iPhone 15 Pro Max review: La VERDAD tras 6 MESES de USO DIARIO | Lo BUENO, lo MALO y lo INESPERADO

Very good friends, Today it’s time to talk about the iPhone 15 Pro Max, a device that has been with us for more of six months. I have had it since day one and obviously Well, I have been able to draw some conclusions about all its capabilities and characteristics.

Say that this video is a continuation of a complete review that we already did shortly to go on the market and how good this video is Let’s say it marks the final point, After a lot of use, I have some conclusions. that I am going to share as

always in a way sincere with all of you. I’m going to start talking about the design, Let’s see about the new titanium design I have to say that my first impression was quite positive, It is true that it is pleasant in hand, more comfortable to hold than the

previous version, the iphone 14, but honestly the natural titanium color It hasn’t convinced me. With the passage of time I have ended up hating him, I have even begun to see him as ugly and I, If I had to buy the iPhone again today, I would go directly

for the white color. It has always seemed much more hygienic to me, especially for the issue of footprints,

of dust particles, etc And although this iPhone is true that it has gained points with respect to the previous generation, He hasn’t finished convincing me. It’s true, I insist, I

appreciate the titanium because the steel stainless steel of the previous iPhone because it that the footprints were marked a lot, but the color has not convinced me, Therefore I hope that the new versions that The iPhone 16 is rumored to improve in this aspect. Regarding wear, titanium has

stood the test of time quite well, The screen is also very resistant, although in my case perhaps this is not You have to take it into account because you have already done it. seen in my videos that from day one I have it with a cover. Precisely, I

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use our link and at the time of purchase you add the code APPLE24, you will get a 10% discount. Yes indeed, This discount will only last 48 hours from the moment when we published the video, so take advantage. Let’s continue and I want to do it by talking

of the action button, another quite striking novelty in the design of these new iPhones. And I must say that my first impression on the review was quite good but with the pace Of the time I admit that I have used it very little. I have particularly used it

to access quickly to other applications and although it is It is true that it would have many more possible uses. In my case it is the only one I have found certain sense at some point but I insist I have used it quite little. One thing I do

appreciate a lot is the USB-C connector. The truth is that in order to work with others accessories or to charge equipment with a single charger and a single cable, This is a pretty positive point, although in my case, since I usually charge it through MagSafe, It’s not like

my daily routine has changed much, but I do value the transition positively to this port. As for my daily experience, let’s see, I’m going to be very honest with you, In my day to day life the sensations I have are very similar if not identical to the that

I had with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, at least when it comes to navigating the interface, open and close applications, etc. When I have to use the camera that’s the thing changes a little and that is that the telephoto lens for 5 in this aspect it does make

a difference compared to what we had before. It is very versatile, allows us to take photographs that until now we couldn’t do it because the portrait was left short and during these months it has come to me fairly good. It’s more, It is my favorite lens of all

the ones we have. on the iPhone today. Especially when you have to take portraits to people it makes a very visual bokeh and that, I already say to me, I particularly like it a lot. Then it is true that the main camera with those 48 megapixels and that

new option that Apple allows us to select distances pre-configured focal points, It is also a positive aspect that I liked and that has also been very good for me in certain moments to be able to take photographs of people or to objects that were in front of him.

Precisely speaking of taking photographs of people, objects or dogs, I have had a little dog for a few months now. home and I must say that it has come in handy also this new function that allows you to save depth data from an image to be able to

convert it to a portrait later, that is to say, that you don’t have to shoot in portrait mode but you then afterwards You can choose if you want to convert it to portrait mode or not. This works with people and animals and the true that this, I already

say, I have benefited from it quite a bit during these months. At the video level, it is true that I expected more. In terms of quality, everything looks very good. record with the iPhone, of course, but in the end they sold us an A17 Pro chip which is

very powerful but does not take advantage of it. I believe that precisely this new chip could have allowed the ability to record videos at 8K resolution. For now we continue with the same resolution than in the previous version. It is true that we have an option to record

ProRes videos with a much more professional codec but really on a day to day basis only the professionals will be able to use or people who then knows how to edit color. For example, I am not very expert in editing. color but I would like to record in

resolution 8K to capture an object with much more detail, a person, a scene and then be able to rescale to 4K without lose quality. It’s an example of why 8K would be useful. Then the action mode has been limited to 2.8K. We have been anchored in this resolution

for two years now. Why not turn up the action mode to 4K? Anyway, These are some things that I still miss. and in this regard I already said, They have made my feeling with the iPhone, except for photos, has been very similar to the one I had with

the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Let’s talk about performance and see, In my particular use I feel that I personally I have not taken advantage of all the potential that the A17 Pro has. Apple announced that with this new iPhone we are going to be able to play AAA

games, but it is also true that they have arrived in dribs and drabs, some Resident Evil have arrived, I think two, Death Stranding has arrived, Assassin’s Creed Mirage is announced, but there hasn’t been so much launch in the end, everything has remained quite slow and I think which

was more of a marketing maneuver than really real functionality, because even in the games we were testing we made a video if I’m not mistaken of Resident Evil Village as it ran on this iPhone and not, Not Resident Evil Village, I think it was the Resident Evil 4

Remake and the It’s true that the graphical performance left quite a bit what to want and taking into account the price at that these video games come out I think it’s not worth it buy them on this device but buy them directly to play them on a computer

or console so I insist on a graphic level yes It is true that game configurations which are already available, like Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, games that have a high graphic load, Yes, it is true that you will be able to tighten them to the maximum, but

you could also press them on the previous chip. Therefore, I insist, I think that not even Apple has particularly taken advantage of to the maximum the performance of this chip, me neither. However, I insist, I don’t want this to remain as something negative, quite the opposite, the A17

Pro is an amazing chip, but I think it is wasted, but I insist, That’s not bad, that’s good, because Apple at the hardware level has made a fantastic job can you still fix it at the software level. And speaking of solutions, one thing that he has not been

able to solve since the release is the drop in performance or battery life. Look at this clip that is really consumption of battery that I had in my iPhone 14 Pro Max the same week that I changed my iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is taken from the review

I did to iOS 17 that just coincided in the week of launch of this iPhone and as you can see my consumption was around 50 or 60% with about 11 hours of use. Right now, You can see it for example in the latest videos of iOS 17 that

I have been doing, my consumption is around 60, 70 and sometimes even 80% with about 10 hours of use, something that I insist, Apple with the step of updates no was able to do. And that the battery of the iPhone 15 Pro Max It’s actually a little bigger,

Specifically, it has 4,422 mAh, which represents an increase of 99 mAh, around 2.3% compared to 4,323 mAh of last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. But I insist, Here the conclusion I reach is that the A17 Pro, although Apple has tried, It’s not that efficient. In general, I must

admit that, let’s see, The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a spectacular phone, but with respect to the iPhone 14, there was no a big leap and this is something we are already seeing what happens to many telephone companies. They are suffering from technological stagnation which makes the renewals

year after year every may make less sense. Actually here I think that artificial intelligence It’s the best thing that could have happened to them because They will be able to differentiate their smartphones again from each other with exclusive functions that don’t have the competition. That’s why I think

it’s very important that Apple bang on the table and show proposals interesting. And I think we’re going to have two chances. to see what Apple is capable of proposing. First this June 10 at the conference of developers and then in September with the presentation of the new iPhone

16 What do I understand with your new processor? exclusive functionality will have intelligence artificial. Just a few months ago I made this video analyzing intelligence functionalities artificial Google Pixel, I will be giving you some of these, and hey, I must say that very interesting, especially those related to

editing photographic, also at the level of productivity, such as the transcription of the recorder and other things like that, what an eye, These are things that could also reach the iPhone soon. And the rumors about iOS 18 suggest that we are going to have improvements as far as

to photo editing with photo editing generative, we will surely have a transcript of our voice notes made with the recorder, we will surely have news summaries through Safari, That is to say, artificial intelligence is going to be highly integrated into the operating system and for this it is

true that a good chip is important a chip that is capable of doing many operations per second the neural engine of the iPhone because he is capable of making many millions of operations per second therefore if above The model is executed locally which is which many analysts speculate

that apple wants to launch a model that, although some functions and that connect to the cloud that the entire main model is executed local to maintain privacy and above all For more instant answers this is where the new Siri could come into play so well we’ll see if

they start to make sense all these processors that today I I think they do not take advantage of all the potential that really well they could have because I don’t know about you If you have the same feeling but when Apple, Samsung, whoever starts selling many, many cores

at the performance level in their processors really if the average user, as I say, the one who mostly buys this phone, He doesn’t end up taking advantage of it, I think we’re talking about verbiage. of marketing that, I insist, the user barely enjoys it. What would I like

for future iPhones? Well, Well obviously I would like them to have one better battery life, I believe that this is a desire that many of us have in common. I would also love it if they had an extra lens, an extra camera that allows me to zoom much

older. I think this is something I envy about some. Android phones and that, hey, why not Apple? I think I could do very well seeing what what they have done with the x5 telephoto lens. And please, the possibility of recording video in 8k resolution. I insist, this is

really hardware stuff because I think where I really could improve It is at the software level. At the hardware level I already said, I think these three little things could be polished and, hey, deluxe. But at the software level I have done things are missing that I hope

here with intelligence artificial can be covered. See Siri, a smarter Siri. And here is the video friends, I really hope you liked it. Yes that’s how it is, You know, you can put like, subscribe, Hit the bell so you don’t miss any more content. ours and I also

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a small screen where You will be able to see the review we did ago a few months to the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a lot of data more technical. I hope that you For my part, nothing else, see you, because you already know, I am Fernando and

I promise to do it. Ciao!

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