iPhone SE (1st Gen) Still Worth It in 2021? (Review)

hi everyone in this video we will find 
out if the first generation iphone se  
is still worth buying in 2021
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back to the video iphone se was part of the 9th  
generation of the iphone alongside with its higher 
end models iphone 6s and 6s plus it was launched  
in march of 2016 with the price starting at 399 
dollars with 16 gigabyte of storage and knocked  
us out at 499 with 64 gigabytes today you can 
find these iphones refurbished or brand new at  
ebay or other online markets ranging from thirty 
dollars until two hundred dollars depending on  
the condition and storage it had four color 
options gold rose gold silver and space gray  
similar to its brothers iphone 5 and 5s the se 
shares the similar design with these two phones  
with metal body chamfered flat edges and a 4-inch 
display with 4-inch display the screen size is  
quite small for today’s standards but still usable 
for multi-image apps like youtube and netflix  
also the headphone

jack is still present here  
so if you’re still using wired or 
earphones it is still usable as of today
the iphone se features the same internals as 
the iphone 6s it featured the alien cpu with  
2 gigabytes of ram which at the time it was 
launched are plenty enough to handle tasks  
after 5 years since it was launched it 
starts to show its age however unlike  
their predecessor iphone 6 and 5s that 
struggles with a gigabyte of ram the sd still  
handles the apps of the day at ease with some 
occasional loading times that you may encounter  
games such as call of duty sketching impact and 
other games can still run decently on this phone  
the iphone se has a different touch id 
sensor compared to 6s iphone 6s uses second  
generation touch id which is way faster 
than the first generation that the se has
the s is equipped with the same main camera as 
the iphone 6s a 12 megapixel isight camera with  
dual tone flash capable of recording 4k videos 
at 30 frames per second it can also shoot slow-mo  
videos at a maximum of 120 frames per second in 
full hd and 240 frames per second in hd its front  
camera is 1.2 megapixel which is quite mediocre 
for today’s standards here are some sample photos  
taken with the se as you can see its main camera 
still shoots acceptable photos with decent color  
production and texture photos taken with this 
phone can be confidently used in social media apps  
especially if you are only taking mostly daytime 
photos nighttime photos on the other hand are  
not as good but you can compensate for that 
by using flash for the quality of the image  
the front camera is still usable for video calls 
but it is not on par with today’s standards
today the essay still supports 
the current ios version  
ios 14 which makes it have the new 
features of iphones such as widgets  
privacy features picture-in-picture mode 
and a lot more however with the forthcoming  
ios 15 it is believed that apple will drop 
the support within devices particularly se  
and 6s models even though the phone may not or 
may still receive software updates in the future  
the current ios 14 version gives two to three 
years of app support in the app store so most  
of the apps will still support this phone even 
to the three years since apple drops to support
expect that you will charge this phone five to six 
times a day if you’re a heavy user and three to  
four times a day if your moderate one the phone 
has a great standby time but it drains fast and  
feels warm when playing graphic intensive games so 
take consideration if you’re planning to get one
so in conclusion if you’re only on a budget 
and you just want to try the apple ecosystem  
without spending a lot of money definitely you 
should get this iphone however you should take  
consideration of the cons of this phone such 
as the heating problems especially if you’re  
playing intensive graphic games and also 
the battery life of this phone it is not  
acceptable with these standards however if 
you’re planning to purchase a refurbished phone  
with a degraded battery life you should purchase 
a third-party battery pack in order to change that  
second if you’re if you only purchase this phone 
as a secondary phone definitely purchase it or  
if you’re a parent and you just want to give 
your child a phone to use definitely you should  
purchase it for your chat because it will be 
useful thirdly if your phone upgrade usually  
takes two to three years i think you should skip 
this unit and go to 6s or 6s plus since it has  
a better screen and a better battery life however 
if you have more budget please consider purchasing  
an iphone 7 and an iphone 8 since it will give 
you a longer software support and a better specs  
especially if you’re going to keep your phone for 
a long time and that’s all if this video helped  
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