iPad Air 2024 13 inch Unboxing & Review Hindi

Hi friends, how are you? I am Nabeel. Today I have an iPad Air 13 inches 2020 phone model with M2 chipset. I have bought this from iSense Apple authorized reseller. You will get to see this type of box. This is an external box. Then you get to see

the internal box separately. We will take advantage of its unboxing. If you want to buy your iPad, you can check out their website. There is a link in the description. Their shop address and phone number. You can purchase from there so that you get to see the genuine

thing. You can see the box here. This is the protective packaging of Apple. It is not necessary to show it. But the more we unbox Apple products, the more fun we have. Let’s open it. And inside it, we have our iPad. Let’s pull it out. Let’s put it

aside. So this is the new iPad box. iPad Air 13 inches 2020 phone model. You can see the box is a little bigger. Because this is a 13 inches model. And here its pricing is written which is Rs. 79,900. I have taken this base model because many people

prefer to buy base model. They don’t want to go for base model. And USB type C port has already arrived. So there is no tension in it. Let’s break the

seal quickly. So let’s pull this here. And then this. And this is our box. It is open. Here

is our iPad. Let’s put it aside and tell you what else is in it. In this box, you get a 20 watt Apple adapter which works on your iPhone. And a 1 meter USB type C braided cable. You might be thinking that I will show you Apple stickers

from the folder of this document. But this year Apple has stopped giving Apple stickers in their iPads. Because according to the environment concern, we might not get to see Apple stickers in the iPhones in the future. Let’s do our favorite work. Let’s remove this paper from the iPad.

So this is our iPad Air 224 13 inches in gorgeous gray color. It is space gray color. You will get to see 4 colors in the iPad this time. Blue, purple, starlight and this space gray. Talking about the weight of this iPad, it is a 617 gram iPad.

11 inch iPad is 200 grams lighter than this. It is not heavy at all. It feels heavy when you hear 617 grams. But the weight of this iPad is well distributed. You will get to see the complete aluminum build. There is a big Apple logo on the back.

There is a single camera. There is no flash. On the top, you get to see its touch ID sensor. There is a speaker at the bottom. And again, there are two speaker grills here. And at the bottom, you get a USB type C port. On the left side,

they have completely cleaned this iPad. And on the right side, you get to see the volume buttons. After that, this Apple pencil connector. And at the back side, if you see at the bottom, you get this smart connector for the new Magic Keyboard. And this is the first

boot of this iPad. This Apple logo has arrived. And after this, I quickly set it up. The iPad setup is a child’s play. The iPhone setup is the same. There is no rocket science in this, so don’t be afraid. Just pay attention to a few things. As it

is written here, that you have to set it up for yourself or for your child. So if you want to use it, do it for yourself. If you want to give it to your child, do it for your kid. And here, if you want to restore your backup

from your old iPad to your iPad, or if you want to transfer your iPhone data here, if you want to set it up with your iPhone, then you also get the option to bring the old device closer to it, bring the iPhone closer to it. Your setup process

will be even easier. But you don’t have it. Here you have a lot of options to transfer data. You can transfer data from iCloud backups, you can transfer data from a separate iPad, you can transfer data from Mac or PC backups, or you can also transfer data from

Android. But I click on “Don’t Transfer Anything”. And here you just have to set up your Apple ID. And if you don’t have an Apple ID, then there is an option there. You can also create a new Apple ID. When you take the iPad and start setting it

up, then you also get to see a software update. Because here you can see that I have done the setup. And now I will take you to the iOS 17.4 that is on this iPad. So here we also update the software so that it comes to 17.5. And

all the features that should be present on this iPad, we get them here. If you are wondering that if you buy the 128GB base storage variant iPad, then how much available free space you get. So here you can see the 114GB available free space that you get to

see in it. Which is a very decent space to store your applications. You won’t have any problem. You can keep as many applications as you want in it. You can also install external SSD in it. But if you want to keep a lot of data on your iPad,

then you can go for higher storage variants. With this new iPad, we get to see some new wallpapers. So here we will go down and go to collections. So here are these new wallpapers. Which is this wallpaper of our space grey one. After that, this one for starlight,

this one for purple and this one for blue. So here we will set up our grey wallpaper. Now let’s talk about its display. So here you get a 13 inches display. 13 inches is its diagonal size. This is an LED backlit multi-touch display with IPS technology. And its

pixel per inch is 264 ppi. You get P3 wide color in it. So if you do photo editing or video editing, then it is good for that too. You also get True Tone technology in it. So what happens with this is that according to the ambient light, the

color temperature of the display can also be adjusted by itself. And along with that, you get 600 nits brightness in this iPad. So its display is quite bright. And for indoor and outdoor use, this is a sufficient brightness. You get an anti-reflective coating in it. Which compared to

those iPads which don’t have anti-reflective coating, reduces the reflection. Here you can see, if I do it on this side, the reflection is quite less in these lights too. If I bring the iPad 10 generation in the picture, then you can see that the reflection is quite more

than the iPad Air. Its display is still a 60 Hz refresh rate display. Only ProModels have a ProMotion display. In this, you get to see a fixed refresh rate of 60 Hz. Although the iPad OS is quite smooth, so you won’t feel any lag in it. But this

is a 60 Hz refresh rate display. And you can feel its lack in gaming. This big display, friends, will be a big benefit for you to watch in video watching too. If you consume a lot of content, then definitely you can go for this big display. And this

13 inches display will be quite beneficial for you. It is good for work purpose and entertainment too. And the quality that I have shown you is quite good. And the size of this 13 inches display, if you compare it with the regular iPad Air size, then you can

see that you can see a big difference in it. This big canvas can be quite helpful for you. If you want to take notes or if you want to do some other work, like college, office or creative work, then definitely this big size is a must have. And

you should go for this. Speaking of speakers and mics, friends, there are two speakers and two mics. You might get confused by seeing that you get to see four speaker grills here. But actually, there are only two speakers in this. One speaker is at the bottom, meaning if

you hold it like this, then the other speaker is at the top so that you get to see a surround effect. There are four speakers in ProMods. And let’s test the loudness of the speaker. So, the output of around 82 decibels is decent from the speakers. And the

range of 82, 85, 87 is the flagship of phones. And if there is a lot of separation, then you will get a good effect. And the bass is also good. And if you take this 13 inches model, then you get to see a deeper bass when compared to

the 11 inches model. So, if I get a chance, I will compare both. But I am telling you that you get better sound quality in this. In the upper right hand side, you get the Touch ID sensor, which is the fingerprint scanner. You can see that it is

very fast and quick. The major change that has come in this iPad is in its specifications. In this, you get Apple’s M2 chipset. The M1 chipset that was in the iPad before. So, you will get to see a major jump in performance in this. I will tell you

through the benchmarks. The rest 8 GB RAM is also in the base model. And you get to see 8 GB RAM in the M1 chipset iPad. Let’s compare the benchmarks of the M1 and M2 chipset iPads side by side. Let’s see the CPU score first. I have taken

out the score so that you don’t waste your time. So, here you can see that there is slight improvement in single core. But there is a good improvement in multi core of the CPU. And if you see the score of the GPU, then here is an increase of

almost 8000 points. So, if you want to do a graphic intensive task, then you can upgrade here. Otherwise, the M1 chipset is also very powerful. And you have that iPad, so you don’t need to upgrade. But if you want to play some very high-end games, which are not

supported on it, because there are no games like this, all games are played on it, then you can go for this. Or if you want to do a specific graphic intensive task, then this upgrade will be worth it for you. But there are also other good things in

it. Like WiFi 6E is given in it. They have given Bluetooth 5.3. And its USB-C port supports up to 10 GB of PS. You can play games on it if you want. If you don’t have any problem with this, it is such a powerful chipset, so games will

run smoothly. But here, the only thing that will stop you from playing games is its display, which is 6Ghz. You can’t play games with 120 FPS on it. Rest, console games and everything will work on it. You will also get 10 hours of battery backup on this iPad.

And its battery capacity is 36.59 watt hour. It is a little smaller than the 11 inch one. But the output of the battery you will get will be only 10 hours. But if you take the cellular model, you will get 9 hours of battery backup. Now, let’s talk

about the cameras. Here, you get a 12MP camera at the back. And the other 12MP camera is here to be seen. Now, this thing makes a big difference because the camera’s position is centrally located. This becomes a natural position if you do facetime calling. And this position is

better for you. And now, this is what comes in all the new modern iPads. Rest, you will get the center stage in facetime calling. Its rear camera, the 12MP camera, is also capable of 4K. And you can record 4K videos with it. But the iPad cameras are not

for video recording, photography, they are for document scanning. And if you want to take out a video of something, then for that, like you want to take out a project on a site, they are not for iPhone cameras. Now, let me tell you about the support of the

Apple Pencil on this iPad. Here, you can see that I have 3 Apple Pencils. One is the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, one is the Apple Pencil 1st Generation, and one is the Apple Pencil USB-C. Now, the USB-C Apple Pencil will work with this iPad. The 1st Generation will

not work, and the 2nd Generation will not work either. Let me put the 2nd Generation pencil on this connector. It doesn’t connect with it. It starts hanging like this. iPad. If you are thinking of buying this one, then either you can use the USB-C one. Apple Pencil Pro.

It will stick with it like this, but it doesn’t pair like this. You have to pair it with a type-C cable. Or you have to take Apple Pencil Pro. So, we have Apple Pencil Pro too. When I connect Pencil Pro with my iPad Air, see, it’s connected here.

Here, Apple Pencil’s animation has also come. Here, it is also telling how you can use it. You can see all these things in it. Along with Apple Pencil Pro, Apple has also launched Magic Keyboard for it, in which you can see the trackpad. I don’t have that right

now. But along with that, it will give you a feel of a MacBook type. If we talk about the pricing and availability of this iPad, then you can get it online, offline, everywhere. I have bought it from Apple authorized reseller iSense. You can also buy it from there.

I have dropped the link in the description. Its base variant price is Rs. 79,900. For the 13-inch one, the price of the 11-inch one is different. I will put the link of that too. You can also buy it if you want to buy it. But I am feeling

a little better with this new, bigger display. And I have already told you the price of Pencil Pro, Rs. 11,900. You can also buy it from them. You will find the link in the description. So how did you like it, friends? The iPad Air 13-inch one, do let

me know in the comments. I hope you liked today’s video. Do like and share it. And subscribe to my channel. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you.

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