INVINCIBLE Season 2 Episode 5 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Comic Book Differences & Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down feels so good invincibles back and I can’t wait to get into the second part of season 2 since part one dropped I’ve reread the comics making this the fifth time that I’ve gone through the books as always we’re here to talk about the Easter eggs and also go over the comic book differences part one ended with a massive Cliffhanger in which we learned what had happened with omn man and Mark was left stranded on traxa here we pick up on

the other side of that with this episode sort of beginning at the end of issue 29 that had Mark lying on his back and he then traveled out to see Nolan’s wife and dress her here we begin with him crawling out of the city to see the destruction the vites have left in their wake this is something brand new for the series with issue 30 giving us a quick cut to months in the future issue 28 had n andar coming across the destruction and here we get more what happened between them still Lo him coming

across the city being destroyed and the thron lying about is clearly summing out Rifts off the source material as a fan though I really

appreciate this flashing it out and it gave us a much better look at the thin and the tragedy it’s of course meant to mirror the end of season 1 and show the true cost that these battles tend to have that’s something that always kind of got brushed past in the comics whereas here they really give it room to breathe we see that they help carry mark back and it gives a much

more Personal Touch caring about these insects is something that would be difficult to do but they handle it in a way where you really start to feel for them we then get that moment from the end of issue 29 wear and dress around asks where her husband is where’s Nolan I’m sorry here though they add in some extra dialogue where Mark apologizes and says it’s all his fault Mark’s been guilt-ridden since the season one finale and his greatest fear is that he becomes his dad last time the vites also told him he was taking over

his position and was going to be their figure head on Earth because of the time Jump at issue 30 we never got to see this in a turmoil and I think it adds way more impact to these moments Mark seeing this makes him realize he can’t do their bidding because he’s seen firsthand just how evil they are episode one of season 2 really showed that as well R in the comics it only really got lip service we really needed to see the impact of Mark’s actions though and it’s something that adds so much to the

character now if you want to make sure you stay locked to our breakdowns and that subscribe button it’s right there we’ll be bringing you them every week and you don’t want to miss our coverage on the show and make sure you hit the thumbs up yes as it helps to make these videos bigger and I want more money you suckers see you chump now from here we jump to the start of issue 30 and get a great Recreation and Mark lifting the pillar telling him they’ve made a ship we get a big deviation and a

new scene where we go back with the Guardians here we can catch the villain omnitus who first debuted in issue 27 no future spoilers but I think we might see him in a big battle down the line as he gets a cool little Poppin he’s someone who arrives on Earth and claims he’ll reshape the world and Cecil ends up sending all the heroes to fight him this costs a ton cuz teleportation’s expensive but Cecil throws everything he has at him that’s something that we kind of see here too as there’s more Heroes than just us

S A Guardians omnitus is actually a big Cyborg and I do hope we see him again which which I think we might now Andressa then arrives with her getting much more formal dress than what she does in the comics here she also requests that Mark takes his brother because his aging is beginning to slow them down in case you don’t know the older the vites get the slower they age and thus this means that his brother is not aging as fast as they are he does have a name but the reason Debbie gives it is

a bit of a spoiler and I’m not going to spoil stuff H so yeah I’ll just keep calling him his brother until we get to that episode oh good for you by the time he even hits his teenage years though the planet will have gone through countless generations and he’ll not know anyone and will lose everything over and over again it’s kind of heartbreaking and they added in some extra stuff to what we got in the comics she talks about how she can’t quite grasp the idea of a human lifespan and I imagine it’s similar

to how we’d struggle to grasp the concept of a vites they live for thousands of years and again it makes her species relatable to us she also tells brother to remember her and her species has a perfect memory due to their short lifespan and the way they have to pick things up quickly they’re wholly relying on their ability to recall so his brother does get to remember his mother and he also recalls the more peaceful Customs at the traxon have it’s a big culture change for him going to Earth which of no doubt we’re going

to explore down the line now at this point we then cut back to Debbie and get to see some of the Sparks of her beginning to move on Nolan had already been through it and Paul kind of hints that he’s interested as well it’s a bit of a a change up from how they handle it in the comics as he was introduced during issue 51 Mark returned home to find them getting it on and Mark was in his full costume bled some stuff out there as well cuz no spoilers of that he wasn’t really surprised

and it showed that Debbie had let the secret slip in the comics Debbie just talks to someone on the phone and she returns home to see Mark walking in here she contemplates hitting the bottle and alcohol something that she’s used to D the pain however she decides not to and it shows real strength of character Mark then comes in much in the same vein and introduces his brand new brother he says that he’s going to look after him but once Mark picks him up she decides to do it they perfectly recapture her change in the

comics and it was as soon as she made eye contact with him that she decided to care for him now from here Mark then went out to the Pentagon which is where the show then takes us next there though Mark just met with Cecil R here things take a much more dramatic turn Donald confront Cecil about his death in season 1 which was something that was a big change for the show originally Donald was already a robot and we learned about it through another character that was going through the same thing won’t spoil who that

is but they kind of had him basically acting as a mentor and talking them through the process as he also went through it there it was just kind of kind of part of the character whereas here they’re treating it like an existential crisis we saw more of Donald in the aftermath over and he said that his wife didn’t even notice now the series has used da Sinclair pretty early and I do wonder if they drafted him in in order to be the one who created Donald well his robot body but you know what I mean

and at this point he’s taken to the white room which is where Cecil tends to hide all his Dirty Secrets due to him putting chemicals in the water supply he’s able to make it so that Americans can’t see a certain life frequency this allows him to carry out things in this area and it tends to be where he takes people for one of two reasons that is to show his dirty work or to Ambush them for getting close to the truth so going into the scene I didn’t really know what way it was going to

go but ceil’s here to explain things this feels like a riffs off a moment in issue 37 but again that involved another character down the line BL out who that is I’m nice like that but Donald doesn’t take it too well luckily they’re interrupted before things get too heated and we cut across to William studying philosophy Mark’s finally back at his dorm with William believing that he just went off with seon stock in the room we see that Magnum PI symbol poster in the back which is obviously playing off Magnum PI the Deans also called

him in and we saw the other side of this in issue 37 where he went off at Mark for being missing for so long here though Cecil drops in which is a big change up from the source material then Mark willingly went to him first as here there’s tension between the pair Cil has been spying on his mother and I think they’re really starting to set the groundwork here for Mark being uncomfortable with how his boss operates Cecil sending his men to pick up his brother which might be noted something from the comics but it

kind of spoils where they take things also I noce some kind of Matrix dodging around spoilers right now but what what do you think this is the the heavy spoiler show or something now we see the other side of the battle from before and in this learn shap Smith’s a martion this Rifts off the scene from issue 27 which also had kirkman’s character Brit I’m pretty sure that he’s not going to be in the show but he had his whole own comic line and was tied with Cecil’s past the comics also had black Samson returning

from his com at this point and he saved the day by taking down anitus Mark then returns to Amber and interrupts the study group this kind of mushes together two scenes with him bumping into her friend at issue 26 then Mark told Amber he was about to go to leave the traxa as a show had that drop call moment Upon returning back it was just her and Mark and I appreciated that they brought in this group shows how he just doesn’t fit in with her regular life and after explaining what happened it’s clear Amber has

difficulty we hear all the stuff that she’s been through including failing her exams and also the fact that her grandfather died in the comics Ambi used mock gred is being ill to explain why he’d been away but this was a much better way to say things for the show I think at least it shows that Mark isn’t the man that needs because he’s not there for her when she’s going through a tough time being a superhero takes up so much of his time and it highlights the sacrifice that he’s got to give however it doesn’t

mean it’s any easier on Amber and I think it’s going to start to come with a cost now I was lucky enough to speak to Simon rasop aka the co-showrunner of the series and here’s what he had to say about Mark going forward nice to see you again Simon um love the love the season I think you guys really stepped it up it’s been brilliant and I just kind of want to talk about the themes especially in that first episode um I feel like a big thing in the series is Mark worrying about becoming his

father like early on in season two he had that alternate Mark and saw kind of the aftermath of the season one finale as well and then you have it here with trxa where we start off with that that’s been destroyed and he’s have to deal he’s having to deal with basically another battle that’s caused lots of death and destruction now you also have tensions with Amber and Mark’s being pulled to kind of do his duty which is taking him away from a relationship with her and felt like that was sort of how omn man’s being

pulled away from his family to do his duty for V what do you think the biggest struggles for Mark going forward are going to be this season I mean I think it’s it’s that Mark’s being pulled in so many different directions um you know one is uh what he thinks he needs to do just as a superhero the responsibility of having the powers he has and that means that if he you know if he can save lives he probably needs to go save lives uh and how do you balance that with you know a relationship

with a partner who also deserves a relationship um you know uh you need to treat them like a real person like their lives matter too their life matters too and you know what they’re going through matters but it’s like how do you how do you balance those two things and I think that’s a challenge for Mark that he’s going to have to struggle with through the rest of the season uh I mean also then his struggle with his you know his Heritage uh his Vite Heritage he’s half Vite uh and obviously that means some terrible

things you know to him and you know something that in some cases you know like I think you know in this episode he’s he’s asked to become more like a Vite and he struggles with that but maybe that’s a necessary thing in some cases um and that’s something that his father is struggling with too so you know there’s some big emotional challenges I think for Mark coming up in the season uh it’s not easy having powers it’s certainly not not always fun and uh we try to treat the stuff as realistically as possible in the

show cut back to Dun looking over the cyborg body which I think will be used to replace another character down the line it’s a night man which it reaches out and grabs him and it symbolizes the machine starting to take over the man brilliant metaphor for what he’s going through internally and in the Dream It’s choking the life out of him cutter monster girl training with duplicate in which Rudy brings up how there might be a way to help her every time she transforms she ends up getting younger so even her training it comes with

a cost this plls from issue 35 but it actually came in the wake of their first meeting that dropped right after robot transferred himself and Cecil arrived at the base to introduce him here though robot got a much closer connection to her already as there it was him basically making his move this story spans across a number of issues with it initially beginning at 38 this is also when Allan woke up which we’ll talk more about later in the video it also introduced the lizard League takeover which is something that happened at the end of

part one issue 39 was where we got shapes Smith’s backstory and we learned where he really came from no one knew he was a martian in the comics Raz here they’ve all kind of figured it out also you might notice that his costumes black and white white in the comics whereas in the show it’s purely golden blue in issue 58 he actually went out to OD who designed him a new one however he explained that he couldn’t quite get the fabric to work with his skin but shapes Smith didn’t understand what it was he meant

he then just changed and left without paying with the old shape St even being confused he’d ask for money side tangent there but we do see his backstory just like in the comics however they do it differently here and we actually get to see the character’s early life fascinated by traveling into the Stars he ended up knocking out Russ and then took his play amongst the other astronauts in the comic a seid possessed race crashed on the planet which led to a war between them and the Martians eventually the Martians managed to win and over

the centuries they then Enslaved the seits however after a while there was a rebel group that believed the story was a liive so that their species was able to justify slavery they sought to free the sewards by using Russ Livingston razier shapes Smith just wanted to get away it’s at this point that they then select the team which pulls from the comics if you’re wondering who that guy with a green costume is that’s bloody shrinking Ray who they changed to the show to be shrinking Ray with an e on the end and she’s a woman

which Easter egg there I’m very observant as you can tell things you missed we we’re titling the video things you missed now he then could across to Eve Rex blod arrives to recruit her but he also provides and the had to listen to her problems in the comics it was just Mark who went out and got her but he they actually allow him to have a deeper side to him typically he’s just been a dick in the past R yeah he’s got a much more sensitive side he also shows her a picture of her family

which pull from the Adam Eve special that included the doctor and her brothers and sisters who weren’t thought to match up to her definitely go check it out if you haven’t as it’s a great little spin-off that explains all her backstory cut over to Debbie being a mother to a young Vite again and Mark shows up to find out she’s got rid of his dad’s books this is a new direction for the show as in them he just went back to find them on the shelves don’t know why you can’t just buy them again but

will not dwell on that cuz Cecil’s here to talk about other stuff the offers her an option of a babysitter which is setting some to come down the line Mark has to call Amber again and tell him he’s going into space which further Echoes the phone call he had earlier in the season in the comic she ended up smashing the phone like the like button whereas here she meets up with her friends shows that she’s starting to carve out a life without him and highlights that they might be better off a PO C to the

rocket which is pul from the comics and we see as a man up about to head out in the source material robot at this point was using his suit like an Iron Man costume which is Su a character finally adapts here you might remember that happened in the alternate timeline at the start of season 2 and we can start to see how the ideas are carrying across from that this inspires Eve to make her own as well which is something she Dons when the seid started rolling in Rex blow then returns back to the base

and temps Fate by saying this line like there’s going to be two huge World shattering emergencies at the same time oh no also the little bike that they have kind of reminds me of the Fantastic car as it’s got multiple seats that all fit onto one ride shout outs to edit the map for pting out the that there’s also an angular look to it that makes it seem like it’s based off the bike in Aira C to the lizard League attack which pulls from issue 39 you also have a hanging their parody poster in the

back which is a pretty nice touch the lizard League are obviously a player on the serpent society and unfortunately all the stronger Guardians are now out in space loved how the green color changed to Yellow under the red light and it highlights how much attention they pay to this animation stuff also I love how King Lizard talks with a bit of a lisp cuz eight man’s a snake e like you m when you didn’t hit the thumbs up what’s a problem but an opportunity in Disguise see got a little L little L like a snake

Mark then fills even on his dad too and it shows a connection that he’s building with her she’s sort of a mirror image of Amber with Eve being someone who can be part of his superhero Lifestyle on the other side of this he finds normality with Amber and it sort of creates a little love triangle who then watches they approach the warship which pulls right out of issue 39 that ended with a cliffhanger of it being destroyed and the group floating in space with her holding them in a protective bubble the group then just managed

to escape it with this obviously being a play on Gan Gray’s Powers C back to Guardians HQ and Cecil drops an emergency call the comic just had him teleporting in but here they just kind of Linger on this moment and it let you instantly know what’s happening love when they convey things without using dialogue and on the ship with the group we get some extra scenes with the Martians along with a moment in which bulletproof crushes one of the seage which pulls directly from the comics back with the lizard league with then get a massive

Showdown with both of these scenes creating some Havoc it’s really suming out ramps of the stakes as we have two groups that are a bit out of their lizard League just like the comics it’s Ray that opens up the door and then Rex blod comes in with a bunch of duplicates this also had the seid surrounding the heroes while Eve put up a force field around them in both robot used Sonics and while this was going on the lizard League messed up the Guardians Kate is completely decimated in the fight with her being vasty outmatched

even with all her copies I love how added in her getting held in place which means that she can’t create a copy out her body you can see her vibrating which is a nice little touch but at this point she sadly killed the effects of this are something we’ll explore down the line but if you can’t wait we’ll have we’ll have a spoiler section at the end of the video in which uh we talk about the future the consequences here though reveal something bigger but it especially ends up affecting the immortal if you know what

happens and please just try and put a spoiler it in the comments but yeah you guys know that there’s something that pays off AR also gets a killing as well raz’s guy originally was just blown up short to puts up a bit more of a fight and tries to expand within the big guy’s body comic Ray just ended up getting eaten and though both suffer the same fade it cements how powerful he is guy’s able to wind his neck in like you when you’re commenting about why I’m not doing spoilers or explode also shows he

can explode with him taking down to the lizards the same way the first say him blowing up one from the inside and then his hand being bitten off which he then detonates this culminates with King Lizard then holding him a gum Point while the seits close in on the Guardians in space Eve’s Force fi then starts destabilizing and we see she collapses on the ground love how because it drained all her power that her armor disappeared too and this shows she’s not able to hold it at all it was this Cliffhanger that ended issue 39

and it’s also a great way to close out the episode two the Guardians have been taking out and Rex now held at King lizard’s Mercy the ones in space are surrounded by the seids and yeah I appreciate that they went this way with it and while we could on a really shocking moment we close out with one that’s a little uplifting all in the alien he’s back with us then jumping across to issue 38 that had Allen waking up in the bed and being able to get himself out of it as we learn alen’s got

a secret ability that’s going to make him the key component going forward turns out what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger and the more he gets beaten the better he comes back this is why his muscles are bigger and it means that he’s able to go toe to- Toe with a Vite the vites are also closer than he thinks with that is revealing that he’s in fact one as well ripping his beard off just like in the comics we learn he’s the only other one that mocked to Rebel Alan’s task with bringing him in and

that then closes out the episode now for the next part of the video I want to talk about some future comic spoilers and I’m writing this before seeing episode 2 so they might not do this stuff next week H but I think they could tackle it at some point in the show if you don’t want to know though then please check out out and make sure you remember to hit the thumbs up on the way out you better bloody do it do it do it okay so Kate’s death is obviously see a big part of

the episode and you probably sat there like oh no we will see how that unfolds later down the line but it leads to her brother multipal arriving to get Vengeance we got a tease to him earlier in the season and could see him in the prison along with his copies I feel like they might set him up at some point and we’ll deal with the aftermath of what’s happened with Kate Immortal yeah he’ll pop up too he’ll kind of go back and forth over what’s happened with her and we also have the two sides and

King Lizard ends up shooting Rex he survives though which shows his new abilities and the group managed to take down the seids Rex also gets a brand new cyborg hand which kind of BS off the back of what happens with Donald and wondering if they’re going to change this as Brett appeared in the comic and showed up when it was all over let’s see what they do but I think it was a big Cliffhanger that made sense from a narrative perspective Allen also ends up tying in with a plot with Nolan’s books and it allows

them to find some velite weaknesses lots to look forward to and I really enjoy this episode with being a nice way to take the aftermath of part one always remember feeling like it like it was a cooling off period in the book R here they just kept their foot on the gas the seids and lizard League things such as stand out the first third of the run and it was brilliant seeing it brought to life here hope you guys have also enjoyed the breakdown and make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments below please

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keep an eye out and thank you everyone who’s got one now if you want something else to watch we’ve been breaking down another of Robert kirkman’s work in The Walking Dead the ones who live really enjoying the series so far and we’ve got in-depth breakdowns of the first three episodes so definitely head over there if you’ve been watching the series but out the way huge thank you for sing through the video I’ve been your host Paul I’ll see you next time you up mate peace

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