Instacart Shopper Review: Everything you need to know before you start. Step by Step Tutorial (2021)

hey guys i’m back with another one and i have 
no idea why i don’t talk about this opportunity  
enough because you can make really good money 
with this side hustle and get paid the same  
day and if you’re only available to work on the 
weekends you could pick up an extra three to four  
hundred dollars each weekend and if you have the 
flexibility to work more you can make a thousand  
dollars or more in the week but there are some 
things you have to factor in and i’m going to  
cover it all but first for those of you who don’t 
know who i am my name is whitney bonds and i find  
legitimate opportunities that people are doing to 
make money i interview them and then i share all  
the details with you guys so you can get inspired 
and decide if this is something that you want to  
do now in today’s video we are going to talk about 
becoming an instacart shopper and how to make the  
most money now i’ve got some really good tips for 
you guys so make sure you stay tuned until the end  
and like i said we are going to cover all the 
good and the bad so

you can decide if this is  
something that you want to do all right so 
let’s first talk about how instacart works  
so instacart has capitalized on the fact that 
people like me with three kids would much rather  
pay someone else to do their grocery shopping 
for them so they have created this platform  
where i can simply order my groceries online and 
can either pick them up from the store or get  
them delivered to my house so when you’re working 
for instacart you have two options to make money  
you can either be an in-store shopper who fulfills 
the orders in the store and then hands them off to  
an instagram driver or you can be a full-service 
shopper where you do both you fulfill the orders  
in the store and then deliver the groceries to 
the customer’s home now in this video i’m only  
going to focus on the full service shopper because 
that’s how you can make the most money now if you  
guys want me to do a video on an in-store shopper 
only just let me know in the comment section below  
now the first thing that you want to do is to 
make sure that instacart delivers in your area so  
i’m going to put the link in the description below 
where you can put your zip code in and see if they  
deliver it in your area if you’re unsure all right 
now the hiring process the hiring process is quick  
and easy and it’s all done through the app so 
first you just need to download the instacart app  
and then put in your information now if you want 
to use my referral code i will put that in the  
description below if you want to put that in when 
you’re signing up and then it will take you to the  
next screen where they’ll ask if you are 18 
years or older able to lift 40 pounds or more  
and eligible to work in the u.s if you are 
then you proceed to the next screen will you  
choose if you want to be an in-store shopper or 
a full-service shopper you’ll confirm that you  
have access to a car and then they’re going to 
ask you if you have auto insurance that covers  
instacart services so you do want to check that 
before you go ahead and get started you’ll verify  
your driver’s license and then once it’s verified 
instacart will set you up with your own pre-loaded  
instacart payment card now this is gonna be 
the card that you use to purchase groceries  
then you’re gonna need to sign paperwork and 
agree to a background check and then it will  
take up to 10 days for the background check 
but i’ve seen it done like two or three days  
so it doesn’t usually take that long and once you 
receive your payment card your lanyard and now a  
mask once you receive all of that then they will 
let you know when you can go ahead and get started  
now let’s talk about the pay now there are several 
factors that play a part in how much you can earn  
like if you live in a well-populated area you’re 
gonna have access to more orders which means you  
can make more money also the amount of hours 
you work and the types of orders you receive  
it all matters like you can earn more for batches 
with a heavier load so if you had cases of water  
in your order you’re gonna make more money so it’s 
really hard to say how much you can earn per hour  
but when i was mentioning how you can make 
three to four hundred dollars on the weekend  
that’s after putting about six hours in and like 
i said it strongly depends on where you live the  
types of orders you pick and the amount of time 
that you put in but it’s also good to know that  
you can get a hundred percent of customer tips and 
i’ve got some really good tips to help you guys  
maximize your earnings so make sure you stay tuned 
and you will be amazed at how much people tip so  
if you’re an instacart shopper watching this video 
let me know in the comment section below the most  
you ever made in a tip so when you’re ready to 
start making money all you need to do is open the  
app and see which batch you want to pick up and 
just so you guys know orders are called batches  
that’s what they call in instacart and this is an 
example of one right here now in these batches you  
can see the store location, item count and then 
the batch payment so you want to review all this  
and assess it to see if this is something you 
want to pick up before you actually choose it  
just so you know the distance is shown from 
the selected store to the customer’s home  
and if you want to accept the batch just swipe 
right and then get to work and just so you guys  
know there can be more than one order in a batch 
where you will actually have to deliver them to  
different houses so the best way to deal with 
these is that you want to stay organized so you  
can either use two baskets or use one large basket 
and then you can use the individual hand baskets  
to separate the orders so you can stay 
organized and don’t get the orders confused  
the cool thing about instacart is that 
you choose if and when you want to work  
so you just open the app and see what batches 
are available and you decide which one you want  
to pick up if you want to pick it up now shoppers 
are offered batches based on their customer rating  
and other things like distance how close you are 
to the store delivery time and if you have an  
alcohol and prescription certification now you 
can take the quiz on alcohol and prescription  
deliveries through the app and it will give 
you access to more batches and sometimes bigger  
tips so each quiz takes about 10 minutes and 
you’ll find these in the app under how am  
i driving just go ahead and select that and then 
improve my skills and lessons and that’s where you  
can find the quizzes you also want to make sure to 
check your state’s law before applying to deliver  
alcohol because it’s illegal in some states now 
let’s talk about how the shopping process works  
once you accept the order you’re going to head 
over to the store to fulfill the order now the app  
will display your shopping list and you’re going 
to mark off each item as you get through the app  
and this will update the customers in real time 
so they can actually track the order with you  
now you’re going to want to know if something 
isn’t available and it’s just always a good idea  
to take a picture of replacement items to see if 
the customer wants that or not now you’re going to  
also use the insta carbon payment card to purchase 
these items and they’re going to simply deliver  
that to their house and that’s it just rinse and 
repeat but like i said we are going to talk about  
it all so let’s talk about the good and the bad 
but we’re gonna start with the bad first now some  
of the cons are the customers so you can have some 
of the most pleasant people to work with and then  
you can have some of the most difficult people 
just dealing with different kinds of people you’ll  
just never know what you’re going to get and 
that’s just something that you want to be aware of  
because they can affect your customer rating which 
could affect how many batches you have access to  
another con is that you have to see if your 
auto insurance covers instacart services now  
if it doesn’t this could cost you extra money i’ve 
seen where people have had to add an extra 10 to  
15 per month to people’s insurance when they have 
added these services another potential con is that  
you are also an independent contractor so a 1099 
employee so there are no reimbursements for things  
like gas or wear and tear on your vehicle but 
it is important to know that you can write these  
things off on your taxes so like the maintenance 
and repairs including tire and oil changes gas,  
car insurance and there’s so many other things you 
want to make sure that you guys are tracking all  
of this so you can actually get some of this money 
back so definitely make sure you guys have this  
app called hurdler or i cannot even pronounce it 
but you want this app because it tracks everything  
in real time and you can claim the maximum tax 
deductions so you want to make sure you have this  
i’m gonna put it in the description below because 
i cannot pronounce it and you definitely need it  
and speaking of taxes you’re going to want to save 
at least around 25 of your income because you are  
an independent contractor so you’re responsible 
for reporting and filing your own taxes and last  
but not least competition this is another con 
because there can be a lot of people in your area  
trying to do this which won’t leave you with a lot 
of opportunities to make extra money so i wouldn’t  
depend on this as a consistent source of income 
but just a way to make extra money on the side  
okay so enough of the cons let’s talk about the 
pros and then i’m going to share some tips to help  
you maximize your earnings now instacart has this 
thing called instant cash out where you can cash  
out anytime you want but you have to complete 
at least five batches before you use this tool  
this is definitely a pro if you need 
money right away and also keep in mind  
that the money that you’re going to get from this 
is only instacart payments this is not your tips  
because tips can be pinning for about three days 
so just keep that in mind some other pros that you  
can get really good exercise doing this shopping 
for other people you also are working on your own  
schedule you are your own boss which you really 
cannot even beat that and i have friends that have  
done ubereats and postmates and they have all said 
they have made much more with instacart by far  
and also instacart does have bonuses which is 
another bonus where you can make more money  
now here is how you can maximize your earnings 
and some good little known tips for beginners  
so you first want to start by taking small batches 
for at least a few days because these batches are  
just easier to complete and they will just help 
you learn the app without getting overwhelmed  
once you are more comfortable with the app you 
can go ahead and start taking larger batches  
and you want to really analyze each batch to see 
if the earnings tips and the distance are even  
worth your time shop stores that you are familiar 
with you know it’s easier to shop the same stores  
because you learn the layout this makes shopping 
much faster and can increase your hourly rate  
and when you’re shopping just always think about 
yourself if you won’t buy an item for yourself  
you shouldn’t buy for your customers when i’m 
talking about i’m talking about fruit if it looks  
bad or vegetables just don’t get it for them just 
take a picture and then show them why and they’ll  
really appreciate that you want to communicate 
as much as you can through words and pictures  
and if they don’t reply just give them a call 
also pay attention to expiration dates one time  
i ordered milk and it expired the same day 
i got it i was just really upset about that  
and when you deliver the items be sure to smile 
and act like you’re enjoying what you’re doing  
doing these things could really result in getting 
you a bigger tip and it will keep you having a  
high customer rating you also want to make sure 
that you join this facebook group called instacart  
showers by steph this is a great group and she 
shares the script that she sends to her customers  
every time before she actually shops and she says 
that this has been a game changer so i’m gonna put  
the link in the description below of her group and 
the actual script she uses so you guys can just  
copy and paste and use it too now if you find that 
you really like this and you want to do this more  
often definitely consider getting these things 
this one right here is actually required now  
by instacart and it’s insulated bags so instacart 
recommends these ones right here and they cost 25  
but i found a better version that’s only five 
dollars at walmart so definitely check those out  
and they will be approved by instacart and 
if you also have signed up for doordash  
they stimulate insulated bags that zip so 
you can just use those for instacart as well  
you can also consider getting a phone mount 
to help keep you safe while navigating  
you need a portable charger because the app just 
drains your battery so make sure you have that  
you should also consider getting a lanyard phone 
holder to keep you from dropping your phone while  
shopping you’re definitely going to see why i’m 
seeing this once you get started and last but not  
least definitely consider getting a stair climbing 
cart or a wagon like these for big orders because  
it will make delivering groceries to a house or 
apartment with stairs so much easier especially  
for big orders you get that have cases of water 
or just other heavy items and you’re gonna need  
to bring them from your car to the house so if you 
plan on doing this definitely consider investing  
in these because these are all text write-offs 
just keep that in mind you can also use other apps  
simultaneously like ship door dash even amazon 
flex to increase your earnings you know just find  
the highest paying order and take that one another 
tip to earn more money is to tell people about it  
by referring others to joining instacart you can 
earn up to 600 in referrals so what i would do is  
just start doing this and then i would show my 
impressive earnings to my social media networks  
and i would encourage other people to sign up 
using my referral link now those are the ways  
that i recommend to maximize your earnings and one 
last tip as far as what you wear you can just wear  
whatever you want but you want to be presentable 
yet comfortable so you can just decide what that  
looks like alright so that’s it so if you think 
that this sounds like something that you want  
to do be sure to give this video a thumbs up 
and then let me know in the comment section  
just say i want to try this and if you’re looking 
for some other ways to make money definitely check  
out my video i did on 15 side houses that can earn 
you an extra thousand dollars per month or more or  
if you’re interested in amazon flex i just did a 
video on that i’m telling you everything you need  
to know before you go ahead and get started 
with that all right thanks for watching and  
be sure to subscribe and hit that bell for 
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of my videos on ways you can make money alright 
thank you guys for watching and have a great day

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