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Hello and welcome back to sport circle, my name is Sujay and today we are talking again about IPL, it is going well, it is going well, we are enjoying all the matches, we are watching everything, we are getting to see good cricket. A question is coming out in

many quarters, slowly and gradually, and after last night’s match , it is coming out very loudly, has this entire format become too batting heavy, has this entire tournament given too much weightage? There is a lot of importance on the batting side, there is no respect for batting and

bowling at all because if you see there was a time 170, 180 was a decent score, I mean I am not saying that it was a very strong score and I am also not saying that in the last few This has not changed over the years but 170-180

on an average was a good decent score on which you can play, you can fight, at least in this season even 200-230 seems less at times and not because of only bowling. It is bad for some teams, for teams like RCB, genuinely the bowling is very bad, but

overall, the conditions are there, the kind of pitches, the kind of boundary sizes, the kind of rules, you name it, there are

many things, too much batting. Things are leaning towards And gradually a boring element is coming into this particular sport, especially in this particular format, that is

very dangerous. If we talk about the scores so far, then first of all it is important to say that this Before the season, the highest score in an inning was by RCB in 2013. They had scored 263 runs. They had scored 263 runs at that time. There was

only one team against them, Pune Warriors. That record stood for 10 years. A few teams reached the mark and broke the pass. No, in the last 10 years it has already been broken thrice. Sunrisers Hyderabad had made 277. Everyone had seen that the record was broken. After that,

Kolkata Knight Riders had made 272. After that, in yesterday’s match, Sunrisers have broken their own record again. If you make 287, then this is something we have never seen before. And again, it is the bowling’s fault. No doubt, but the kind of condition in which you are playing

is also a big factor. If you look at the scores of this year, if you look at the big ones, if tomorrow’s is the one. If you watch the match, Sunrisers Hyderabad made 287, RCB made 262 while chasing, it is not that they lost by a very long

margin, it is not that both the teams, that is, only one team scored very strong runs, the other team is not able to do that much. They lost by only 25 runs while chasing 287, so that is a big deal and this match has gone into the record

by the way. Most number of runs scored in a single T-20 match ever. 549 runs have been scored in this. Scoring 549 runs in 40 overs in a match is not a small thing, man. And you can imagine , the poor bowlers must be thinking the same thing,

man, why did we come to play, today I had to tell them, install a bowling machine, let’s see what happens, that’s a big thing. Big issue at this point in time, if you look at the rest of the scores, Sunrisers had made 277, in that match also against

Mumbai, they had made 246, in that match also, Mumbai had also made 520, so these people together had crossed that score. After Kolkata Knight Riders had made 272 against Delhi, Mumbai had already made 234 against Delhi and Delhi had also crossed 200 in that match, so that was

a big deal, obviously Kolkata had made 208 against Sunrisers. In a match in which Sunrisers lost by four runs, both had crossed 200. In that match too, there is an entertaining factor somewhere. No doubt, it is a lot of fun, but there is also a little concerning factor.

And apart from these matches, Also five-six scores have been like this, around 200-200 and all the matches were close, yet that is something to think about at this point. Questions, if you talk about all these things, is it only the bowling that is bad of Royal Challengers Bangalore

then yes? Bowling is bad. I have said in an earlier video that bowling is not bad. There is no bowling at all. At this point, these people should play these 11 batsmen. Those poor guys can bowl a little, they can do that, they also have to bowl 250

par. They are also eating, what else is there, at least it will happen that more chances will probably be created to score runs. I don’t know Delhi’s bowling, yes, it is bad to some extent. One or two players in between were also missing, but again like this. It

is not that everyone’s bowling is bad. Sunrisers have also bowled 200, Mumbai has bowled 200 so many times, Chennai have bowled 200 so many times, so it is not that only bowling is bad, the only factor is the pitches . If we talk, the pitch is absolutely flat,

absolutely flat, literally the bowler is coming straight. The ball is being thrown, the batsman is coming on the bat, the batsman is carrying the load, now this debate has come that if you hit a long then start giving eight runs from it, that means technique ball, close contact

of the bat is nothing, now it is only that yes who. How long will he hit and you have seen that at this point in time in this tournament there is neither much talk about batting tee nor there is a need to be fair at this point literally

it has become a factor that Who can hit how hard? Who can do more power hitting? Which team can do more power hitting? Sunriser Hyderabad is literally having such a good tournament on the basis of their power hitting. Their bowling is also not doing very well. And Probably

Sunrise Hyderabad is doing the same thing which RCB had set an expectation that the team had made, these people said that yes, it is ok, they will bat very well, bowling will keep happening, Sunrise Hyderabad are doing the same thing, they are hitting indiscriminately. Look at Kolkata on

every ball, Sunil Narayan, put him in front of a proper fast bowler, James Anderson, Dale Steyn, etc., the old ones, the current ones, Pat Cummins, etc., these are in proper, proper conditions, balance conditions. Put Sunil Narine in front of the people and you feel that with the kind

of runs he is scoring in the first six overs, he will be able to do anything, but that’s it, the balance is getting very bad and unfortunately this is the whole problem. Things are starting to get a bit boring and besides, dew is a huge factor. We have

been playing cricket for so many years. Cricket has been happening for so many years. Are we still not able to do anything about the dew? Money There are a lot of experts in this port, there are a lot of developed experts, there is a lot of access to

technology etc. in today’s date, is it so much yet, in many cases, there is an extreme advantage, the team which chooses to bat after winning the toss, has a lot of advantage. There is an extreme advantage in many cases where dew comes and bowling is not possible ,

the ball starts coming directly on the bat, so this is also a big big factor at this point in time boundary sizes if you look at the chin. Swami Va Khed to some extent, the stadium in Delhi, here is Arun Jaitley Stadium, the boundaries are 60 65 meters,

this is a beast, this Andre Russell has a boundary of 60 meters, you feel that something will happen, it means literally he blows the ball and hits the boundary. I am such an animal that you feel whether this can be an option, I don’t know because the stadiums

have already been built, how many boundaries will these people do, that is also a big big challenge at this point in time, many people suggest. What we are doing is to change the ball so that the ball swings a little, Duke’s ball swings a little more, there are

many things to think about at this point in time, but the biggest thing to think about is that at such a point We have reached the point regarding cricket and T20 cricket, especially because T20 cricket is being watched more in the world and the other two formats do

not have that much respect. Unfortunately, if T20 is your most visible format and your balance in T20 cricket. If not, then one thing starts getting boring, I am saying things again and again, this is tomorrow’s match, Jannali after point, I was bored, I am sorry, you guys too

must be getting bored somewhere or the other. Man, it’s okay, yes, you are hitting it, go ahead, there is another concern in the near future, I am not even talking about a very long time, do you think any player, any young player, would want to become a baller

if this kind of thing happens? The only things they are seeing are that yes bowlers are respected, no there is none at all, so would anyone want to become a bowler at this point especially in the near future that is a big concern and if the quality of

your bowling gradually goes down. If it is going then the quality of your sport will end. Mark my word I really really hope these are the people who are the decision makers who are running this entire sport and are scripting so to speak I hope these people about

this thing. I think because right now the entertainment is fine Fours are coming, people are coming to see this, but in the next 7 or 10 years from now, this thing will destroy the sport and people will get bored after the point. That yes, yes, it’s okay, friend

is really hitting me, that’s something that people need to think about, those who are sitting in power, what do you think is going on right now, what do you think is going on too much? Are there things or is there still some hope for the Bolers? There is

some respect for the Bolers in the comments below. Please tell me if you liked the video then please press the like button.

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