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did I scare you high rejection it’s your girl Sally AKA Sally lomonaco AKA salamander I am at Sally Lamonica on all of my socials go subscribe to my channel but before you do that subscribe to this one today we are watching Insidious I don’t do while watching scary movies alone I love a good scary movie but alone not a fan I’m excited and not excited I would like to sleep tonight scary movies they’re like a guilty pleasure I enjoy the idea of watching them and then when I am watching them I tend to not finish

them you can blame Greg if I pick my pants anyway please leave a like on this video if at any point you Vibe with me and you’re like yes Queen same I remember when this movie first came out I believe I was like in high school and everyone was like dude Insidious it’s crazy and I was like yeah I’m good I’m good so click that notification Bell if you want to check out more reactions from me Greg or John all also please check out the patreon it’s the real rejects they are going to put

to my full reaction if you want to sit and have the full experience with me like little movie date you can’t grab my hand if you

get scared you have to sync up with your own copy though again the real rejects let’s just do it rip off the payday salary also thanks to prepper for editing together these highlights three two one oh girl no stop stop stop oh my God that was not necessary just saying Why do ghosts like moving pictures it’s so annoying uh I hate dolls I can’t I can’t look at it

this is just the freaking opening credits um hey sweetie oh she’s matching show me a picture where Dad was a little kid and I wish I could but I don’t think we have any he’s really hopeless at keeping photos every time I think I’ve pulled you out I crawl back in he’s like Chris Pratt with more hair don’t like that I’ve been like oh it’s just the kids right the kids are reading foreign sounds like the toilet why would you put an infant on like the second floor um scary I can’t do this it’s just

a ladder it’s always the heater why is it always the heater oh it’s just the heater making the noise all right nope why would you go up there why would you do it what is the re why it just closed the door crazy kid asking for it go downstairs I don’t want to be up here okay ow en what happened did you fall did you fall off the ladder how did you fall down yeah what were you doing okay yeah he may be a superhero buddy but you’re not invincible you got to be careful all

right okay um I think I have a couple of good songs I mean not all of them but I think I love all your stuff shut up you do not stop it cute I don’t know what that was can you go wake up dogs and Josh oh no hey sleepy pads you better get out of that bed your mother’s gonna kill us both did he get a concussion Dalton don’t don’t Dalton there’s no brain damage that we’ve detected there’s gotta be something I’m sorry just stay here we’ll conduct some further testing it’s only been a

couple of days it could take a little longer it’s like every parent’s nightmare oh girl go get your baby go get your baby I want it I got it I want it I get it stop looking at things oh my God I’m scared mom me too boy I’m scared of what don’t do can I change rooms why would you want to change rooms I don’t like when he walks around at night listen um back to the hospital with you it’s probably just interference those things are always picking up somebody else’s I don’t know it sounded

so clear it scared the hell out of me and I was at the piano and you could hear it on the Monitor and I turned I would have called my husband at work and be like get home right now oh my God I hated that I hate these headphones now stop hello oh my God you’re crying okay I hate you oh my God there’s nobody here I saw someone bring the crab in your room Jesus stop there can’t be another jump scare this early oh my God call the cops stop stop get in an Airbnb

or something unnecessary see you tomorrow wait is that the saw guy on the chalkboard is that jigsaw on the chalkboard it is hey honey it’s me um Dave just told me I’ve got to uh I gotta I’m gonna have to stay late tonight to uh I gotta grade some tests no you need to get home to your wife no you need to get home to your wife hmm how did the nurse not ice that oh no bye moving honey we’re going we’re going I’m scared of this house it’s like a sickness ever since we’ve moved

and everything’s just gone wrong you think our house is haunted I don’t think it I know at the time yes fine deal with this oh he’s on my couch I don’t care if I’m mad at you you’re sleeping in the bed with me because I’m not gonna get murdered same no oh yeah oh Jesus good job no that’s not your husband idiot maybe if he slept in the bed with hmm oh that means the Slytherin interesting so they do move but like that like never happens until the end I can’t believe you got Josh to

hold still for a photo not me or anybody knows what you’re going through right now whatever you have to do to get through it do it and you don’t have to apologize for anything she’s very intense oh my God was that a child foreign came from um oh no child no stop laughing stop it I’m good dolphin that’s not Dalton you idiot gotta be crying too it’s a lot of money to get a third house last night I went into Dalton’s room there was something in there with it it was standing there in the corner

no I asked it who are you and it said The Visitor I said what do you want stop it said Dalton still hear that voice oh Jesus Greg piss myself oh my God I know someone who can help if you’re willing to ask why are you so skeptical excuse you where is Elise she sent us ahead to do something help sweet out the nut jobs oh great here comes another drink I really don’t like this I’m Josh I knew that I’ve grown since I last saw you last saw me your mother and I have been

friends a long time so this thing happened to him as a kid but that was the flashback what is it stop I don’t want to see it I just want to see the drawing stop stop how do I see it I said I don’t see it it’s your son I don’t understand have you ever heard of astral projection um he has you see these are people with the ability to leave their physical body and to travel to different places in astral form and it’s that very lack of fear that has led him to travel too

far and to become lost in a place that I call the further is a Dark Realm filled with the tortured Souls of the Dead a place not meant for the living there are entities that know this because they can smell it that’s why they’re gathered around them they’re all trying to get inside of his physical body simply because they they crave life I’m gonna head out I can’t have somebody coming into our home and telling us that the reason our son is in a coma is because his soul is floated off somewhere in another dimension

we’re gonna bring her all the way here and not even consider what she’s saying I did this to make sure you could feel at ease don’t Gaslight her not to believe anybody you don’t believe me but this this is dangerous you guys lighting your gaslighting you know it’s true you’re telling me they move houses and hung these up on the wall come on okay look scary can you hear us answer us where are you I don’t understand follow my voice Dalton why aren’t you talking anymore if they hear me they’ll hurt me who will hurt

you who will hurt you Dalton I don’t like it helps is she good bro is she possessed now what foreign oh no turn down the lights three cameras Around the Clock we got nothing I mean it got nothing that was insane I was like holy no worries oh my gosh friend my friend my friend bro no Mom what are you doing here I asked your mother to come over I called her immediately after the session why there’s something we must talk about my husband was possessed at what point hmm it’s no accident that your son

is a gifted Traveler the ability was handed down to him by his father at first I thought it was a camera problem uh no finally I was so frightened I found Elise everywhere new lion you’re still afraid to have your picture taken aren’t you one that can bring them back and with what we saw tonight I would say he doesn’t have much time left to wait for you a sound man by not advancing himself stays the further ahead of himself I have no idea what I’m doing hahaha let my voice in a steady stride into

the further oh so scary the younger version of him that’s so creepy foreign foreign don’t mess with these weirdos again tell me where my son is please what uh-uh um you’re ugly I think Dalton annoy the show just be like Dalton Dalton Dalton Dalton Blue’s Clues Blue’s Clues you know what to do foreign ER than they are Josh you are the one alive get away from me bye baby Dalton Daddy oh God oh my God daddy look I’m free okay okay okay face me buddy face me come here what ah cats the amazing girl he

found your son no not the lights stop stop stop stop Daddy Let’s Josh follow my voice no better not be the woman what the hell Stephen Lorraine go check on Dalton what go check on Dalton what go check out Dalton now how many times did she have to say it got two crossing over no they’re not no no no no no no no no no please let him go you oh no um what do you want from me what do you want from me yeah figure it out you can get away from me get the

hell away from me get away from me it’s not funny stop laugh why is everyone laughing get the hell away from me foreign wake up okay good poor baby she’s like bruh I got some amazing shots really hungry aren’t you and I’m tired too because you’re tired I wouldn’t go to sleep I guess I don’t need these anymore what nothing I’m gonna get rid of these um why did you do that why would you do that to me when you know how I feel about that why the science is it it’s not him is it

nice what foreign I’m right here that ending it gave me chills okay that was good that was good that was good I’m not gonna lie I’m not gonna lie that was pretty good listen I love me a good twist and at first I was like this is like a homework ending like how cute but I wasn’t like mad about it because I was happy to not be scared anymore but whoa I like that ending that was a good ending I can see why people said this was a really good movie it keeps you on your

toes it was a simplistic plot yet visually it was really intricate the acting was really good too the older woman she killed it Elise was her name in the movie so compelling she was awesome Dalton was really good I mean the husband Chris Pratt like times 10 you know what I mean it was scary but it was still gratifying if that makes sense you know some movies are just scary to be scary and you don’t feel like you walked away like connected to any of the characters or like caring that much you’re just like what

but like I really cared you know little dolled in this movie seems iconic in a way that I remember when it came out everyone was talking about it and I feel like for a horror movie to do that it’s kind of rare especially with all the CGI we have and everything I think the last horror movie that really made me feel some type of way was hereditary and for some reason I agreed to see that in theaters I don’t know why and yeah that was it was disturbing to say the least so I feel like

in terms of iconic you know horror movies this definitely is in that uh category I feel like because it was just such a talked about subject when I was in high school and still now you know like people refer to it all the time like that red guy in Insidious I get it that was a good movie because like I would have been fine with the ending not having that twist I would have been like still that was like a movie but like that twist though but now I feel so bad for him like go

get your husband like oh my God it’s done it was giving stranger things a little bit but I think this came out before stranger things but it’s kind of an interesting like similar concept except obviously the physical body was still there well technically I mean 11 can like technically actual product in a way interesting I felt validated watching this movie because I did live in a haunted house at one point and there were a few things that the wife was feeling and going through that like I went through and people will try to make you

feel crazy and they’ll try to Gaslight you but like trust your gut trust your instinct I’m curious okay so now I remember watching it being like how would they do a sequel you know if they got Dalton if everything’s fine and now I really want to see the second one I was sitting here like in the middle hating on it I was like I’m not gonna watch the rest of these but like should I it scared me it scared me good it scared me good A lot of the shots were really interesting obviously the first

shot with a lamp and then everything you know turning up I down and I joked about the upside down technically it’s like a very similar concept so the visuals were very good and if that red man bro I don’t like him okay I don’t think anyone should like him Darth Maul looking ass it’s funny I say that but I don’t really like remember those Star Wars movies and I don’t remember Darth Maul I’ve just seen him on like everything Star Wars anyway the coloring in this movie is really interesting for most of the movie it’s

very Bleak not much color not much saturation obviously with some Reds they pop out but I found it interesting the saturation like the color was super low kind of this like grayish green color and then when he is in the further uh the colors are way more saturated way brighter they’ve got the bright red the bright teal um stuff like that was really cool to see in the further and it kind of definitely made you feel like you were in a different world um so that was a really interesting choice and I I enjoyed that

I don’t like the people that were just standing there staring I don’t like them I think that they shouldn’t have been there just for my sanity it was creepy I didn’t get it I like it that room I’ve had like a nightmare similar to obviously like that room where people are just around you and they’re it brought back flashbacks you know you have some nightmares that just stick with you for your whole life that that’s similar I’ve had one of those also grabbing of the ankles and yanking add one of those don’t forget that it’s

scary because I feel like some people can relate to like having night terrors or sleep paralysis nightmares and this reminded me a lot of that only like times 10 this is like sleep paralysis turned up to 11 not a fan not a fan of that I get it now like I get why everyone’s like oh my God it’s so scary and it’s so good also I should mention I totally forgot to mention this I remember I had seen memes from this movie it was the the red guy behind Chris Pratt 2.0 uh times 10. so

I’d seen that photo of that red guy and I remember in high school people were like oh this is so scary like of this dude now I know where that’s from and also the Tip Toe Through the Tulips F that song I don’t like it like I know that song has existed before listening to me but I know that this these kind of what made it popular for like the horror genre I think anyways if you guys want me to react to any more horror films please leave a comment below if you want me to

react to the other Insidious movies let me know because like now I’m invested I don’t know if I can be scarier than that but my God please give this video a like if you enjoyed my reaction at all give it a thumbs up share it if you think it’s funny like send it to someone again subscribe it’s free trick or treat subscribe it’s a treat so I’m gonna check uh it’s night time now and I should go to bed and I’m gonna say a long prayer tonight it made me feel some type of way thanks

again for watching please subscribe to my channel I put up a new Vlog for Halloween it’s gonna be up when this video is gonna be up and it’s super fun I actually get murdered in a Texas Chainsaw fashion and I vlogged uh my experience on set so it’s super fun so I was also in a horror movie but honestly this seemed creepy I feel like as an actor if I was filming this I don’t think I’d have to act that much either in this because like all those people standing there when he was just with

the lamp and then like getting her ankles yanked and like even as an actor I feel like this would be scary to do because I didn’t see a lot of CGI I saw a lot of people in like practical effects which is awesome and like really refreshing to see because they easily could have done CGI with all this but I feel like I could tell there were some shots with it obviously but like I definitely could see that they use real people for being ghosts and everything that being said this is a classic and I

see it I get it I get the hype so anyway have a great and safe Halloween please stay safe out there check your candy don’t drink and drive and have some fun and with that being said I will see you next time

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