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what’s up so there are two camps of people on one side is the people who loves the new iPhone 14 Pro Models and the other cam are the ones who say there’s not much of an upgrade and also that iOS is taking ideas from Android well here’s my in-depth review of this phone after using it daily for a month now overall the design seems to be sticking to the tried and true design from last year’s iPhone 13 series now as mentioned in my first impressions video that I decided to go with this silver color variant

instead of the signature deep purple and I have no regrets the clean and minimalist color fits my aesthetic perfectly and with Apple’s official clear case with Max if I get the show off and see the original finish of the phone and also worth mentioning is that this clear phone case actually helped me to protect the phone when I accidentally dropped it off the table well not exactly a table but the treatment bid when I was in pain while getting some dry needling done on my wrist now while the overall design did look extremely close to

the iPhone 13 series the biggest change pun intended is the thicker camera bump which we’ll talk about it later now what’s interesting is that

while the camera bump was thicker the phone isn’t heavier than last year in fact it’s the exact weight as the iPhone 13 Pro Max which means that it has a familiar size and weight for me since I was using the iPhone 13 Pro Max as my daily driver so I had no complaints using the phone daily next let’s talk about the most important part of the phone for any user which is

the display now the iPhone 14 pro Max comes with a super Retina xdr Display now on the pro variant you get a smaller 6.1 inch display but with this hunk of a hardware over here you get a total of 6.7 inches with a resolution of 2796 by 1290 pixels now this means you have a 460 PPI making this one of the sharpest display in the market right now it also supports HDR 10 and has a dynamic refresh rate ranging from 1 Hertz to 100 into the Hertz thanks to the new ltpo technology used here as

well now the screen has about 1000 nits of brightness when using it daily but there is a peak brightness about 2 000 nits which is currently the brightest screen on any smartphone now this made the phone screen to be easy to see even in very harsh afternoon sun and what’s nice is that it didn’t feel any warmer than usual and one thing to note is that fact that it was extremely easy to take pictures on a bright sunny day now what’s interesting is that I actually came to a point where I needed to reduce the

brightness manually even though it was very very nice and visible when I was looking at a viewfinder when I was taking photos now this sounds like I’m over exaggerating but I’m not now the media experience on the iPhone 14 pro Max is just Flawless watching videos on Netflix Disney plus hotstar especially on Apple TV plus was an enjoyable experience and by the way I know I’m totally late to the game but Ted lasso football is live so watch it if you haven’t done so then thanks to HDR support I can better appreciate the dynamic contrasts

and details in Darker scenes now a common complaint when it comes to the display is the presence of The Wider peel shape cutout now to be honest the cutout like a notch was barely visible especially if you don’t really stretch the screen as it never took me out from the viewing experience and of course picking up the cutout let’s talk about the new Dynamic Island now this is one of the best features that Apple has brought into the iPhone 14 pro and the pro Max and I wouldn’t be surprised if any other iPhone 14 pro

Max uses say that this is their favorite feature because it is certainly mine and here is how it has benefited me firstly I usually take phone calls with the speakerphone mainly because I’m working at my desk and the dynamic Island allowed me the freedom to pull off relevant chats or documents while I’m still being aware that there’s a phone call in fact the dynamic Island actually shows the waveforms when you are talking to the person or when they are talking back then I can easily go to the call screen with a simple tab on the

waveform as well then it also brings a new progress bar that pops out when you have an airdrop items between your Apple devices especially transferring files from the MacBook Pro to my iPhone which I do a lot then the ability to use both the timer and the music apps at the same time with Dynamic island is one of the most useful features that I’ve used for workouts in between my sets so with that I think it goes without saying that the dynamic island is just not a gimmick because from a real-time experience it is one

of the most useful features on the iPhone 14 pro and the pro Max variant so remember I mentioned about the camp of people who says that iOS is following Android well they were referring mainly to this always on display now while the word always on display is the same but on the iPhone 14 Pro Models is nowhere the same as what you get on an Android phone because it’s way better and fully functional now this mainly because the new always on display uses the same wallpaper but it dims down until the essential details are viewable

and keep in mind that since this is an OLED panel the LEDs are Switched Off to give a deeper Shades of Black then you might ask but Adam does d always on display affect the battery life well we’ll go into that later when I talk about the phone’s battery three three now as for the cameras the new iPhone 14 pro Max comes with a 48 megapixel main camera which is complemented by a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 12 megapixel Ultra wide sensor and of course the lidar Sensei as well now as expected all of the

images coming out from the phone did not disappoint especially with the new photonic engine image processing Now by default the 48 megapixel lens will be pixel bint to a 12 megapixel image so if you like to shoot that high resolution of 8064 by 6048 pictures then you’ll need to toggle the pro raw function in the camera app and here’s where you’ll indeed get some super crisp and sharp images with excellent dynamic range but I would only use it for certain situations since the file size is ranging between 40 to even 100 megabyte per image now

the images on the main lens were still one of the best in the market even against the Sun as the iPhone has always been a phone that lets you take photos effortlessly and the image quality was just Flawless and it was extremely true to life which I did see a difference indeed maybe not major but a minor difference especially on the contrast area compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max now since there is a dedicated telephoto lens you can zoom up to three times optically and thanks to the 48 megapixel sensor there’s now an option

to zoom up to two times as well giving you easy scaling for your pictures without losing any quality then portrait mode on the phone was yet one of the best in the smartphone industry once again with an easy point and shoot way and it works great with pets as well now here’s the thing whenever I hear that the phone has a dedicated macro lens it annoys the living hell out of me because even though the iPhone 14 pro does not have a dedicated macro lens it takes the best macro shots since the Oppo Find X3

Pro microscope camera hands down so for those smartphone makers who keep putting on the so-called dedicated macro lens just for the sake of having more lenses on your phone in return looking like crap hmm please stop guys then while taking shots at night was previously a hit or miss on the iPhone 11. since then the night mode algorithm has improved a lot to give you the best shots accordingly to the lighting conditions even though there’s no dedicated night mode on the camera app so the images look more real and not overly exposed especially on the

highlights without having any noise in the shadows area and also worth mentioning is the fact that I did see a significant improvements in the night shots for the ultra wide lenses during at night too now like the main lenses the selfie shots look terrific even though it was against the light with fantastic dynamic range where the portrait selfie also had Flawless subject to background blur and yet another point and shoot experience especially with the new autofocus feature for the front camera as well as for video recording it can record up to 4K 60 frames per

second and here’s where there was some complaint on why it does not have 8K recording since it technically can with a 48 megapixel sensor well I have to say that I agree with apple not being allowed for all of us to do so because firstly the file size will be just massive secondly transferring that huge file size on airdrop or even on the lightning cable would take ages and thirdly if you want to shoot in 8k just go out and buy a raid cinema camera instead okay now what’s also new with the latest IOS 16

update is affected the Cinematic mode allows recording up to 4K 30 frames per second yup 30 frames per second the right frame rate to use now not only did the Cinematic mode can go up to 4K for the rear cameras but also for the front camera which is perfect for any situation to get a nice and smooth cinematic subject to background blur then finally the iPhone 14 also brings the new action mode now yes the negative complaint cam would argue that Apple isn’t the first one to feature a gimbal-like stabilization for the camera but you

know what as usual they got it right because the stabilization in the shots were amazing nearly Motionless in most cases especially in really good lighting it also records up to 2.8 K resolution compared to a lot of other smartphones which goes down to only 1080p now when it comes to the software we all know that apple have been the most iterative they tend to tweak and perfect the features before jumping into the next big thing and iOS 16 is no different now iOS 16 is feature pack and if I went through one by one we

will be in Christmas by the time this video finishes now there are few most impactful features in my time using the iPhone 14 pro Max Apple has the most personalized lock screen where you have everything you need in a glance and if something’s missing you can always simply add a widget to the lock screen to complete it then notification has moved to the bottom of the screen instead of top now this allows you to interact with the phone in a more natural way and also what mentioning is the fact that face ID has been updated

to function in landscape mode giving you an easier unlocking feature when you’re watching videos on the phone now iOS 16 also brings in activity tracking without having an Apple Watch and you can even add haptic feedback to have a more realistic typing experience and even toggle the battery percentage in your notifications then Spotlight search is also available in the home screen itself and of course there are tons of added features in the apps like the messages app where you can now edit and unsend messages and do conversions natively and you can even Mark unread conversations

to return to it later and also what mentioning is that Siri has improved a lot when it comes to the dictation with included punctuation as well so yes I have to say that compared to the upgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 15 this new iOS 16 update is the best update yet so if anyone asks me they want a really powerful gaming smartphone without having those typical dedicated trigger buttons and looking like a laptop I always tell them to just save up and get an iPhone instead and here’s why this is because there’s no Android

phone that I’ve tested that can go up to maximum settings on Genji impact without having any lack of jittering with no signs of overheating at all where it was overall warm to the touch and I’m still mind blown at how it performs exceptionally with motion Blitz turned on now with the Hue screen you surely get the best experience on other games like Asphalt 9 Cod mobile and pubg mobile as well and that’s the reason why I totally recommend the iPhone if you’re a really serious in gaming too then finally let’s talk about the battery shall

we now it comes with 4323 milliamps and even though it’s slightly smaller compared to the size of the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max of 4352 milliamps I was totally impressed with the battery life and yes if you are wondering what are the differences in battery life when it comes to turning on the always on display on and off here it is so with the always on display turned on I got an average battery life of seven and a half hours of screen on time at 8 battery and and returning the always on display off I

got an average of 8 hours of screen on time when I was at four percent battery which is about 7 hours and 50 minutes when I was about eight percent battery so what’s my take on this well ever since I turned on the always on display I just can’t live without it and since the battery life isn’t a huge difference I’ll be using the phone with the always on display even with me not charging the phone overnight as I’ve gotten used to only charging the phone when I was about 10 where I got roughly about

50 percent in just 28 minutes and of course there is wireless charging with Qi certified as well together with the maxif and I have to say that I am in love with Balkans 3 in one charger which is my favorite accessory for the iPhone 14 series which I’ll leave a link down below or even the card above for you to check it out so what do I think of the iPhone 14 pro Max after using it for a month every single day well from an outsider’s perspective the naysayers may say things like how there isn’t

much of an upgrade compared to the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max now while I do agree with that that is not much of an upgrade but I would argue that the iPhone 14 pro lineup got the upgrade on where it matters the most from the image quality the amazing screen and all the enhancements of the software features which overall has made this iPhone 14 pro Max My overall choice for my daily smartphone as of now

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