Is Tucker Carlson a Russian propagandist? Russian Propaganda Review

you are not going to believe this Taki Carlson was spotted at the so-called presidential elections in Russia but wait it gets better it was a cardboard cut out of the popular American TV host this is footage from the Siberian city of tomsk why you ask most people probably

don’t even remember but a little over a month ago Carlson visited Moscow and interviewed Vladimir Putin are we having a talk show or a serious conversation Russian propaganda still hasn’t managed to calm down not often can one spot a US citizen in the Kremlin especially one like this

he would have interview Tak this interview of Tucker is beautiful the best journalistic work in the whole history of Journalism across all of humanity it’s the most popular interview in the whole history of Journalism and in the whole history of the ex of the genre of interviews Margarita

siman one of Russia’s top propagandists actually said that Carlson’s interview with Putin was the best piece of Journalism in history if her standards are that low no wonder she still considers herself a journalist hi everyone my name is Valeria ratnikova and you are watching fake news the TV

range show in which we combat Russian propaganda in today’s episode we will look at how Tak Carlson became became the new center of attention of the Kremlin propagandists don’t worry I’m

not about to turn this episode into an analysis of the infamous interview so you can rest easy

I want subject you to this pseudo historic lecture it was in the 13th century now I will tell you what happened later the Kremlin propagandists were absolutely Star Struck after this interview thanks to Carlson Putin’s sight of the story will finally be heard in the west it was

called a bridge of the information blade by people that let their own journalists go to prison here is an example of how propagandists use Carlson when the interview was released most people pointed out Tak Carlson’s overt softness when questioning the Russian president to be honest I thought he

would be aggressively and that he would ask me so-call uncomfortable questions Not only was I ready for this but I was waiting for it one of the things that bothered people was that Carlson didn’t ask a single question about the mass murder of Ukrainian civilians by the Russian

army such as the bcha massacre one of the most odious Kremlin propagandists proclaimed this lack of serious questions a slap in the face of the BBC obviously because he claims that Mass Ms in Ukrainian cities were staged Tucker Carlson gave the BBC a slap in the face when

questioned as to why he didn’t ask anything about bcha Carlson answered with a joke that he didn’t work for the BBC and bcha was their project correct bcha is a Cooperative project between the intelligence Services of Great Britain the sbu and the BBC the point is simple the

sbu killed hundreds of buer residents because they took humanitarian aid from the Russian army afterwards the bodies of the killed were picked esally scattered the news that Tak Carlson does not think that the Russian army committed a massacre in bcha went viral among Russian propagandists of course they

forgot to mention that the source of this information is a satirical News website that publishes humorous fake articles but unsurprisingly to the kremin propagandists such articles are a Voice of Truth an important disclaimer about the bua massacre multiple independent investigations Pro proved that the Russian army was responsible

for the brutal killing of civilians in bua satellite imagery showing merged civilians is available for anyone to review the authenticity of these images has not been refuted and one more thing about the war in Ukraine when Tak Carlson returned to the US he suddenly came out and said

that dentification Putin’s reasoning for starting the war was the dumbest thing thing he’d ever heard I thought it was one of the dumbest things i’ ever heard I didn’t understand what it meant densification with such contradictory statements this American that Russian propaganda Praises so much can make his

fellow countrymen utterly confused about Russia and its moral image he’s an American he doesn’t understand much but he listens this is what differentiates him from the others Tak Carlson is now well known even in some of the remotest Russian regions because the kraan propagandists want stop talking about

him even to this day when the American TV host visited Russia the propagandist turned into paparis in treated him like a superstar propagandist website wrote about his every move they literally caught and interviewed him in a parking lot can I ask you about your uh interview with Putin

with who with Putin who is it I’ve heard the name but I is our President Putin yeah it sounds familiar but I I don’t can’t say anything thank you that you you walk me into a corner thank you very much thank you now let’s play a little game

Russian movie theaters announced that they were offering free screens of which of the following a Barbie B open Heimer C Napoleon or D Tak Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin and the answer is of course D I watched this film with great desire and a deep admiration for our

president I I mean I liked it be honest this is the second time that I’m watching this interview very carefully it’s always good to be reminded of the history of our country our great country this yet again proves that our country is the greatest who is Taki Carlson

now some Russian children know too School curriculum in Russia often becomes propaganda as well in several Russian schools children were shown an interview with Putin and then given a quiz it was called from Russia to Russia the school children had to answer questions about the background to the

so-called special military operation and US sanctions against Russia it was the United States that led the genie out of the bottle one of the main state owned TV channels even launched a join Venture with Carlson where they agreed to translate his interviews with various guests for the Russian

audience to watch this is how the creators spoke about their project Russian 24 presents a joint project with Carlson TV interviews with American opposition leaders and activists it is clear why Russian propagandists like Carlson so much they use him to say look Carlson is an American and he

is on our side which thanks to his crazy guests in their minds shows that most Americans are on their side to ensure passage of the Ukraine Aid bill you need some idea of how to sell this to voters and politicians the idea is that Ukraine is the force

for good and Russia is Hitler mortar Etc but it’s everything we don’t like so it undermines this concept that it’s mortar or Hitler this made Carlson into an authoritative voice his statement on the death of Alexi naal in prison in the far north gained widespread attention among propagandists

it could be ukrainians because it would benefit the war they killed Dugan’s daughter in Moscow so yeah that’s possible the fact that Carlson was allowed to visit the Kremlin and interview Putin was already a sensation but when an American journalist says that Ukraine might be responsible for naval’s

death well that just made them ecstatic many of the Russian propagandists themselves wouldn’t have the goal to actually accuse Ukraine of killing the leader of the Russian opposition so let’s look at the news feet of the Russian news agency Tas and search Carlson these are the results from

just the last few days Carson claimed that Facebook and Google are more of a threat to the American people than Tik Tok well for Russians this is really important news Carson claimed that the anti-russian sanctions make the US look bad in front of other countries Carson claimed that

Biden is bringing the US to the verge of war with Russia Carlson called Biden’s statements on Ukraine senile nonsense Carson believes Biden cannot win in a fair election wow any PhD candidate would be jealous of these many citations Tak Carlson is now used as a punchline by any

trustworthy international news agency but let’s watch some Russian television you have to agree that it’s hardly a coincidence that specifically now the White House is saying we’re not negotiating a ceasefire with the Russians and we won’t be in the future they are very sensitive to the reactions inside

the us including to everything Carlson has shown about us after all this is not the evil Russia they are used to see which is very bad before the elections therefore against the background of our successes both on the Ukrainian front and on the information front the initiative should

not be missed they will use any excuse to remind their viewers of our Sinister image this isala host of the news broadcast on one of the main Russian channels did you see what she was trying to do there she’s pretty much saying that Carson’s interview with Putin has

a direct effect on the outcome of the US presidential election or at least Carlson’s trip to Russia does Havey subway station that normal people used to get to work at home every single day that’s nicer than anything in our country zala of course didn’t forget to give her

well-informed opinion on Alexi naval’s death she said that Western media jumped to the conclusion that it was the Russian government that killed the opposition leader before the results of the coronus examination well did the Russian State media wait for these results let’s take a look within hours of

the first reports of naval’s death Margarita simyan cited some unknown source claiming that Naval suffered a blood clot rupture which led to his death I want wonder how could siman Source have possibly known that without an examination thank you for watching this episode of fake news my name

is Valeria ratnikov please give this video a like And subscribe to our Channel and I will see you next time for more insanity

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