iPhone 13 Review – MÁS que PEQUEÑAS mejoras

Greetings my name is the nan rosario and if we look at the new apple iphone 3g we can easily
discard it with an improved version of last year’s iphone 12 an iphone 12 s as
Apple phones were known between generations but if we look closely
really and I will go down to new things that I think are worth buying this new apple phone
but I will explain all that in this review of the new iphone 13 let’s start
Japanese this year did not bring a new design with the iphone 13 since we are practically seeing the
same design with flat sides that we saw last year with the iphone 12 that at least in my
case I like it a lot however if we see some changes like for example now the phone is a
little thicker and it is also a little heavier already which has more battery than we will be
talking about soon in this review another change that we also see is in the cameras since now they
are aligned diagonally not one above the other like v imos in the past iphone 12 and
iphone 11 but that design change is really a change in functions but that we will also be
talking about in other sections

of this review finally the design of the iphone 13 in my opinion which
is super good because really the same as the iphone 12 the only sad part is that there are not
as many colors as we saw last year this red that we really have here in this video I like a
lot although also from the photos I have seen the blue looks very good but for those people
who wanted the phone in purple as we saw the iphone 12 because sadly that color available
in this iphone 13 the screen of the new iphone 3 is one of the sections in which I support I dedicate a
lot of time and where we also see many of the changes in this phone In addition to the battery
and the camera, however, in a matter of dimensions, we continue to see the 6.1- inch screen on the iPhone 13
and 5.4-inch on the iPhone 13 mini, however, in a matter of new things that What we are seeing
on this screen is that now it can be a little brighter and that is why getting that bright
is at the maximum for much longer to answer on the outside you can see the screen without any
problem that the phone heats up easily another change than We also see on this screen of the
iPhone 3 is that now at night this upper part of the phone where all the sensors of
face haiti are now is also a little shorter but sadly we do not have any new function with
this reduction in size since we continue to see the Same icons of the same size of the battery
signal so we still do not have an option to see the percentage of the battery that we have
left in the phone in my opinion it is a good thing that Apple has reduced the size of this not but
as one god nothing new for us to do on the phone with this increase in the size you
really think it’s not such a radical change so we will have to wait for
v er if in the next phone then apple finally disappears tonight that it has been using
practically the same way since 2017 with the iphone 10 as I mentioned another very important point
in the iphone 13 is the battery since it now lasts a lot of time and apple managed to do this by
doing two things first by making the battery bigger on this phone and that’s why as I mentioned at
the beginning now the phone is a little heavier and a little thicker but it also managed to
give this phone longer battery life by making the processor the new a 15 much more
efficient in the presentation of this new iphone 13 apple promised that this phone would now last
two and a half hours more compared to the past model the iphone 12 and in general it has been my
experience using the iphone 13 can be practically between 5 to 6 hours with the screen
on and however you want the phone practically when I go to be it may reach that
20 percent so if you use the phone Phono for a long time during the day, the iPhone
13 will really last you all day without any problem obviously if you spend playing using the camera
recording video etc. obviously that will have an impact on the battery life but for
the ordinary user This phone will last you all day without any problem, although
obviously in this video we are not testing the new iphone 3g mini, Paul ensures that the battery
will last an hour and a half more compared to last year’s model, so although
we cannot test and assure you that it will last all day at least the battery of this phone
will last a little longer so that then maybe you can reach the end of the day in this
smaller or cheaper phone for those people who prefer this type of phones
let’s talk now about lotuses pillar of new things in this iphone 13 and it is obviously the camera this
camera received great improvements but one of the most important of which q We want to talk about
the fact that it mentions at the beginning this change in the position of the cameras that
is now diagonally, because really that was not a simply aesthetic decision, but Paul
had to do this in order to accommodate this sensor that is now more large and that also
now incorporates stabilization technology directly to the sensor that we saw last year
only in the iphone 2 of pro max this new stabilization system makes sure that the
sensor of the phone does not lenses as we can see in other equipment is the that is stabilized
so that way you can take better pictures at night because then can collect more light
without being added so much noise to the photo that can compensate for the movement of your hands look
is capturing that picture and also then you could give greater stabilization when you are
recording videos so that those videos in 4k at 60 fps look incredible and it was worth mentioning
that now on this 13 and iphone 1 3 mini have the same stabilization function that we saw
in the past iphone 12 promax so you are getting a very good function with this stabilization
system, however the main camera sensor also received improvement since it is now
larger and that then means that you will be able to collect much more light that then translates to
that the photos at night will look much sharper and without much noise in the image and also then it
means that you will be able to capture photos at night without having to activate the night mode so that
then the photos can be seen with much more natural and real colors on the other hand the
camera and the sensor with wide lens received several improvements since now you can recover
much more light and as I mentioned before then now when you want to use this wide lens
even in scenarios of At night you can capture very good photos like the ones you are seeing in this
sequence of photos in a matter of new things that you can do with the camera a of this iphone
13 because it really added two new functions and one of them is called cinematographic mode that
in essence we can translate that to simply the video as a blurred background this would actually be the
portrait mode that is in the iphone camera but then led to the video so that you can
record videos with the blurred background now with this cinematic mode you can then record a
person and then see the blurred background or you can even choose between different planes
so that you can then decide what the person in front of you want blurred and what is
then behind the person in focus so that then you can have more dynamism when
recording these videos and the best of all this is that you can then after you record the video
choose how blurred you want the background to be or how blurry you want that subject to be that is
closer to the camera or further away from the camera so you can have half the creative control
of it The camera of the iphone 13 this cinematic mode function also works in the
front camera but in both cameras, both the front and the third, you can only record
videos at 1080p at 30 fps which really is not like a sense 1 fps cinematic since many
people consider that the cinematographic mode is 24 fps but then that was the option that ax gave us
with this cinematographic mode the function that we do added to the iphone 13 camera is that
of photographic styles in essence this system then allows you to tell the camera how is
that you want the photo to be processed so that you can then have more control over how
the photos are captured on your phone in this way you can tell it if you want the
photos to look warmer or colder with more details etc. so in In reality, it is not a
filter as many people might imagine, but you are actually telling the iphone
camera how you want it to be. The images are processed without affecting
many details of the subject or the environment that you are portraying, so that way you can choose your
own style so that the photos look very yours, I say that this processing system
will be very yours since You can choose how you want these images to be processed since
then you can move if you want them warmer, colder with more details etc. but although I
consider that this function is very very cool I think that many of the people who will use it
will be the most photography enthusiasts but at least it is worth mentioning that this
function in your new iphone 13 if you think about buying it and the camera if it received several
improvements both in functions and in skills when it comes to capturing light and processing the images. images
but it is not a leap dramatically different from the iphone 12 but if you come from a previous phone
from the iphone 21 iphone 11 a reset iphone 10 was definitely going to notice the great improvement
in camera that this iphone 3 brings as I mentioned at the beginning of this review if we see the iphone
13 on its surface perhaps we do not see a substantial reason to buy this phone instead of the
iphone 12 however if we pay attention to the details more Beyond the improvements to the camera, the
screen, the performance, etc., and the battery, I think a very important point is that this
new iPhone 13 comes in its base model with 128 GB of storage, this means that
the same price as the iPhone 12 per year last now it will bring you a phone with double the
storage since last year the iphone 12 came with 64 gb in its model you go for that reason and
the others that I mentioned above is that I say it is really worth it and it says for this
iphone 13 x the iphone 12 since you take double the storage so that obviously you have more
space for your photos, games, movies and much more, but hey after all this it is really worth
buying the new iph one 13 I consider that if we see a change from one year to another I think that it will
do as it made improvements to justify buying this new phone compared
to last year’s iphone 12 this phone has a better camera has a
brighter screen one night smaller, the battery lasts a lot and it also comes with more storage so
when we put all those elements together I consider that the iPhone 13 is actually worth it
if you have an iPhone 11 or an older phone it really makes it very difficult for me to tell you to
go for the iPhone 12 even if it is cheaper because when you add all these improvements and remember
that then it also comes with 128 GB in its base model, the difference in price between
the iPhone 12 with 64 GB and the iPhone 13 with 128 GB is really The difference is not that big so
the reason that I recommend to many people to go for the iphone 13 instead of the iphone
2 for this reason if you want a phone that lasts all day t omes incredible photos may
have the storage to store all your photos videos games movies and much more I think
without a doubt going for the iphone 13 is an excellent alternative good what did you
think of my review of the new apple iphone 3g do you think it really is a good one alternative
compared to the iphone 12 you plan to buy this phone let me know why down here
in the comments section and if you liked this video of garay and subscribe to see more
technology videos like this my name is hernán rosario see you in the next

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