Is This The BEST Fast Food Burger?

hello everyone this is Running on Empty Food review well hello ladies gentlemen and everyone watching welcome one and all to this newest edition of The Running on Empty Food review series I’m your host the report of the week thank you all for checking in today switching things up a little bit with uh the outdoor setting I thought it’s a nice day a pleasant you know mostly overcast day I thought why not Let’s uh set things up out here and go ahead with this latest Burger King review now to get the elephant out of the room

so to speak and doesn’t really matter either way but in case anyone inquires there’s some Landscaping work going on in the vicinity so if you hear any sorts of uh any sorts of equipment or any of that that’s what it is but if you want to have a little bit of fun with it you could also uh kind of say well this is actually the sound of some sort of exotic bird or maybe it’s actually the sound of of my stomach just growling incessantly because I’m just that excited to try out this latest release from

Burger King but either way Burger King has released a new Whopper burger or if you want to be controversial sandwich you could say and here is what is on it they

call it the candied bacon Whopper and uh for those of you who who might have a sweet tooth you might your eyes will all of a sudden just lighten up like that and you’re going to think candy right so this is what’s on it before we get too excited or maybe you’ll even get more excited right who’s to say the suspense is building right this

is this is edge of your seat sort of stuff it features a/4 PB beef patty and the weed whack of GRE lettuce tomato crispy onions a garlic aoli and it also includes a bacon jam and brown sugar candied bacon so it’s especially that last ingredient the brown sugar Candi bacon that is really responsible for the namesake of this Whopper uh but it also has the bacon Jam the garlic aoli a few different ingredients to switch things up to an and it’ll be interesting to see how this is if it’s any good or not a lot

of these Burger King releases be that the Big King sandwiches or the Whopper sorts of releases are always hit or miss uh Burger King they can do a good job and they’ve released plenty of good burgers but they have released plenty as well uh that to be kind just aren’t that good at all and it just makes me sit there and think what were they even thinking when they came up with this I obviously haven’t had this yet and I haven’t really checked out other assessments for this either so I’m sort of going in blind

here but it sounds promising it sounds like one of those uh items that can be quite good especially that brown sugar candied bacon I think I’ve done correctly that can make for a very tasty item and I say that because I’ve had other items from I believe Arby’s if I’m not mistaken that have actually had the inclusion of the brown sugar candied bacon and I remember enjoying that considerably now you might wonder what is the price for this item I paid and mind you this is just for the sandwich itself so you have to keep

that in mind I paid $840 just for the sandwich and that is a little disappointing I think there would have been a time where $840 would be a fair price for an entire meal uh to get the sandwich some fries and perhaps a medium drink uh but now that is the price for the sandwich soly by itself and I believe the price for a meal for this item if I’m not mistaken was around the $ 13 to $14 range we’ll have to see then they could argue they could say well it’s a/ qu pound of

beef and it has the special limited time bacon offerings guess that’s how you look at it but personally I think that’s a little steep what what do you think do you think it’s a fair price or do you think it’s a bit overpriced anyway here is the packaging those money signs are to dignify or to signify I should say not really dignify anything to signify uh the overpriced nature of it they say you got to have a lot of that to get this sandwich no I kid it’s actually to promote a new contest that they

have uh called the million Whopper contest and essentially I’ll explain that as I observe the sandwich in its natural habitat so the million dooll Whopper contest is a recent thing going around from Burger King they’re saying you know the Whopper may be an iconic sandwich but do you think you could do better right do you have a million dooll idea so they said if you want or if you think confidently or I guess not that you could take the Whopper to the next level and add your own ingredients to it and make it even better

than it is you could submit your idea and if you’re the winner then we’ll pay you a million bucks that’s the name of the game so it’s a big contest with some potential big money involved and you could submit any ideas you may have in regards to the Whopper and how you think it could be improved I got to say I thought about that when I heard about it I thought you know shortwave radio airtime isn’t cheap so I mean heck we could all go for a million bucks so I was thinking I think I

have a million doll idea as a matter of fact I think it’s a$ 10 million idea I’m so confident in it as a matter of fact that I’ll share it in a moment as I was going over this I hope you’re able to see it I I think it has all the ingredients you could really see everything it has the bacon of course featured prominently things scared me uh it has the bacon Jam the brown sugar candied bacon and and all of that that bird is called a lypin it could be a bit loud so

you can see everything there and if it makes noise so be this is a bit of a noisy review as is anyway has everything on it I’m going to try it out and then I’ll give you my idea the candied bacon Whopper from Burger King going in for yeah that bird in the background was what they call a limpkin and uh it is a noisy bird it can be quite noisy but you know some people like them some people hate them and some people couldn’t really care less about them they mostly feed on snails if

I’m not mistaken so I think what the Whopper should have on it if you ask me take one more bite well I’ll take a few more bites actually first I think it needs an upgrade you know it has one Patty and granted it’s pretty big but I personally think it should have two so we need to start it with the two flame grilled all beef patties you know as a as a sufficient base think it needs a big base for a big iconic sandwich right so the two patties I also think that Burger King needs

to take it up to the next level and add a special sauce of their own you know something to make them sort of iconic and then it also need some lettuce some cheese of course I think the addition of pickles would be good as well and some onions and then on a sesame seed bun and I think that would be a $10 million idea right there that was a horrible joke and I promise I’ve been here for 11 minutes practically I’ll be quick now with the assessment uh very good very good I must say uh

Burger King they don’t don’t always necessarily uh do an excellent job on their their items to be to be frank but this time around I I really must say I am quite satisfied with this uh number one of course the quality of the beef is totally fine uh it can you know even if it’s not necessarily in the literal sense I can still taste that sort of flame grilled nature to it it’s juicy it’s flavorful good amount of it as you could obviously see in the cross section and all things considered there good amount of

beef tastes good the lettuce is good as well the tomatoes fresh both of them are crisp add some moisture to the sandwich and very good in that regard so then we get to the different ingredients because as a base as far as the burger con uh itself is concerned the basic ingredients you know the beef the lettuce the tomatoes and all of that totally fine and now it’s building up on that of course so then we have the crispy onions you could really taste those uh now granted they aren’t overwhelming they aren’t overbearing but I

do like the texturally they’re flavorful they have a little bit of a sharpness to them but likewise they have a nice crispy crunch that you really can notice and those are done quite nicely it’s not you know it’s though they’re soggy or anything uh so I’m very happy with the way those turned out they add some nice flavor to this then we get into the bacon jam and the brown sugar candied bacon these two ingredients I would essentially lump together as one because essentially they combine and they are very similar in so much as they

both possess a certain sweetness to them while also still having that sort of fatty uh flavorful bacon flavor for to be redundant right there to them but it’s very pleasant uh the difference of course is texturally the brown sugar candied bacon itself has a crisp to it and that’s in the bacon strips but when you bite into that you could really notice it texturally still has a nice crisp to it nice sweetness as well it’s a nice blend I would say of just the fattiness of the bacon as well as the sweetness especially of the

brown sugar you could really taste that and it’s very pleasant um whereas the bacon Jam also has a sort of sugary sweetness to it but that is mostly confined to the top bun and uh again that’s of course it’s a it’s a jelly you know it’s a jam and that’s always going to be there on the top bun but both of them are very pleasant very flavorful and uh they really add a lot to this sandwich so it’s very pleasant it’s a a very very nice combination if you ask me it’s one of those items

that cuz sometimes I’ll have something and it’s just what I would describe as being tolerable you know I’ll take a bite oh it’s okay you know I’ll eat it for the sake of the review but I’m not really all that motivated to get it again or you know even take another bite or two it’s just it’s okay but I wouldn’t you know bother with it this on the other hand it’s like this is good you know this is really good and then I’m looking forward to the fite because I’m thinking wow I wasn’t sure what

to expect here because it’s Burger King after all but all things considered it’s actually quite nice so very pleasant combination in that regard the one ingredient if you notice that I’m sort of not really talking about is the Garlic aoli now I don’t know if this is one of those things that many people really care about I mean I myself I’m not sitting here devastated I’m not all of a sudden going to just Sprint off into the lake right there and just dive in to to try to uh rid myself of the the shock that

uh I’m experiencing right now because I can’t really taste the garlic aoli all that much you know it’s it’s one of those things that if it’s there it’s very weak I can’t really taste it I don’t even really know why they even bothered to include that uh because I don’t really think it needs it number one I don’t think that this sandwich I just don’t really see any benefit to having the garlic aoli on this and with it being for the most part practically absent because it’s incredibly weak I really don’t think anything of value

is necessarily lost in that so the garlic ioli is the one thing that you can’t really taste and what’s otherwise a very flavorful sandwich it’s just if you somehow got this and you were thinking I can’t care less about that stupid bacon or the onions or any of that I just wanted the garlic aoli on this then yeah you’re going to be let down you’re going to sit there tears are going to be running out running down your face and uh you’re going to shake your head and and you’re going to question everything in life

all of a sudden because uh the garlic AOL isn’t really going to be there but in any other circumstance you’re going to eat this you’re going to think wow this tastes really good and you’re probably not even going to be thinking about the garlic ioli by the end of this because it’s a quite Pleasant sandwich and just understand that uh if there’s one ingredient that you can’t really taste and you sort of wonder what it’s even doing there it’s the garlic a oi but uh despite the weakness that it may have flavor-wise nothing of value

is really being lost there in my opinion so that’s the one thing to notice likewise it’s a pricey sandwich $8.40 for the sandwich by itself that’s a little disappointing but everything else it’s tasty it’s flavorful honestly one of the better Burger King releases that I have had at least in recent time so I find this quite enjoyable as a result despite the situation with the one ingredient uh I still consider this quite a good sandwich and it’s going to get a good score resultantly and I would recommend it I would say Get it while the

getting’s good get it while it’s here because it’s not going to be for much longer and I think Burger King did quite a good job with this release I find it very enjoyable so therefore out of 10 despite the price despite the situation with the garlic aoli very enjoyable I am going to give the Candi bacon Whopper from Burger King I’m going to give it an 8.9 out of 10 because overall despite the price and all of that very enjoyable sandwich quite nice and the one that I personally will say I find very nice great

job with the ingredients especially the bacon Jam and the bacon the candied bacon that is so get it while the getting’s good I personally recommend it and that’s all that I have for you sorry if this review was a bit on the louder side obviously we can’t control all of the variables around us but I hope nonetheless my voice perhaps was uh still discernable and uh I hope this review proved useful that’s all that I have thank you for watching and until next time I’m your host the report of the think

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