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welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down no no we’re breaking down Invincible Invincible season 2 episode 3 baby it’s now out and we have a lot to talk about when it comes to aliens throughout this video we’re going to be breaking down all Easter eggs comic book connections and things you might have missed also I forgot to ask people for thumbs up last week so this week I’m going to need you to click the thumbs up and then click it again to make up for the twi

is that right either way thanks for clicking this let’s get into the brand new episode dad now we begin with Debbie dropping Markov at University which is where he moved to in the comics a lot of this episode takes place during issue zero which actually happens after issue 22 keep up yeah what it was right was that Invincible had been running for about 2 years and the readership was slowly starting to pick up so what they did is basically released this comic that filled in a lot of the backstory of what had happened it had

Mark basically talking to Amber and recapping all the story of what had happened so far in the end we had the pair kissing which

then took us directly into issue 23 just like how they kind of could away for the sex moments in this they then also use that to transition into Allen the alien this led us into getting the story we have which takes up the majority of this episode now you might remember last week that principal Winslow said it was this last year and people assumed that he was retiring what’s really going on

though is that he’s now the dean of the University though at the moment he hasn’t been reintroduced yet and this entire scene’s very heartbreaking for Debbie as she’s lost the family she’s been building for the last 20 years Nolan left and we see that he’s moved on somewhere else and that marks now left to go off and study away from home one thing that I absolutely love about the series though is how much it’s fleshed out what’s going on with Debbie in the comics she was often always just off in the background whereas here they

give her way more character development all this stuff last week with the house that’s completely new for the show as is the support group that we see her going to that kind of reminds me a lot of the one from Avengers endgame in which cap met with people that were affected by the snap now the card for the group that has a number on the back of it but the front it also gave some Clues too this was actually the morse code for SOS with the group also being called that to now as we learned

this massively helped out Olga and she was someone that lost her superhero husband but due to the circumstances Debbie isn’t welcomed in kind of Hing that she gets blamed for it all even though she didn’t really have anything to do with it on the phone we hear sorry no last names Debbie but Olga told me about you which is later backed up by first names only it’s clearly being set up like this in case there’s issues from heroes and villains loved ones coming face to face I’m guessing that even the super villains like Nolan would

have someone that they cared about that might need support in a situation like this now from here we cut to mark readying his room and the first thing he does is hang up a poster this is of his childhood hero saian dog who in the comics was called SE stock the poster first showed up during issue two with it being a change for the series to be a doctor strange parody bring that over from across his home we get someone masquerading as him later in the episode H’s dog has the same outfit as strange and

his change it was done for a specific reason discussing it last year Robert Kirkman said it was down to the property right so I’m guessing we’ve got some legal Weagle wobbly stuff interestingly science dog was also created by Kirkman with him even getting his own spin-off comic at one point now about their Dawn we also have different paries including Magnum PI but they’ve got the pi symbol on the end of the logo we also have lady Yaya instead of Lady Gaga and it just helps to keep things off in a slightly different Universe now William’s

side is much cleaner and he explains how they use a sock on the door to Signal when the rooms occupied we also see Marx brought across his toes uh they’re collectibles sorry sorry mate and amongst these we can catch seon dog and schag gorath parody Mark later ends up chucking Sean’s dog in the trash but he has a change of heart cuz he’s not ready to let go yet kind of wish I’d been told that when I was younger cuz I threw away all my stuff as soon as I hit 14 spent the last 10

years trying to buy them all back except this time they’re now five times the price yay so sad just seeing the little lad in the bin and yeah come here make come here I’ll never let go and the comics’ story started off in issue 25 which is when we open with Mark down a comic book store the guy behind the desk he kept making fun of s dog and how crap the comic run was on the hole Mark said he’d been buying them forever though and in the end didn’t really want to break up his

run it was about him being unable to let go but here I think it’s way more impactful by using the figure seon’s dog was the first character that was a hero to him and in many ways this reflected his father I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Sean’s dogs used a form to connect with his dad and it’s a really clever way to bring this whole thing together now after seeing a stck on the door we then get to Amber’s room and I think that that X poster might be a reference to Ed Sheeran the

PA start getting it on with se’s dog falling to the ground which maybe shows some man’s childhood’s about to leave him behind at this point Amber says wait you don’t have like super sperm or something do you which might be a no to the Kevin Smith talk about Superman brought up how he’d really have to practice safety and potentially wear a Kryptonite condom when he was going in the lowest Lane ify girls in for the tonight though she knows what to do and we end up giving the PE privacy we then get this voice over

and so dear audience perhaps it’s time to give Amber and Mark some privacy which riffs on the comic in which we transition Allen with the text block saying and so dear readers we turn our attentions elsewhere to give young Mock grayon and Amber Bennett some privacy from here we get what basically the double page spread from issue 23 in which we recount what happened with yopin they were basically a peaceful world that had achieved harmony with nature but the vites ended up invading the planet and destroying most of the people there this is the tactic

that the vites used to use when they were Superior in numbers as they couldn’t be outmatched by any forces in the Galaxy however as they spread out and conquered at the worlds their forces grew too thin and thus they changed tactics eventually what they do is what we saw with Nolan where he went to a planet and pretended to be its protector eventually they’d weaken their forces and this would Usher in the Vite Invasion now the show slightly changes things up as they have the unop rebelling by using their weapons in the comics they just

fled into the stars and then started to experiment on their young the ship leaving the planet looks exactly the same and they’ve pulled across these elements brilliantly to tell alen’s backstory at this point they were invited into the Coalition of planets which was set up to tackle a Vite threat he here we meet their leader theis for the first time who’s voiced by none other than Peter Cullen the Vite campaign has become the scourge of the Galaxy if you recognize his voice it’s because he provided Optimus Primes and thus is a major character that pops

up throughout the comics those who read it know know he’s got a little secret and I can’t wait to see how it’s handled in the show next to him we also see a character that looks like battle beast and they may end up tying his species into the Coalition early on in the show of the years xopin tried ways to genetically improve their species to fight the vites but many were born disfigured that was until your boy Alan the alien they saw a riff on the helmet Wolverine had when he was Weapon X without being

a big red visor over the front of the metal structure this was a panel that appeared in the comics 2 with the following shots also being similar as well that included Allan fighting a giant beast and also being laid out flat on his back after he got beaten no matter what happened Allan couldn’t beat the Vite and instead he was made as a planetary evaluation officer as we learned in season one he traveled out to Earth and had even fought Nolan when visiting our planet we see this moment playing out and that happens in a

montage foreshadowing omn Man’s big return at the end now as you know this was all one big mistake and he was meant to go to urath but this helped him come across mock Mark’s obviously someone who can help combat the Vite threat and now we’re getting breadcrumbs for the way the story’s going to go also love how they changed the title card and this is also what they did with Adam Eve which was such a cool thing in her special now his journey back to his headquarters is built off the back of the comics but

they change up what happens with his girlfriend General tella in the comics she was more just a scany clad alien as here she’s a high ranking member of the military if you think her uniform looks familiar then that’s cuz it’s based off the ones from Star Trek the Next Generation there were a couple of panels where Allan ended up saving a crew who had designed to look like Bard and Cole which Talia also a member of from here we go out to the council with Allan discussing Mark and how he went against his father this

whole scene is beat for beat in the source material with it being extremely important to the overall Arc thus also mentions the Great Purge which was the battle on vrum in which only the strong survived this actually wiped out half their population which in the end led to their numbers being so weak for years they’ve been searching for someone like Mark who can help tear open the vit’s armor if you know what’s going on with Theus then you’ll ALS be aware of why his war against filtrum is so important again I promised Amazon I wouldn’t

be doing any future spoilers but there’s a very important thing that happens with the character Talia says also why are they breeding with other races I thought vites believed in racial Purity and again this is because their numbers are so low they realize they’d have to Boler them up by having kids which is something that happened when they infiltrate a planet vites of course live for thousands and thousands of years so having kids to carry on their legacy is not always on their mind the th they didn’t have new thinkers come in and question what

they were doing and th you didn’t get you didn’t get wokness mate you didn’t get wokness from the new generation it was always bloody Ratt boat W God there now theya suspects that someone’s a mole and we I’m joking by the way now theya suspects that someone’s a mole and we see firstand that this is the case someone’s been feeding the vit’s info which leads to the attack later on with Allan now at this point he returns home which in the comics is when we saw Talia Alan kind of went back and forth on having

sex with her because his species was sworn to only use breeding factories I don’t know if it’s because they saw Talia pressing into to it that they thought it might be problematic so they just skip over it and then cut away in the comics we cuted the curtain which we saw up in the back when he entered the room the wrer then talked about returning to Mark which is when we awkwardly cut back to settle on the curtain from here we then went to a satellite which is where Talia and Allan went to in the

source material Allen’s eating worms rise Talia has a crang type creature that eats alen’s food like how it does in the comics at this point the Vite attack which leads to them smashing him like he’s the like button they do kind of change up the members of the team but they keep the one guy that I believe is looking the woman is totally different in the book but she has appeared in the series before when we watch The Purge playing out you could catch her amongst the soldiers and she’s very very mean looking with the

blade at the end of her hair this is actually a character called Tula who appears much later on in the comics but clearly they’ve brought her in here to kind of add a noticeable thing for readers to to really kind of thorn over now they here to interrogate Allan to find out what’s happened with Nolan as a Banning your posters against theilr my way refusing to answer they kick the crap out of him in a scene that’s just as brutal here as it is in the comics they cut off his arm smack out his eye

and he gets put under Medical Care Catalia crying in the hospital at which point she’s comforted by thus now they change things up as we see thus turning off his life support which is a completely new thing purely for the show in the comics he just said this is the beginning of the end Raz here he asks for forgiveness I have no idea what they’re doing with this and it’s nice to get a curve ball for the way they’re going to take things he could suspect that it’s Allen or he might be even playing 40

chest to get to the bottom of it as doing this might bring out the mole either way let me know your thoughts below and I actually thought that might be the end of the entry we even get credits than starting up but at this point we then go back to Earth Rex blod enters making things awkward and at this point the pair have an argument in the end she says she relates with the immortal because he’s died as many times as she has really helps to flesh his story out and it’s built off the back

of a conversation Immortal has in the comics there he talked about how he’d finally met someone who’d made him feel like it was worth sticking around you have to see with the immortal that he’s watched everyone he ever loves die so he has a tough time sticking in one place throughout his life he’s lived as several other people and at one point was even Abraham Lincoln after he was killed he came back and laid low but decided to become a superhero when the dawn of them first started out normally at this point he would have

left the life behind but Kate’s made him feel like he should still stick around or re blow just isn’t able to understand and Kate’s looking for someone more mature at this point shap Smith enters and just weirds everyone out and he’s kind of like hello fellow humans I love all the scenes where he’s trying to fit in though and as we know the man’s of course a martition now from here we cut to Rudy in a scene that’s very reminiscent of Iron Man 3 in that we saw a map of Killian’s brain whereas here he’s

trying to map his out here he wants to determine why he’s so afraid and realizes that he’s got something holding him back man just wants to be with monster girl and at this point he then asks her out I’m getting the word NS here looking young is also why he chose to clone Rex and grow to 14 so the pair could at least look like they’re the same age they are of course old mentally uh but the comics did stuff differently with Amanda saying she didn’t really like him cuz he looked like a kid that

happened during issue 36 with then Rudy asking her out after a big battle now from here we could across to the spouses of the superhero which is where we see a talk being given by Theo voiced by De digs he becomes a big character in the episode that shows how Humanity would react to Debbie if they knew outside we see his Mark’s not really being replying and he’s left the nest and so she now just feels alone she kind of finds a lot of commonality in Theo and together the pair go to a b this

takes her mind off her son being gone and we see she then deletes her message elsewhere we see Rudy and Amanda getting closer as they line up to go and check out a movie the posters in the back Riff on Dracula and the Wolf Man and they ask for tickets to midnight Slaughter in the comics it was called machine gun Slaughter with a scene playing off the opening of issue 37 ironically the guy that offered them tickets to see s dog uh and I was thinking they might go with San dog however the guys in

the episode of lot so can understand why they were like maybe let’s not have him as every single reference now how they got around it there is that Rudy noticed someone wearing a Knicks jacket and he told the guy that this was his dad he then went over and said something about how the Knicks are the best team but the guy selling the tickets he’s disagreeing with that that fact let’s say so the dude Shadow back that he was telling the truth and thus Rudy and Amanda were able to go in also I don’t know

anything about the Knicks disclaimer guys no don’t know anything about them so if they’re not the best yet make sure you drop it in the comments fill those comments up with lots of interactions and engagement now the show Manda show she’s used to this kind of thing and gets an adult to say that she’s their parent from here they then head out to bamore and I was kind of hoping that we’d see Eve here alas we don’t but Rudy gets to experience new things as man’s really never had a life outside his tank out of

the bar Theo drops a name Alana who we met in episode one of season 1 didn’t didn’t exactly stick around and she was not known as the green ghost she was a photographer who after ingesting an amulet became a character based on the Green Lantern in the comics they were originally a man but I like the change up here so they can go down this route Theo and Debbie are very much opposites in every way with the former not having to deal with the secrets that the ladder did across at the University we also see

Mark dealing with his own issues too as William brings up how much he misses Rick this was a character that was changed into a reiman during the da Sinclair a that Cecil is since being trying to fix at this point we get a knock at the door which is when we then see seon Stog yeah it’s a slight change up from the comics as it happened in that while Mark was still at home it was Debbie who ended up opening up the door and at this point it then led into a fight makes sense that

Mark takes it away from his classmates here Raz originally decided to just start fighting him they fly because in the comics e explains to mark that humans never actually tend to look up at one point they change into their costumes at school and none of the humans see them because they they are smaller and more insignificant sorry guys now Amber is someone who actually does look up though which makes Mark believe that she’s special and will understand his life now both the comic and show Mark questions the dog why he’s like this and the facade

clearly doesn’t hold up both have the reveal Ed it’s an insect with the comic being something that has him using a costume he says the journey to your world has taken me most of my life and in the source material we learn how short this is most of the bugs they only live for 9 months which explains how omn man became their leader they don’t even live long enough to remember a time when he wasn’t and thus he’s managed to rise up in society desperate to reconnect with Mark he sent out this Messenger to help

bring him to him William kind of peer pressures him into it and we get a scene in which he informs Cil that he’s leaving in the show they really play up the tension and I feel like him further turning his back on Cecil’s orders going to drive a wedge between them I get the feeling the show is going to have Cil trying to take down mark because he believes that he could end up becoming his father he also ends up reaching out to Amba which is a bit impersonal cuz he calls her from the ship

in the comic you went to her room whereas here he just calls her but he tells her that he loves her I love you guessing that the connection dropped and hey young Love’s tough now from here we get a six day journey across space in which Mark slumps about in the chair this perfectly mimics what’s in the comic with us lulling us into a false sense of security that’s why it felt so impactful with what we got in the end with the reveal of Nolan coming straight out the blue the though they use that to

culminate the Debbie story in which he admits to Theo that her husband was omn man even though she’s breaking down Theo doesn’t show any sympathy and warns her that the group might turn against her it’s such a brutal way to take things and I was genuinely thinking he might say it’s not her fault but nope man’s colder than omn calling her a pet I do love your mother but she’s more like a a pet to me at this point she looks up to the stars and this is where omn man of course headed into it’s

also where Mark now gone to and we see as he’s reunited with his father just like the comics he’s taken through the planet before coming face to face with his dad holding out his hand he then says the exact same lines that he does in the comics hello son it’s been a while this brings the entry to a close for real now and as many of you know I got to talk to co sha executive producer and writer Simon riopa about this character change the the main reason I fell in love with Invincible in the

first place is the arcs that the characters go on and it starts off is quite a simple story of like a a hero origin story and then it just the break neck twists in it pun intended are absolutely insane but then you sort of start to feel like side with the villains as well which obviously includes omn man and you have an episode where obviously Mark goes to to meet his father again when you’re creating these characters do you feel sympathetic for them or in the back of your mind are you thinking oh this guy’s

terrible but he’s great to write for well so I mean you know I’m sure you’ve heard this term Rec but like nobody thinks they’re the bad guy yeah you know uh characters don’t I mean there are some exceptions but for the most part omn man thinks he’s doing his duty to his people like he’s a sleeper agent we’ve had sleeper agents in in real world history right that’s happened you know people have done terrible things in the cause of like you know for their Nation you know throughout history and throughout Wars so omn man doesn’t

think he’s a monster he starts to question whether he is uh I think going forwards but when he’s doing the actions like initially he thinks this is what he has to do this is his duty so we try to treat things realistically that way you know are there psychopaths are there crazy people yes obviously but you know for most of our characters they’re doing what they think is right or what they have have to do so that’s where we we start anyway with most of our most of our villains you know even angstrom Levy like

he has an idea of what he’s trying to do and he has a reason for doing it he’s not just an insane person being insane yeah I love that answer in the end that closes out the entry and it was another real kind of analysis of the wake of Nolan’s destruction talked about before how I think this is very much like a superhero version of a parent divorce in which you go and see your dad’s off do doing his own thing seeing what Debbie went through reminded me a lot of my own parents one it

was just taken to the extreme with it being about omn man still now there’s a lot of complexities here with Mark’s love for his childhood toys even being used to manipulate him omn man would of course know about his son’s love for it and yeah just using that as a way to bring him to the planet who cold cold hearted guy he knows that he probably wouldn’t have come any other way and this whole way to get him back it’s just one big manipulation scheme it’s kind of like when your parents get divorced in to

try and bribe you with toys and I I just was blown away at the extra layers to it it adds a wealth of subtext to what’s going on and in the end this was a really character-driven episode that took things in so many interesting directions I also love the Allen the alien insert which on First Watch just came out of nowhere still though it was integrated into the episode so well and I hope you’ve enjoyed our Trek through the show obviously please leave all your comments below and huge thank you for checking out the video

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