what do you think about what happened tonight Lucia as if Atlanta played more urgently you guys looked a little I don’t know how tired slow what do you think happened yes the first feeling is the one we had is we were one step ahead of Atlanta. and that

was evidenced probably averaging the first half and throughout the second half it is not a game anyway where I have to make an analysis eh what happened because what happened was absolutely everything then this let’s say it was a night where the equipment this one fell behind other

parties where we always find this positive moments of the team even in difficult moments we repeated as the other day in the second half when it was our turn to defend and today the truth is that we look very on all the lines, don’t we? not only in

the part on the defensive side in the middle half on the offensive side and I think we did very, very well and have beaten us well there is a reason because you believe not really yes, and conditions were favorable much more favorable for us than for Atlanta well,

it could be said that in en At yesterday’s press conference we were talking about of the somewhat lying situation that Atlanta occupies in the United States. in

the standings and well, somehow today it was demonstrated not when they have especially the players they must have on the field

in the case of Thiago Almada this a totally different team is made good teacher good night good night I wanted to ask him eh if you consider the trip so long just a few days ago also affected the physical condition because it was the Atlanta players did look

alike not a small step further and also ask him taking advantage of how he sees Messi because he knows that speculation is beginning to occur that is being kept and such for no no that is to say eh I cannot answer these speculations because they do not have

any type of basidero em it is likely that the trip to especially to the players who played and played the 90 minutes has been passed on to some form of invoice but it is also true that this could be understood as I don’t know the last 20 minutes

of the game 25 minutes of play and we already although I think the first half was much more even. and we even got off to a better start and we had a chance to open the scoring and already halfway through the first half we were already beginning to

see the differences and the truth is that I don’t know if there is a question this physique for those who traveled but the reality is that we do not evidently we were this one in less gear with respect to as to what the opponent produced I did it

forward hello how are you doing with this game are just one of only 6 games they have won that they have had during the week do you think he is a team captain or rather the meles calendar no because em when a team is outclassed like we were

overcome now eh talk about calendar trip all that sounds like an excuse the truth I don’t even like to mention it, eh? here was a soccer match where we eh we had a better situation in the preview than Atlanta for for for the moment we were living by

the situation we occupy in the table and the truth is that this we could not develop it and reflect in the 90 minutes obviously hi tata how about Jean Carlo from firesen Sports well eh against DC United had played them with 5 defenses. scored a goal the same

thing today ujum they were played with 5 defenses a goal eh I wanted to ask you if all of a sudden is complicating their games where they are played with 5 at the back defend with 4 in en in the center eh in the middle of the field

eh they have had a hard time scoring a goal in a row it is likely that we is we are encountering some difficulties when rivals propose this type of scheme it is also true that at some other time we have faced it and we have faced it well

em obviously we have to take into account what you mention “it wasn’t two games that have happened to us.” but regardless of that I think the matches were different the eh us with di yes while I believe the result was a draw I always had the feeling that

em that we were in the party that em em we did not suffer so much from their quick departures. except for a couple of situations that we solved well and one that covers Drake instead today it was this 1 1 permanent feeling of this no and that is

why I say that that the team was not visible in the same way as in previous matches hello nanny where we we had to look for attacking alternatives and this and then there was no justification for putting in change of midfielders or mixed midfielders like David or like

or as Benja was not a game for them to eh where they could feel comfortable and that could meet the needs of the equipment that’s why I think let us tell you except Leo Afonso that it could have been some alternative at some point the other two players

who entered are of offensive character when you are already left with with Matias Rojas with Suárez and Messi evidently in and especially because we were 2 to 1 in a long period of time and I think it is not auspicious for Inter Miami. that the team is split

i.e. when the team is left in a game for this issue of putting forwards this one I believe chances are better for us to lose it for us to win it eh I believe that we are a team that we have to control the game to attack and

eventually backtrack with two lines of 4 to take advantage of this the ability of attacking players and when we we exaggerate and put too many attacking players and we start with the team and we stayed with 4 5 ahead and 4 5 defending eh clearly we are this

one from my point of view doing things more in favor of the to the team facing us tata very good evening Fernando Espinoza for the Sport New York ball beyond this defeat and this slap in the face no local ujum what a positive balance you will have of

this result not here at Chase Stadium good eh eh today I think positive there is nothing eh the only thing I can do is grabbing is from the question I was answering before on how to resolve the problem we are presented with teams playing with a line of

5 and a line of 4 eh it is true that it has already happened to us it has happened to us twice eh otherwise this one tonight, the truth is that is that it was not and also because it was a performance totally unexpected eh because I haven’t

seen any symptoms of fatigue either, eh? neither Monday nor Tuesday with which this if I had not been concerned and to and would have thought of rotating the players more and the truth is that the only one I wanted to take care of was Julian. because then I

looked for him is the pair of the game that has the most minutes and I was thinking a lot about whether or not it was convenient for him to initiate I thought that Matias Rojas physically did not it was not good for me to get started and that’s

why he started on the substitutes’ bench. if I had not taken if I had had other information maybe it would have rotated the team much more. and the truth is that no I didn’t feel that I didn’t feel that in the days before. teacher good evening how is

em broke the inside very easily the obanisse the one who scored both goals there was some arrow to mark it staggered form in the area because it does not to see in em we had a problem at the beginning of the game. the comfort of the two players

on the outside the carrileros do not wine them and the two restraints and precisely the player is Georgian or Thiago that were getting in from the inside from the outside inward then the idea was I found that eh doing that I searched or round is like a babe

and and I search round more Gress the most Taylor made 1 1 1 1 1 3 of in the middle of the court to try to hang on one side over the other Freestyle o o facing the laneer on the side where their player was playing that was

in the way eh facing Jordi or huaweigan eh cost us 25 minutes when we stopped to drink water I found that foam I think we set it up a bit there but well comes that quick exit play that I believe which is different from what I am mentioning

and maybe there is a point in which with players of this category must be eh the team’s setback is very good because it was an attack I think three against 4 4 against 4 eh obviously there is a point where the one to be confronted to avoid the

auction anyway, I think a lot of what happened even in the second goal the shot is much more demanding with a mark almost on top of it. in fact, I think it deviates and that’s why it ends up entering but it is clear that the fact of maybe

to back down excessively or go back to the rushed because when you step back in a hurry does not retreat in order scored two goals from from outside the area do not yes hello tata how are you Pedro Gonzalez new Gerard eh a question a little up to

what I was talking to him it is not easy for Inter to score three goals lately no today they scored three goals they could have done more to us believes it was a radiation problem of the defense itself or of the team in general does not I don’t

think it was a problem with the team in general. I do believe so from everyone’s midfield of all because eh eh now I’m mentioning recoil problems. but the issue of losses should also be mentioned. which causes the opponent to go into space and also the rival when the

first step is when driving that quick exit era of Thiago Almada or of mujumba which I don’t think so must have lost a ball all night evidently they take you into the arch because they know how to drive and how to get through what is the next pass

like then I don’t think there is a general problem with the team. no no no is not attributable is more I think too well cristó and y y and Avilés have defended the large spaces I think Cristo played a really good game. very good last Javier Javier Rodríguez

with fan edur TV eh for what a good one to take home lost hearts home with ashville then maintains the lead yes why the permeability of the equipment eh beyond what he explained and beyond the result that I share with you could have been 1 5 1 em

why the permeability of the equipment and use I use only the term where specifically did you find that disconnect please eh well in two situations that I just mentioned an eh are the losses we had eh in this situation we were never able to em few times I

think we were able to get the ball back in the game. in the offensive zone generally losses have led us to our goal eh and then this and especially in the first half. because after the goal it was clearly a game of us attacking and and eh Atlanta

counterattacking in the first half what we could not solve for this topic I was explaining before playing with 4 players in a row. is the player who was getting behind our backs. and I believe that these two issues a mask this one, let’s say, in the first 30

minutes the other one dies after the goal a little earlier also had some quick exits eh because of our losses and it was both of us both reasons no eh and we were really in many strangely imprecise places on the court if it is not something that we

normally have so many inaccuracies because it is true that the opponent was waiting for us 5 4 but it is also true that Leo found a long enough time at the front of the arch to be able to eh eh eh kicking from outside the area with which

it was not 1 5 4 me me me much more aggressive the 5 4 of DC that today’s 5 4 and when you go back with a lot of people but maybe you don’t have this intensity eh sometimes it’s just accompanying the next pass eh but today I

think that in addition we had strangely imprecise thank you profe thank you good evening

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