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live now from Fox and once again we do want to show you some. video from the Iranian border with Asher by Gene as the search is now. underway following a helicopter crash. the helicopter. carrying the Iranian president as well as his foreign minister and other officials and again,

we are continuing to follow this uh an official saying that both the lives of the Iranian president and his foreign minister were quote at risk following the helicopter crash saying quote we are still hopeful but information coming from the crash site is very concerning. Uh, we do want

to bring in Michael xantos, who is a foreign policy expert to talk more about this breaking news and Michael. Thank you so much for joining us. You’re very welcome. and again. the information is still very. scarce as this is a breaking news situation. but what can you share

with us? well it is obviously clearly. in doubt whether the running president and the foreign minister is still alive. and it’s very easy to dismiss it because it’s often pointed out that the power is really in the hands of the supreme leader of Iran How many and the

Iranian revolutionary guard and other Security Forces? but he was being groomed as a possible successor for the supreme leader of Iran. That is the ultimate leader of

Iran. who is 85 and that necessarily in good health. And so there’s a variety of potential effects of this but 1

of them being that he was a possible successor to the current supreme leader of Iran. so again leader of Iran so again details are very scarce and we were hearing from an anonymous official saying that uh, the president’s life was. uh at risk along with the foreign minister.

Uh, but not uh going beyond that. if it were the case that the Iranian president. was killed in this helicopter crash What would the impact of that be? I think it could actually be significant. in some less than obvious ways. He was in himself a very much a

hardliner. So you see the hardliners. the extreme. hardliners in Iran, unfortunately. consolidating. power, but especially in the government that tries to take the name of God and say that that it’s divine. wishes that they’re acting on it and that they’re serving. Um, God behind it. I think this

is discrediting because even in a government that is not extremely religious. and fanatic. Um, when you can’t protect your leaders it can happen unfortunately and it’s scary to the best country God forbid even ours. that um, you know, people do die in plain and helicopter crashes, but it

could be seen by the running people. as 1 more sign of incompetence. It doesn’t exactly go along with the movie saying that God is on their side and that the US and Israel are Infidel, so I think it is actually discrediting it might sound a little bit silly

to say but they are. constantly. and only speaking in religion. their leadership only claims legitimacy. sounds bizarre in today’s world. 20 Century. based on religion alone. and they claim that they they will win because of their religious beliefs and that the United States and the West is evil.

So I think it’s discrediting and and then the less kind of theoretical concept it it doesn’t reflect the competence of this country this government I mean the system that is running out of water. it is can’t keep things. cool as they have hotter and hotter Summers they barely

have electricity. They’re 1 of the largest producers of oil. and natural gas and the average Iranian can’t afford. gasoline and is struggling to buy food. crashed is is discrediting and makes people. the doubts in this regime. grow within the country. and again this information coming from the state-run

media when it comes to being transparent. uh, you know, when might we expect additional details and just how accurate might they be. I mean, it’s hard to say but I mean you can’t cover up the if they did in fact die, I mean it’s good that we’re being

careful about it. You can’t cover up the death of the president and foreign minister, it’s good that you know in the next 24 hours. cover up the death of the president and foreign minister. I think that you know in the next 24 hours is probably much less will

start to gain Clarity. They they can’t hide this. Um now it’s worth mentioning another high-ranking official of Iran back in 2017 Raph and suspicions were raised about following and the fingers by his own family seemed to be pointing at the regime itself. So there’s even a possibility somewhat

remote, but not far-fetched that this could have been some sort of assassination. itself. So there’s even a possibility somewhat remote but not far-fetched that this could have been some sort of assassination attempt if they survived or assassination they die. There could even be an element of Foul Play

There are definitely going to be suspicions some legitimate and some crazy in in such a paranoid country because they have a murderous government. Remember this president had the nickname of the butcher. of Tehran for the number probably in the thousands of executions he oversaw at the end of

the 1980s. He’s he was known or still is known as The Butcher of Taiwan. This is so in that kind of environment. There’s all kinds of suspicions that inevitably occur some well based and some unfounded. now according to reuter they’re uh quoting the interior Minister saying that the

state TV that only 1 of the helicopters in a group of 3. had come down hard and that authorities were waiting. for their details when you’re talking about uh that 1 of 3 helicopters was the only 1 that came down hard again We did see a video that

appeared to show very foggy conditions. uh, you know, and and and talking about again, uh, the conspiracy theories out there. Do you extrapolate anything from that statement or again? Is this really just more of a wait and see situation? virtually a wait and see Um, if 1 of

3 helicopters in a convoy go down. That’s a question. of who was on it was the president and the foreign minister on the same helicopter Are they down? They can’t locate the helicopter which would be concerning although it’s hard to be. feel bad for a president. who’s known

as the Butcher of Baghdad and whose regime is responsible for the death of so many. American soldiers and civilians. around the world because Iran’s largest state sponsor terrorism, but um, they don’t seem to be able to locate as far as any reports that reached here the president or

foreign minister you would think that there’s communication there has to be communication. on the T helicopters You would think normally with the president that there would be backup communication, but not necessarily unlike this country part of the military. command and control. Um, and he can sometimes even be

almost relegated. and that according to the Constitution but in fact almost relegated to civilians to to to like a figurehead if the supreme leader come and he chooses because so much power is a mass in that supreme leader. Who’s very very aging so it is strange even in

foggy conditions that they can’t seem and would be troubling if you care about their health and it’s hard to given the amount of deaths around the region. Arab Israeli. American British Etc. leads to that regime, but it’s it it it’s strange that they’re not able to locate or

confirm that they’re alive. Even that is strange and that makes me doubt that they’re still alive or they’re in at all good condition. and let’s talk about a a Ron’s. Uh role in the ongoing. war between Israel and Hamas we have seen recently Iran growing Bolder. uh in

their attacks typically as as you know they use proxies could this incident? impact? that strategy at all. Yes, I really do think this is kind of this crediting They had a massive strike against Israel, which was an entirely a dud It does appear to have been a few.

listic missiles that did reach and cause some limited damage to 1 Israeli Air Force Space, but I suspect that’s because is atmospheric Interceptor Arrow 3 is a new newest an interception outer space. is actually video of an explosion in outer space from it and it’s probably very limited

coverage and they probably figured with this Air Force Base they could just fly the planes off in the 8 minutes it would take up ballistic missile to hit. or Israel may have heard in shelters able to Rez exists anything but a nuclear explosion and even there they probably

have contingencies so and I think that obviously the coverage will be extended you have hundreds of projectiles fired at Israel in virtually all of them intercepted very much a dud embarrassing to appears to have covered up that Israeli airline cruise missiles. destroyed the air defense of 1 that

their major. um nuclear sites is a huge warranty that Israel has the ability to strike with accuracy and impunity anywhere in around so this is discrediting and the fact that they cannot even protect. their president and foreign minister and despite the fact that their powers are limited and

they’re not always aware of everything. it is very discrediting. They can’t even protect their leaders. It’s going to raise doubts. did somebody um within the regime murder them, you know as as the power struggle grows with a potential succession. there, of course. going to accuse Israel because they

accuse Israel in the United States of everything or that’s very likely unless it’s just an obvious accent that they have to confess up to. um, and these are men with an incredible blood the president of Iran is a bunch of Baghdad. There’s a lot of people in Iran

who despise this government including the the president or perhaps a former president of Iran? Michael zanto foreign policy expert. Thank you so much for joining us here on live now from Fox to really break down this breaking news. We appreciate it. You’re very welcome. Have

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