to create an offense to develop where all of these guys can coexist. 8′ That is what he’s going to have to do over these 20 games that Reggie’s talking about. Chris Create an offense that plays faster for that small ball can rebound or and or if you get a trade that would be the best scenario but

you you have to create that and now this is why coaches get paid. This is his job. >> Meantime, the Nuggets do what what championship teams do game on the line down the stretch outscore them by ten, win the game at home, stay unbeaten on their floor 111 to 108 over the Clippers and the Nuggets now nine and two when we come back. Oh temper temper out there in Sanford get all choked up on me Ernie Oh man. >> I’ll get al

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