International Mcdonald's Food Review Video – JAPAN vs. CANADA –

all right so here is my mcdonald’s order
i’m very excited
so from mcdonald’s canada i’ve got a
double cheeseburger
i’ve got a junior chicken i’m not sure
if this is exclusive to canada but it is
very popular in canada
and then i’ve got the poutine of course
very canadian
and a big mac which i just happen to
and finally i’ve got a medium coke
okay these are all that i got from
i got teriyaki makabagar i thought
this is japanese edition and also i got
uh epithelial which is shrimp leo
i’ve heard this is japanese edition too
and i got a
medium french fries
look how small it is
and also i got a small small
medium strawberry shake this is medium
size in japan
okay so what are you gonna start with
uh i’m gonna start with french fries
french fries okay then i’m gonna start
with the
poutine oh my god yeah
patine yeah so if anyone
anyone doesn’t know what poutine is
poutine is
canadian food it’s french fries with
cheese and

and this is a
mcdonald’s poutine that’s where the
mcdonald’s is good
looks good yeah anyway
should i try a bite oh yeah all right so
here’s a bite of canadian mcdonald’s
it’s good in my opinion poutine is
always good
no matter what so it’s good
not the best poutine i’ve ever had but i
can definitely enjoy this
it’s good though i like i see it yeah
so there’s kind of a debate in canada
about poutine so some people are like oh
i put ketchup on my poutine and other
people are like you cannot
ever put ketchup on your poutine so
it’s back and forth like those who like
ketchup on poutine and those who don’t
like ketchup on poutine
ketchup ketchup on poutine some people
think it’s
very strange yeah very strange
but i like it both ways if there’s no
it’s fine with me if there’s ketchup on
poutine also fine with me
i have no problem there and
one more thing about poutine for anyone
who doesn’t know
there’s a special type of cheese used
for the poutine
and that that’s the cheese curds so
i don’t really know if this is real
cheese curd but
kind of tastes like cheese curds it’s a
little bit different and that’s when you
can tell
if you get a poutine and it has real
cheese curds
you know it’s a higher quality poutine
whereas some places will put
grated cheese shredded cheese onto the
and it’s still delicious in my opinion
but it’s not
the real poutine
i want to try really high-level poutine
yeah i think you have to go to quebec to
get that
like i’ve had there’s some good poutines
in toronto but
it’s just not the same you go to
montreal you go to quebec city
you’re going to eat some really good
poutines and even ottawa
ottawa has some really nice poutine as
this is a medium size that’s a medium
once in canada it’s bigger than this the
medium size hard to say
i think the canadian one’s a little
bigger but i’m not 100 sure
yeah maybe your hands are small so it’s
hard to judge but
i think the canadian one’s a little
what about shake strawberry shake
so that’s a medium shake right yeah this
is medium shake
here’s a medium coke oh my god
canada is huge huge right that’s pretty
big and
my hands are pretty big so oh my god
there’s a drink and there’s a box of
no you don’t have to come here you don’t
want to see the
the size of the footing
almost fries is the best but i think
the fries in canada tastes
a little bit less salty less salted
to the fries in japan that fries in
okay should we go to burgers yeah so
what burger are you gonna eat
what burger are you gonna eat first uh
okay so i’m gonna go
carry egg burger teriyaki burger
i didn’t know this is like special
things for you yeah
canada has teriyaki have a teriyaki
at mcdonald’s and it seems like so
so japanese very misty
and flat oh yeah teriyaki burgers are so
right looks like there’s so much sauce
and so flat so misty
but this is good part of teriyaki butter
you know yeah for a teriyaki burger to
be good it has to be saucy right it has
to be really sexy
is it good it’s so good it’s so good
i haven’t had to get burger for a while
i’m craving for teriyaki burger
i would love to eat a teriyaki burger
right now when i was living in japan
i ate quite a few teriyaki burgers
mcdonald’s and moss burger
all right so i’m gonna have the junior
and this is the junior chicken junior
junior chicken so i’m not sure if it’s
unique to canada
maybe but basically it tastes like
the mcchicken but it’s a smaller version
and this is like
really popular in canada it has a sauce
that’s like
similar to mayonnaise but it’s not
mayonnaise just like
there’s a there’s a white sauce in there
it’s it’s like mayonnaise but maybe a
little more peppery a little bit of
spice to it
yeah it’s really good this is a popular
burger in canada
it’s a small one junior chicken that’s
why that’s why it’s called
junior yeah it’s small it’s like a small
mcchicken the junior chicken
so i’m gonna take a bite
good oh yeah that’s a classic taste for
yeah junior chicken that’s like
i’m coming home from the bar late at
night i’m gonna get myself a junior
maybe a junior chicken and a double
double cheeseburger
yeah the funny thing is you guys usually
go to mcdonald’s after
drinking yeah we often go to mcdonald’s
after drinking
it’s like a ramen for japanese people
because mcdonald’s near my house it’s
open 24 hours so
you can always just pop in there you
don’t have to worry about it being
closed ever
that’s guilty pressure yeah ramen is a
guilty pleasure of yours
after drinking ramen after drinking this
it’s a guilty pressure yeah i used to i
used to get so much
food after drinking usually mcdonald’s
pizza after drinking
yeah guilty pressure

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