iPhone SE 2022 Review & Comparison – Why Does This Exist?

This is the iPhone SE 3rd 
Generation or the iPhone SE 3.
Well, actually this one is the SE 2 from 
2020. They just look exactly the same.
But let’s just do a quick comparison between the 
two and see what’s new with this year’s model.
Spoiler — It’s not a lot.
Let’s talk about what’s changed 
between the two releases.
Actually, first let’s talk about what stayed the 
same and then we’ll jump into some differences.
On the outside they look exactly 
the same. They both have the same  
body as the iPhone 8 that came out five years ago.
Same screen, same camera hardware, 
button placement… Everything.
They also come in almost 
the same color options, just  
slightly different shades 
of the same colors I guess.
Barely noticeable, basically black, 
white and red on both models.
Okay well if they look exactly the same, 
the insides must be different right?
Well… Kind of.
What they did with SE 3 is they took the SE 2,  
dropped a new chip inside, a slightly 
bigger battery and 5g. Not mmWave, Sub-6GHz.
What that means when using the phone day-to-day,  
it’s going to be slightly faster, it’s 
going to have slightly better battery life  
and that new chip will

push out slightly 
better photos from that same old sensor.
Notice how I said slightly like five times?
That’s because there really isn’t that big of a 
difference. The only advantage to the new one is  
that since it has that newer chip it’s gonna 
be supported longer than the previous model.
But it’s Apple, their software support is great 
in general so I wouldn’t be surprised if the SE 2  
got like four more years of 
updates easy, if not more.
So I’m kind of confused here, I’m trying 
to figure out who this phone is aimed at.
Okay look at it this way
If you’re looking for the budget option,  
you can go with the iPhone 11 which also has a 
bigger screen, better cameras and battery life.
If you’re looking for a 
compact phone with a new chip,  
there’s the 13 mini or even the 12 
mini, they have better everything.
5g? Again, 12 and 13.
So the only reason you should buy this phone 
is if you really want to have Touch ID.
If you’re coming from something like 
the iPhone 7 or 8 or even a 6 or 6s,  
and having that home button and the old-school 
design is important to you, go with the SE 3.
If you already have the SE 2, 
I see absolutely no reason to  
upgrade. It’s such a small difference 
between them it’s barely noticeable.
Maybe the battery life is a bit better,  
but I don’t think that’s enough to 
actually upgrade to the new model.
If you want to see the comparison 
between the iPhone 8 and SE 2,  
check out the video below. There’s a much 
bigger leap between those two models.
Bigger camera improvements, better performance 
and support… With the previous one,  
it just made much more sense to upgrade and 
the SE 2 sold much more units than the SE 3.
In fact, Apple recently announced 
they’re bringing down production numbers  
by 20% for the SE 3 due to low demand.
Now, they said it’s caused by inflation and 
the situation in Eastern Europe, but I kind  
of feel like it’s because they’ve been making 
the same phone for like 10 years at this point.
So hopefully we’ll see some 
bigger changes with the SE 4,  
I would love to see iPhone 11 body 
or maybe a 12 mini with the new chip.
That would be really cool, but I 
guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
Until then though, you can 
subscribe to the channel!
Okay, thanks for watching.

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