Is V Rising WORTH IT in 2024? Review & Gameplay Showcase

imagine you jump into a survival game that has the mechanics of some of the best titles out right now think of the crafting and building of valheim the high octane Twitchy and skillshot oriented combat of Hades and then add vampires oh okay maybe with more hair too much

too much hair less sparkly less sparkly way too much hissing okay now we’re on track let’s sprinkle in some cell shading and make the eyes glow bam that’s V Rising for you you’ll find yourself immersed in a Survival game that blends elements of the action RPG genre and

a refreshing approach to many of the otherwise tedious mechanics of the typical game of this ilk now if this is your first time on my channel the way I do things is by UPF fronting the knowledge in my videos so with that being said I’ve played almost every

major Survival game that as it has launched balim and shrouded Age Of Conan or wait no no Conan Exiles rust Minecraft the list goes on and of all those games V Rising is the only one that I’ve actually even progressed beyond the midpoint in the game there’s something

about the engrossing tedium of creating your sprawling Gothic Castle while simultaneously being rewarded for compartmentalizing your crafting stations into their respective room it’s a game where the time

just melts away with a lovely PVP system and a progression Centric PVE system you can get as sweaty or as

casual as you want in this game the biggest question that comes up though is is this game soloable or can you play it without people and absolutely I have overall 100 hours in the game the first 80 of those were entirely on my own private server and I’ll

admit though hosting my own server and sharing the space with friends is the true juice of the game if I thought the game was amazing while playing solo it has just become that much better joining or hosting a public server where there’s enough adrenaline going out into the

wild that your Castle feels like a true Safe Haven or you know maybe not maybe it’s being raided by a Siege Golem as we speak who knows in short I think V Rising is the best survival game of the genre as it is both simple in its execution

but also nuanced and deep in how hard you want to dip into each of the systems whether playing Solo or with friends it’s an easy time sync if you like Gothic settings arpg vampires or maybe you also work at Hot Topic and you’re my ex in which case

you’ve ruined me and I don’t know if I miss you or your discount more but if that’s all you wanted to know please feel free to just simply shut the video down and get back to or get started in your new Undead life and be rising before you

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Rising your first steps in V Rising are marred with glimpses of an HGTV special get ready to flip your Gothic castle using the game’s intuitive building system and it’s really easy to slide into building once you’ve stockpiled enough resources and this really plays heavily into a feedback loop

that the game creates you need resources to create what you have in mind but you need progress to unlock either the ability to refine or craft said resources so you find yourself constantly chasing a goal this becomes addictive as you can go from a small shack with four

walls to a sprawling Metropolis of the night and trust me I’m not creative I I once failed putting together a bir house because I glued more popsicle sticks to myself than to each other but maybe it’s the way the game simply snaps all the pieces together as you’re

assembling them or or the third person view I just find it easy to conceptualize these badass castles every time I start a new character what’s worse is that I find myself thinking of new plots even while I’m working on my current one the system behind this is linked

to specific plots of land on the map that house the ruined castles of the bygone era where vampires reign Supreme and that’s the lore for the game and really the only narrative we have to follow the world was once ruled by vampires humans rebelled against their vampire overlords

killing the majority of them but you play a vampire in the midst of a grand Resurgence hence the name V rising and once you’ve mapped out which location you want to build you place a castle heart and from there the game adds layer after layer for you to

expand upon first it’s simple Palisade walls then it becomes Baro floors fancy wallpapers with choo choo trains on on them teleporters way Gates the list goes on and on now with all this building and inevitable crafting does come the question of organization one thing that always pissed me

off in games like valheim especially when playing with friends is that storage has to be labeled and you have to roughly follow that labeling system even if you’re in a rush and I don’t know about you but some of my friends are basically sentient Geral and storage quickly

degrades to a mess of useless items amidst precious ones in V Rising you can build specialized storage themed around the groupings of each ingredient this is easily stored and recalled using hot keys to just open dump and leave further each crafting location is appended to the same groupings

for the resource so rather than creating a forge in theory you create an actual effect with all the crafting refinement and storage that is centered around the forge category in the game by putting it in its enclosed room and with matching floor type you cut down on Crafting

time as well as costs it’s an awesome system that makes me want to organize and create rooms for the categories versus just slapping things along or against a wall and calling it a day I think the game rewarding you for doing this naturally leads to a more creative

layout for your base even if it’s just a bunch of boxes it feels like you’ve put more thought behind it than a massive room with crafting stations everywhere but before we get to ahead of ourselves we need to find all of the materials to do all of this

which brings us to the real nuts and potatoes of this game which which I can promise you is not a real saying and I will continue to butcher axioms throughout this video combat it’s one of the central points of any Survival game but that is doubly true here

as V Rising has a system that is very reminiscent of games such as Hades darting around and casting spells using weapons and destroying hordes of humans to feed your ever growing hunger for blood or stone or wood or just any resource you particularly need the game has a

really simple combat system hold down left click to swing in a three combo system each weapon will do different amounts of damage for each step in said system you also get two weapon abilities that are different with each weapon for example axes give you a frenzy ability where

you lunge forward and swing in a large Arc in front of you but then also give you a quick attack and movement speed buff whereas the sword gives us a quick AOE Whirlwind effect what makes this fun is that there’s a wide variety of weapons even range ones

that allow you to really play how you want there will invariably be some weapons you need for certain bosses like say fighting a stone Golem where you want to use a mace or an undead boss where you want to use a Reaper but the game is meant to

be flexible both with your weapon choice and your Spell choices which is another big portion of combat since you get two weapon abilities you get four spells two of them are of your choosing one is an ultimate and another is a dash ability all these spells can be

chosen from any of the six magic schools your character has access to much like a talent system of a lot of other RPGs you’ll unlock points by killing bosses then investing them in the corresponding spell what I love about this is that you can swap these spells on

the Fly maybe you come across a boss where you need some ability to directly counter their heavy melee attacks pop up in the spell book swap and go down on them I said what I said let’s just keep moving but the Spells range from defensive capabilities that heal

or give Shields range abilities that damage your opponent defensive counters summons really every type of spell Under the Sun exists and all spell points can be freely swapped at a structure in your base the game takes the spell system one step further as well each spell can be

socketed with a jewel that maybe changes what the spell does or adds layers of damage Buffs more attributes adds more projectives or projectiles sorry whatever it is this just adds to the complexity here where you never feel like you’re married to abilities throughout the game because as mentioned

earlier the game rewards you for swapping stuff out to fit the situation or socketing in different jewels to fit the needs that you or your clan have one last note on combat is that weapons will eventually evolve into these awesome ancestral weapons where you can further create a

Synergy between the spell types you use and your preferred weapon each spell school has a passive effect these ancestral weapons share that passive effect and some other randomly rolled bonuses so the weapon Grime becomes a fun one of RNG and making a fun build that plays with how

you want to play the game and rewards you heavily by leaning into these passive bonuses like you now have blood axes cuz you’re using some Blood Spells or what have you building combat spells crafting all this sounds great but how is it unlocked and that’s how we sort

of gauge the tale of our own journey in a survival game after all right well in V Rising you utilize a system called V blood where your character sniffs out the blood of particular bosses the difficulty of these bosses is compared to your gear level for those familiar

with Destiny it’s like a light level it’s a essentially all of the levels on your gear added up but this gear level is a way to scale the damage you deal or is dealt to your character it sort of gives you an idea of where you stand in

the progression of the difficulty of the current boss and the ones ahead of you linking us back to the conversation too on weapons crafting everything because you fall right into that feedback loop of constantly chasing a goal since that progression is so plainly laid out before you I

don’t find those moments of aimlessness like I do other games where I just don’t know where to go next in the survival game and I don’t want to Google it because that breaks the immersion of this style of game I always have an objective maybe it’s the next

material for building or a building that I want to do perhaps it’s unlocking a tech to upgrade my base or maybe I just want to dominate horses out of context that is a terrifying flashback to Mr hands but you do get mounts in this game throughout this progression

you get clear-cut times where you need to just simply sit at your base and Craft Run materials around the various refinement stations to allow you to make a whole new suit of armor in the launch of 1.0 we can even take our existing armor and upgrade it to

specialized sets so maybe you want to do a vampire that uses more magic you’d build out that corresponding set further increasing your customization options outside of the game’s V blood progression is the research progression research is done by either finding specific books of a corresponding Tech or by

finding that Tex Respec resource to randomly unlock one from that tier since so much of AR RPGs is the loot this is where finding the rare drops from bosses or Monsters comes into effect the game is relatively on the rails with the early loot but then you find

yourself spot farming bosses for rare Cosmetics or a chance at the upgraded weapons books of that area whatever it is it makes you feel like you’re kind of have more of an objective than just simply killing bosses and moving on since the best forms of all of the

basic items you unlock via bosses are farmed via This research system and since you’re already farming for materials to build your base or find new spell jewels or make better weapons or any number of God damn things it all just plays so well into each other if you

can’t tell that’s one of my favorite things about this game each system feels so comfortably linked together that I don’t feel like I need to switch gears as hard as I do in other survival games progression ties into all the other systems as all the other systems tie

into progression sure that’s true of say a valheim but I feel like sometimes I just need to solely resource grind or so solely work on sailing my ore around whatever it is teleporting it whatever the hell it is in valheim in V Rising I get a lot of

that stuff done simultaneously that just makes me giddy like the little school boy in that one Starburst commercial so all my shitty Jokes Aside how do I really feel about V Rising and this part will be very much unscripted but I love it and it’s because I grew

up playing Castlevania uh vampires are one of my favorite things in the fantasy setting either as a playable species an enemy whatever it is I’ll always love anything vampire and on top of it too I love action RPGs and I really enjoy survival games so this game Blends

a lot of really big themes that I enjoy and for me it’s probably if not the best survival game that I’ve ever Pur personally played a lot of the other ones exist and they’re strong and they’re great and they’re awesome but this just hits themes that I really

enjoy Gothic architecture really awesome fighting and really kind of high stakes combat when it comes to PVE or PVP that is something that I also really enjoy there’s a community aspect of it too as well as getting involved in that PVP portion and playing on different servers and

talking to people in a pre PVE environment there’s a lot of different ways you can approach this game and that’s what I think makes it so appealing to me on a wider scale valheim by and large appeals to my just like let’s play with friends and let’s kind

of go about in our Long Boat or um Age Of Conan that really I’m sorry I keep saying Age Of Conan that’s the MMO Conan Exiles really leans into that heavy PVP stuff that I get when I play like a sea of Thieves or what have you by

putting the two together I kind of sit in between them and that’s what I really like about V Rising here is that it can it can really take off a lot of boxes for a lot of people and when you take a look at this game and how

it it kind of stacks up to the competition the question is how does it stack up to the competition and honestly I I think with v Rising just launching into 1.0 there is a ton of content by by the nature of the other ones existing for longer they

have more content to dip into but I would make the argument that V Rising is very much about the brevity of the progression and more about the actual conflict of fighting other people doing the new incursion system that was added with 1.0 doing all the things that kind

of you get all the benefit of playing the game out of right like going through the progression system you’ve unlocked all this armor now it’s time to go do this really heavy hard Todo thing or going to the Coliseum and fighting against enemies or sieging their bases if

it’s other other uh friends or foes in your small Clan whatever it is those kind of things are really what color the longevity of this game for me and however they plan to add more content over over the time of this game’s life cycle is really another thing

that interests me are they going to add more DLC that is purely cosmetic based if you’re wondering about the game’s DLC it’s entirely cosmetic it’s just skins for existing stuff like oh wallpapers stuff like that so you don’t need to buy any of it are they going to

add more of those are we going to see an actual purchasable uh expansion onto the game are they just going to be adding more areas throughout the life cycle of the game all these things are kind of a lot of big questions but as it is with the

price point that exists 4 V Rising what it offers you I think it’s got such high value I would give this game a nine out of 10 I’d give it a 10 out of 10 but I think that every game should have room for improvement and I think

that V Rising does have it there are quality of life things about this game I wish existed and even recording this review some of those quality of life things I was going to bring up are already fixed I was going to say something along the lines of hey

when you research things you actually get the little books that say Hey go research this if you have already researched it you don’t know as of a patch of me creating this video just yesterday you now it tell it tells you hey you already know this so a

lot of little things that have come into the game even since its launch in the two three years of its Early Access have been real awesome step forwards in the presentation style of this game and ultimately you know V risen kind of comes down to what it does

right and that is encapsulates all of its progression behind a rewarding research and boss killing system while also not being so engrossing that joining a server that allows for scheduled wipes just feels punishing right like it’s short enough that you can get through the progression and not feel

like oh man I don’t want to go do that all over again no one wants to like recreate their Nordic stronghold in valheim if their save gets deleted but that’s sort of the point of V Rising whether by virtue of a PVP centered Castle raid a planned reset

or even migrating to a different server to play with friends the Simplicity of V Rising survival mechanics can be as in-depth as you want or as Loose as you want build a castle with overlapping walls that Mak siing you an absolute pain or make a sprawling city of

the night spending hours building out things the way you want and that’s really the big Crux here of V Rising play this game exactly how you want if someone tells you you have to play on brutal them you paid money for this game you play it exactly how

you want to play this game a lot of people are going to be purists and tell you that you have to do certain things and approach the games in a certain way you’ve got a bunch of different weapons you play exactly what you want you got a bunch

of different spells you play exactly what you want and that’s I think the biggest reward here do you want to play solo and never play with anyone else by all means do it that’s what I did for a huge chunk of time do you only want to play

with friends you are definitely encouraged to do so so I think that V Rising really hits a lot of different angles and I think it presents things for every type of survival every type of action RPG every type of just RPG gamer so whether whether or not you

want to jump into the game that’s going to be up to you hopefully this gave you some sort of direction as to whether it was worth your time and I definitely think it is absolutely worth the price point that it sits at I think it’s like 30 bucks

so I think I think of about like a dollar uh an hour so I definitely got 30 plus hours of uh playtime out of this game and go ahead and let me know in the comment section below what really worked for you about the game that you like

or maybe you hate this game and it’s because of these issues Let It Be know in the comment section below and if you are still on the fence take a look at the comment section see what they say some people are going to have some good opinions some

people are going to have some bad opinions but ultimately it might be the thing that either pushes you over the edge or prevent you from purchasing whatever it is as always guys thank you so much for watching here today have a good one and take care

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