INVINCIBLE Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Comic Book Differences & Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down Invincible season 2 episode 6 is now out and we’ve got a lot to unpack there’s massive Easter eggs lots of callbacks to the comics but also something that the show is doing differently throughout this video we’re going to break it all down and go through the episode scene by scene we also spoke to co show and Simon rasop about where things could be heading in the future so definitely make sure you stick around throughout the video with him we’re going

to be answering the big big questions on your lips mate the big one that’s on everyone’s lips but the big question I kind of have for this episode is was the nanny that Debbie first interviewed was she a spy it’s all going down here at the heavy spoilers Channel Chums so make sure you stay subscribed for our breakdowns every week that’s Chums with a p you sucker see you chum now last week ended with our heroes in Peril with this pulling directly from issue 40 not only did that have the lizard leader holding explode at

gunpoint but it also had the seid surrounding the group everyone seemed to be at the lowest point after duplicate got smashed like the like

button we pick up immediately with lizard leader shooting Rex which is pulled directly from the comics this happens exactly how it plays out an issue 40 with a head shop being one of the comic’s most famous panels rexen turned around and beat him up with a s learning he was stronger than he thought other thing s though is that in the source material we had Brit arriving who’s one of kirkman’s original

Creations Brit’s been absent from the SE series and I’m guessing that it might be something to do with the right characters like Savage dragon were also in the comics too but they’ve been taken out the series so far couldn’t find anything saying why this is the case but I’m guessing it’s to do with image owning the rights to him whereas the show might be something different he was also tied in heavily with Cecil’s Origins too but I imagine they’re going to skip over his involvement and have it play out in a different way either way

he doesn’t arrive with it being Cecil’s forces showing up but it was lay just like those guys were and in the end it was Rex who sorted things out now in a massive change up from the comic shrinking Ray survives and this was something I asked Simon about so shrinking Ray survives the lizard League which is a big change up from the comics how do you think this is going to alter the Team Dynamics and the story going forward especially with duplicates funeral duplicate Sorry’s funeral being a big part of episode two well so one

thing we really try to do is we try to make the events certainly all the big events of the show matter and uh reverberate forwards into the the series so I can tell you that you know the experience that duplicate had sorry the experience that shink and Ray had obviously duplicate had a terrible experience too uh but the experience that like uh shrink and Ray had and experience that rex flod have uh in that in that episode in this episode are not it’s not going to go away um that’s gonna be something they’re going to

deal with for the rest of the season potentially the rest of their lives uh coming that close to death and that’s in such a traumatic way that uh we’re going to treat that like a real thing like sometimes people people take years to recover from that kind of thing uh if they ever do and we want to make sure that that that those events have weight on our characters emotional weight uh that doesn’t disappear just because we’re in a new season or a new episode so it’ll be interesting to see where they take things with

her and the other big conflict going on happens with the seits we get several things playing out from the comics with The Immortal being the one who rushes at the leader similar to The Source material he has to trust mark because he’s the only one capable of taking him down this in itself has deeper roots in the series as he went to Mark’s home to say he didn’t trust him in the alternate universe Mark also killed the immortal and though they’re not aware of the tension there per se the audience at least are so he

has to learn that marks on his side and it speaks to the general distrust that people have of the vites shap Smith also turns himself into a massive ball which he uses to protect the group this is a move that pulls directly from the source material and it also allows Rudy to work on his device Immortal is the one who rushes with at first but yeah like the comics this is then taken by mock flying at him this plays out perfectly and I think it’s something fans of the comics are really going to enjoy seeing

on the screen blowing it up in his face this was a big double page spread that seemly showed the seid had been destroyed of that we get a little change up from the source material and see eeve and Rudy have both been taken over NE characters had this happen in the comics but I feel it was brought in for a very specific reason you see in the comics I always kind of wondered why a seid survived in Russ especially s he’d already been beaten however this shows the sonics don’t wipe them out completely and that

it simply just disables them so that’s why one can continue in Russ whereas there there wasn’t really an explanation for it now this then takes us in the escape from the Martians which is an ongoing joke that I absolutely love issue 40 had their leader demanding that shape Smith was executed which then cut immediately to them fleeing in the ship this was thear to issue8 in which the astronauts fled in the exact same way that of course calls back to earlier in the series where a similar thing played out during season 1 such a great

ongoing joke and obviously The seids Undefeated so I hope it’s something that they end up bringing up again Mark even ends up helping himself which is a scene that pulls directly out the book upon getting back in his ship Eve ends up hugging him and I’m starting to ship the pair too this is something that they did in the comics as well with tensions between the pairs starting to flare up the series has rearranged something between there that I’m guessing is going to happen in an episode Down the Line things all come full circle with

the return of angstrom Ley and there’s something that happens with Eve from that that we’re not going to spoil I’m nice like that the book had that happening before this so the tensions in this moment they hit slightly differently we do get stuff between the pair later in the episode though and a great scene that I’ll talk about in just a bit now we also get an added romantic moment with monster girl and Rudy where he starts to hint he might be able to make a cure for her she’s clearly been disappointed before though and

doesn’t want to waste any more time on hope she needs a helping hand though which we also see in Debbie who gets off offer a nan by the GDA it’s way more fleshed out than how it is in the comics with the Nani just arriving out the blue that happened during issue 35 with April housan showing up and saying that she was handing over her Services Debbie wasn’t on shaky grounds with the GDA so the help with her there was way more welcomed could across to the Pentagon where we see the Martian ships now sitting

nicely on the grass Russ Livingston’s being discharged and though it should be a happy moment the Guardians are obviously in the comics we had them just waking up but they time in here with the aftermath of the lizard League was deep seeeing The Immortal learning of Kate’s death and they of course have several body bags all carrying her duplicates shrinking Ray kept instead his 2 and Rex blow then gets operated on we cut him Mar then going out to Amber and eventually he returns to his family so at this point we learned Debbie’s called the

kid Oliver which is the same name as her father this is something I’ve had to keep secret until now and I’m so glad that I can finally call him Oliver just getting annoying keep going Mark’s brother this obviously builds off the back of characters following their father which is a theme we see reflected in mock Mark is desperate to not become omn man and it’s something his brother could struggle with as well so naming him after Debbie’s side of the family shows that there’s hope that he could go towards that from here we then cate’s

funeral which is something in the comics we only saw the aftermath of the cover of issue 41 had a parade that we learned being held to celebrate the heroes we got lip service given to this throughout the issue but also C to a summer moment with the immortal there we just went to the Guardians HQ where where we saw black Samson consoling the character here’s where he tells him though that he really loved Kate and he’s of course faced a lot of loss living that longs meant he’s had several wives and alongside them has had

several children they’ve sadly all died and the Immortals stayed the same but he said that things felt different with Kate we get Samson going out to him next to the trees and it’s a really touching scene that builds off those four panels in the comics at this point we cut to Mark and ambo with a pair trying to get back on the same page this is all brand new for the show with us also learning that Debbie as’s food before eats it bit of trivia for you there kids see you learn stuff here now sadly

though Mark and Amber miss each other it’s clear the pair aren’t really going to work she’s not really dealing with a superhero lifestyle because Mark’s du is constantly calling him away this is a major reflection of his father who in himself had a duty to the vites though he wanted to be with his son and wife he also had to deal with the fact that he was there for a mission he had been instructed to take over Earth and it was his duty that pulled him away now though that Duty isn’t evil with Mark it’s

still his responsibility it means that he can’t have a normal life and it’s something that’s always going to cause tensions with Amber and from here we could to Mark’s room and see that Rick’s return back to college love how Donald is just like just like always has a frown on his face and you can say that the guy he’s dealing with a lot now Rick’s recovery comes from issue 31 when Cecil took Mark out to the White Room Rick was having trouble dealing with it though and he couldn’t quite comprehend that he was a cyborg

that’s where Donald came in and he was used as a guy to show it was going to be okay in the comics he already knew he was a machine as here they have him learning and having to deal with it himself gave the idea that things were going to be okay though R yeah we just don’t know now from here we could across to Rex at the hospital where we learned that he’s getting a new hand this was something that we saw in issue 46 with us learning through that that he’d got a new appendage

this to me always seemed like it was based off Claw from Marvel which was then further built upon in the m you I know the dates on the latter one that that happened after this so I might retroactively be thinking that as I break it down however this teases to us the positive side of being a machine and how it can be used in a good way at some point this is something I imagine Donald will see too and he’ll realize it’s allowing him to say people at this moment of Rex realizing he’s a dick

is something we didn’t really get in the comics and it’s starting to show a real change in the character this kind of plays off issue 43 where we see even Rex chatting as he recovers he’s also starting a try and help things out with Eve and even hints up Mock and Amber a toast you son of a cut of the interview with the nanny halga and let’s do a big exclusive exclusive exclusive exclusive but the big question I kind of have for this episode is was the nanny that Debbie first interviewed was she a spy

yes yes she absolutely was of course yeah yeah of course she was Cil Center but like Debbie wasn’t wrong when Debbie’s like Debbie a smart character she’s been in this world you know for 20 years you know ever since she started dating Nolan and she knows how cea operate she can smell one of his operatives from like you know two miles away so no no Debbie Debbie knows what she’s talking about yeah it was the Marry Poppins get up that gave it away for me it’s too perfect right just like too perfect they were trying

too hard like she knew so there you have it folks she was a spy all along she’s a bloody spy and that’s why people come to the channel for number one channel for invincible breakdowns now at this point April arrives and she flat out T of that Cil sent her in April’s a great part of Oliver’s young life and the source material has her acting as a guide to him he gets through a lot of things with her and it allows Cecil to always keep an eye on the character now this is something we see

with Eve to and he goes to her treehouse in order to recruit her can’t remember this being a moment from the comics and it shows an extra Dimension to both of these characters Eve doesn’t necessarily know what kind of hero she wants to be but in the end She’ll always help out where she can she’s kind of bearing with the guilt of causing issues with her powers and to make things worse Amber arrived as well the pair talk it out while Mark goes to Art and both go into their relationship problems I think that the

show really improves on the comics here as they just had Mar going straight to Art issue 35 was pretty much the pair just both sitting down and going back and forth over what to do with Amber and Eve again this was happening in the comics after a moment with Levy so the conversation played slightly different to what we get here Mark was tor between the two though because of what went down there as here he Seeing Things Fall Apart with Amber he can’t be there for her but she also feels guilty because she understands that

he’s doing it to save the world here they add in the extra dimension of his dad who also ditched him and his mother to fight Cecil’s battles again it’s playing on the idea that he’s walking in his footsteps and is more like him than he’d like to admit now it’s here in both the show in comics that we Segway into the books that Nolan hinted to her at the end of part one originally Mark just took his stuff ran the show had Debbie giving them away turns out that art had his own collection though because

Nolan gave him them once as a tip I’ll give you a tip though mate if you want some sick clothes check out our merch store right below the video we’ve got it’s all connected shirts the time ones too and ones of me and the boys for that upcoming season we’ just launched a brand new store online and retailers who make the shirts even more high quality than the ones we had before super pleased with a fit of them and how they look and feel and they’re definitely worth picking up if I do say so myself

make sure you below check them out and huge thank you to everyone who’s bought one so far it really really means a lot thank you and you look great as well I could promise you that now here Mark starts to pour through the work which is also ripped right out of the comics in the Box I had those switching up and making it look like a passage from the work itself alongside a picture of the story in question we also had a big block of text explaining the working characters the first of these was the

space Rider who was known as having an invincible gun in real life he’s actually called Space Racer well I say real life but no and changed it up to disguise who it was slightly known as packing the infinity Ray this was setting something up that I think fans are going to love was brilliant actually seeing this image flashed out and also learning more of the cost that comes from using the gun the infinity R beam can only be stopped by certain things and therefore the shot it has to be accurate the design of him’s obviously

a riff off Lobo as well but yeah I think when he shows up your kids are going to love him destroying a stalking pack of space branas he also destroys a sun which highlights how dangerous the gun is and the next book is Savage planets Savage beasts which is something we also saw in the comics half of the curve itself was a lot different with Nolan and another Vite being on it here in the work we also got a passage like the space Rider and saw Nolan going against the monsters that lived there you see

Nolan and his partner had been dispatched out to try and find a planet that the vites could conquer however upon arriving there they were hit with its gravity which made it difficult for the pair to move now Planet possessing stronger gravity also something had to been used in Superman with Krypton possessing it as well the kryptonians are born in an environment so that when they came to Earth they possessed super strength on this planet the vites are weaker because they’re not used to dealing with creatures at strong and what these stories are really doing is

showing that there’s way to defeat the vites this is why Nolan told him to look at his books and it’s also the final line that we end 35 on now we also have Rick at the campus seeing the memorial to Da s Clair with him beginning to experience survivor’s guilt gives him way more character development than what we had in the car comics with him having nightmares about being operated on feel like him and Donald are going to bond over this trauma and will support each other going through it cut across to the Guardians HQ

where we then see Cecil visiting the immortal he wants to send the guy in a vacation which leads to a big reveal later on won’t spoil what that is but if you want to know then head to issue 46 of the books now this scene in itself pulls from issue 43 which has Cil trying to comfort the character this funny thing zonie man’s closing in which is when he flies up into space both the show and comic then have him fighting Alan with the Immortals Fury blinding him to the truth nice seeing Alan looking hent

as well and the fights them broken up by mock love the bit where they have the telepathy back and forth with only working between one person at once makes Immortal realize that he could be in the wrong job and as he returns to earth Alan goes with mock then cut to Amber at a party by herself struggling with how she’s missing mock jumping to his dorm he then sits down with Allan and chats which is perfectly recreated here Mark places the sock on the door which is something he should have done when seon’s dog visited

guys just trying to stop aliens being discovered and they added in a new bit where he breaks Mark’s bed mock tells him about his dad being in prison and Allan attempts to recruit him into the war mock refuses though because it’s too much on his personal life but like the comics he gives Alan some help and bothy scans the box as these provide a way for them to combat the vites He also mentioned his father’s impending execution and rumors of a prison out in space this is something that we then cut to and we get

to see the vites preparing him for execution this is sort of playing off issue 45 in which we learn what had happened with Nolan you see it’s vtr’s custom to allow someone to recover before an execution and this is so they can be at their maximum strength this is a planet known for having the best of the best of the best sir and we saw how they lost 50% of them in those big battle Royals those that were left were Superior and th this custom seen in every aspect of society so they need him at

his best and this is so he can die with a sense of dignity at this point we go back to Russ and see him vomiting up a seid this is taken right out of issue 41 and it’s how we ended in the source material here though we get an extra end stinger and then join angstrom out in the Multiverse guys getting fitted with a suit and we see the tailor also got four arms it’s also a fabric that looks similar to Art making me think there might be a connection there but it might be a

reach however that we do get some cool Easter eggs as we watch angstrom travel through the Multiverse in one we can catch a bunch of zombies with this clear being a ND of The Walking Dead that two was created by Robert Kirkman and we saw this world during issue 33 angstrom then travels out to our marks universe and we can even see a little advert for Seance dog pretty sure this is the same location that we saw Levi at during episode one with that being an alternate universe in which omn man and Mark took over

either way though that wraps up the episode and huge thank you for joining me on this journey really enjoyed breaking the episode Down and I thought this was another strong entry in a series that’s been really strong really personal and emotional and it built on lots of things from the comics and evolved them in several ways always thought the scene where Mark just sat and talked to all that that was one of the strongest in the comics I love how they pair this up with what Amber was going through on top of that you have

Eve feeling guilty because deep down we all know she likes Mark really brings everything together so well and also kind of sets a stage for what’s going to be happening over the next two weeks we’re halfway through part two mate can’t completely believe it but yeah lots of stuff to come so make sure you subscribed obviously let me know your thoughts below too and thank you for checking out the breakdown please drop a like on the video and also if you want to support the channel as a member of the spoiler side Squad then please

click the join button it’s 99 Cents and 99 p a month less than a set quid and for that you’ll get early access to videos every week lots of crap buns and it goes such a long way to helping us make these breakdowns huge thank you to everyone who’s involved love seeing you guys comment on the videos in advance and saying that you like them as well which means a lot H So yeah thank you everyone who is supporting the channel That way too now if you want something else to watch we’ve got another animated

series on screen right now and yes we’re doing xma 97 breakdowns every single week had a blast going through those first two episodes yesterday lots of things to talk about and definitely head over there right after this by the way huge thank you for sing through the video I’ve been your host Paul you take care yourself and I’ll see you next time peace

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