Ireland vs Pakistan | 3rd T20 Highlights | Pakistan tour of Ireland 2024

hello and welcome one and all we’re here at the G you join us for this five over match between interesting decision the pitch really looks like there’ll be something early for the bowlers but the captain’s asking the openers to get the pads on we’re nicely settled in the

commentary boxing looking forward to this match getting underway the first ball about to be B winds up but misses looks like they went a bit too early on that shot oh nice catch great reactions and gone that’s a fantastic catch the trudge back to the pav a disappointing

display in the end for someone with such batting skills this one goes down as a fail now great opportunity to prove the critics wrong certainly needs to build an innings for the team L cut straight to the Fielder overstepping just a little too eager on that delivery could

that be out looks like it oh great run an Innings that promised much and really in the end delivered very little pretty disappointing all round a difficult period as they come to the Wicket they’ll take plenty of time to settle themselves in before facing their first ball it’s

a full toss and worked off the pads nicely could well be four end of the over four runs coming off it Pakistan a four for two

and the first not many runs off it a good start by the bowlers going with Pace now encouraging the bowler to take

a few more risks as the fields moved around oh really wound up for that ball seemed to come onto the bat quicker than he thought oh that’s a great shot early on wide of cover and that’ll give him a bit of confidence early on May pull up short

of the boundary though good start probably managed to prevent four runs misses everything five runs out of there Pakistan a nine for two this bowler knows how to give the ball An Almighty tweak let’s see how they go wow that’s missed a lot now the bat has made

a bit of a meal of that delivery beats the outside edge good bowling there well that’s the end of a great display of bowling no score from it nicely putting pressure on the Batters McCarthy the pace baller coming into the attack was quick onto that in the infield

trouble misses that’s a big chance going begging could that be out looks like it oh great run here as they head back to the Pavilion they’ll be wishing they went about this Innings a little differently not too much to speak of on the scoreboard that’s a lot way

to walk out there just to turn around and walk straight back they’ll just want to get this first run behind them and then push on nearly gets the edge McCarthy with a great delivery there ticking the scoreboard over really nicely at the moment couldn’t get it through the

field Ahmed taking guard has been playing really well in recent matches certainly needs to bring their aame today no no no terrible shot end of the over six runs coming from it Pakistan a 15 for three four down and it feels like they’re stuck in first gear at

the moment need to go up a notch soon going with spin now that is a textbook on Drive sees the ball just drift times it well and it races to the boundary how the bowler respond lovely balling finds the Fielder with that shot a direct hit and this

could be gone oh simple run out gone nowhere near making it it’s another wickets the fourth now sometimes you’ve just got to accept that you couldn’t do anything about a delivery and the Innings comes to an end Ireland will need 20 runs I think the openers are going

to be pretty confident coming out to bat it’s a small total to chase down and this should be comfortable the bowlers are going to have to need a bit of luck a few moves made in the field aob coming in oh swings and misses on the first ball

of the innings down the ground lovely shot mid off chasing that could be four found the middle of the bat great timing lovely front foot shots that’s raced to the boundary a shouldn’t be too worried about that last ball they’ve got them playing their shots just need to

in their areas now well that was a poor delivery you can’t ball there and it got what it deserved don’t need to do any things special line and length is the key here some adjustments to the field will it be three boundaries in a row still honing in

on their lines the batter happy to let it go through well that was timed very very well great shot driven down the ground and flew over the boundary well that was a very solid shot read the length early to get onto the front foot and that raced away

for four Ralph coming on obviously hoping the pace will cause some trouble caught gone and out oh how did he get to that one what a crucial breakthrough this is excellent bowling to get one of the key wickets cheaply the field will come up now you’d think pressure

should be on as the new batter strides to the middle they’ll be looking for another quick wicket could that be out looks like it oh great run out well this is a fantastic Wicket the runs down really didn’t get settled and look to be in trouble for most

of the knock the captain’s going to change things around in the field doesn’t beat the infield good pick up big chance Tor ready to face their first ball really needs to settle quickly and see if they can get the ball into the gaps the captain making some adjustments

to the field here lovely cover drive straight to the extra cover Fielder collects that one simple as you like inside the ring that’s the over Ireland 17 for two with two down they’re already ahead of the required run rate quite easily early on a new bowler is coming

into the attack just two to win straight drive mid off will cut that one off they need one to win a direct hit and this could be gone and with an incredible performance just bow exceptionally well Ali they needed to Bow perfectly all Innings and they delivered it

yeah it was quite an impeccable use of conditions and and also just reading the pitch and the ground

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