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the time is upon us finally it is October 6 and you know what that means the Monster High live action movie has finally come out on Nickelodeon and Paramount plus and we got to talk about it hey cuties peachy here welcome back to a new video and I cannot wait to talk about the Monster High live action and movie there’s so much to talk about I literally have like a list here that I wrote on this ripped envelope because I’m very resourceful thank you very much I’m being kind to the world using less paper let’s

go movie is rated TV PG TV so it’s Nick it’s a Nickelodeon Family movie it is family friendly there’s no violence there’s no nothing that’s it’s the most tamest as they come it is directed by Todd Holland and obviously as you probably know by now it is a musical so it does be warned it does have dance sequences it does have music in there so you know just be warned because people some people don’t like that stuff in the actual movie there’s only like about four or five songs perhaps in the movies like a normal

runtime of run time of 60 min it so it’s really it’s really well sprinkled throughout with the dance sequences which I think is like

a good break of like tension and stuff so I think the dance sequences in the music is placed very Tastefully it’s not overdone on the official soundtrack we actually get even more songs and a lot of these songs are Bops all these songs are really good in their own right and my favorite songs are coming out of the dark that’s my favorite favorite out of the whole album uh then some other

uh I guess memorable songs that at least for me that I still remember is We are Monster High Here I Am uh spark yeah spark and then this is who I am so those are some other songs that I really enjoyed um and overall there are there are 11 songs the run time of the album is 26 minutes long and the actual dance sequences in choreography are done pretty well in my opinion at least I feel like it has a lot of energy and there’s even like a sequence where and it’s in the classroom they

are walking across they use they use the tables and desks very cleverly so I feel like that’s they they use the space that’s around them very well and so I feel like it’s it’s very well done you know obviously again expectations you know it’s in the Nickelodeon movie so obviously the choreography is not going to be like you know best Broadway kind of like you know it’s it’s just it’s it’s TV currently so choreography is there it is enough it is it has satisfied me as someone who knows basically nothing about choreography I felt like

it was a really cute time talking about the actual plot though so the synopsis is basically the Monster High you know Claudine gets into Monster High after a long time of her not fitting in anywhere else in the human world um and then she’s she stumbles upon this this big plot this big plan that might endanger her secret identity that she is in fact half human as well so that is basically the plot if you don’t want any spoilers whatsoever but it is not like too hard to guess what like who is the villain what

is going on like it’s not hard to guess it’s like it’s pretty much right there so talking about individual characters here for a bit Mia Harris as Claudine does a great job of capturing the character that is Claudine with her sassy kind of like quirky nature but also kind of being confident and being the leader of the pack stand out for me personally is CeCe belugo as Frankie Stein who now uh you know identifies in this generation of Monster High they identify as non-binary um in CC themselves have uh referenced Frankie as a trans child

so it’s a very inclusive character to have had in a mainstream kids family movie if you will so it is a very big step forward um for Nickelodeon Mattel so I’m very happy that this has happened you know has it has you know brought about controversy but I feel like it does make sense for me Frankenstein’s monster you I feel like it makes sense that they would be non-binary because they’re made out of different parts I feel like it is kind of like writes itself you know what I mean performance by CC themselves in the

actual movie as Frankie I feel like it’s very sweet it’s so joyful I could feel the energy throughout the screen um and I feel like they are definitely the you know whenever they are on screen they steal the spotlight yes they do next up we have Naya damasin as your Q Laura they also did a really good job as portraying draculara at at the starter killer is more like cold you know standoffish and then throughout the movie stuff happens and then uh she warms up to Claudine and Frankie so I feel like she did a

very good job at kind of like portraying that facade first and being wary and then once she lets her guard down she shares her true passion with Frankie Claudine they really they really get together and share this bond that makes them BFFs by the end of the movie so now Cleo Lagoon especially Laguna no lines like Laguna has like two scenes where she speaks it’s very to be frank it’s it’s very sad I mean I get it it’s a it’s a it’s a 60 Minute runtime movie you know it’s not it’s not a long movie

especially not enough to incorporate a lot of characters like with Monster High but I feel like Laguna she was basically just a sidekick for Cleo she was literally just a sidekick for Cleo and speaking of Cleo is portrayed by G pushkolnik and they do a really good job at portraying Cleo and The Sassy kind of like Queen Bee role I love the way they played um Cleo I just I really do love her performance overall it is Cleo it is very much Cleo I love her sassiness her bitchiness is very much there um so I

feel like they definitely captured Cleo’s Essence it is a shame that for Laguna who’s played by Lena lecompte by the way they really just didn’t get much to do with the character of course we also have Deuce Gorgon played by case Walker I feel like he did a really good job portraying Deuce as kind of like an outsider who used to be kind of like popular dating Cleo and now he’s trying to like um do over the wrongs he’s done and be a new person being be kind of like himself more you know be true

to himself and kind of like be more open and vulnerable especially with Claudine they do share a cute Duets oh yeah and Claudine and Deuce are supposed to be like a thing in this movie or at the very least they’re supposed to be like for flirting or being into each other since Cleo and Deuce have broken up but um you know let me just say nothing actually happens other memorable characters is Lila Fitzgerald as gulia Yelps she also has very little screen time just like with Abby who’s portrayed by Aina sieve Saul she also doesn’t

have much to do with Abby like again zero like even less screen time than Laguna like it’s just very sad but Abby is in the movie She’s just she has like one Speaking line and that’s it Keith is in the movie and he’s portrayed by Justin Derrickson but again he has like I guess like more speaking lines technically he’s also in the actual classroom dance sequence so he is more in the movie but he is also basically just a you know glorified background character and now let’s get into the big bad of the movie Let’s

get into some spoilers so this is your spoiler warning so Mr comos is the big evil for this movie he turns out to be the big villain uh so that’s a plot twist because he is obviously the teacher that we get to know in the movie and then he turns out to be the son of Mr Hyde you know hide Dr Jekyll you know the half human half monster that there used to be before in Monster High they banished him and so he is the son of Mr Hyde and that’s why he wanted to get

revenge by doing something something it the plot is very predictable like at least I saw it coming from a mile away because obviously when you’re setting up a villain you want to set up a villain uh especially a plot twist villain you want to set him up from the beginning so you actually have some kind of like attachment to the character and so when the plot twist happens it makes it even more kind of like frustrating and like you know devastating but because we didn’t really get to know Mr comos as a character besides like

the obvious Exposition dump at the beginning it comes like just as um it’s just kind of like for knots it’s done for nothing the plot twist is basically just there to have a villain um and there’s also like this creepy writing that happens on the walls in Monster High and then that’s never explained it’s never explain what’s what happened to claudine’s Mom you know claudine’s mom used to go to Monster High that’s one of the reasons why Claudine wanted to go to Monster High never explain what happened to her also like the whole thing of

like uh mistress blood good she is very you know adequate on saying that you know humans are evil but by the end of the movie when they find out Claudine is half human it’s like oh no All Is Forgiven humans are okay now like it’s just kind of like what everything is okay they Claudine stays at school Draculaura has revealed to her that that you know she practices Witchcraft and it’s all good it’s all great everyone’s happy Kumbaya and they even store up to the sky because you know Dracula knows magic and so she can

make people levitate now it’s a thing it’s Canon and the big teaser Cliffhanger at the very end is someone is looking into like a um glass orb saying that she’s the one the one who will defeat the the vampire whatever whatever Magic’s um listen It’s Always setting up a sequel we don’t know who that person is who’s saying like the whole thing about the vampires at the very end with like the huge long nails um but they did discuss that there’s going to be like a Trilogy perhaps so maybe I will come into play we

shall see it depends really on how well this movie is received and um if it is you know worth it to make more because it does cost money to make these movies overall I do hope that we get sequels just because I feel like whether it’s good objectively good or bad seeing characters that are beloved that you used to grow up with with the dolls the web show whatever you know seeing them on the big screen in live action it’s just something you can’t compare it is something awesome to see and whatever you may think

about this movie at the very least we can actually say that we have a live action Monster High movie which is just I I think it’s awesome I think it’s awesome and I actually really enjoyed the movie so this is my conclusion basically I enjoyed the movie I feel like it was a really good time you know it was obviously not perfect it was predictable at points you know music is very strong choreography is not like the top tier but it’s not supposed to be it’s supposed to be a Nickelodeon family friendly movie and that

is what it does it does its job and it does also manage to incorporate some inclusivity with Frankie Stein and you know more body positivity I feel like it does incorporate a lot of things that are very good and a lot of messages that are very good for kids to have and to take from this movie so overall I will give this movie a 4 out of five just because I do have Nostalgia for Monster High obviously like most people who is probably watching this video and I do want to see sequels overall I really

enjoy myself and I hope to see it um many more times but yeah that was the video I hope you all enjoyed be sure to give me a big thumbs up if you did be sure to leave me any thoughts or questions you may have down below and as always don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification Bell if you haven’t already so you don’t miss I want to post more Monster High doll and news and movie news Well actually not anymore because the movie is out so there was no movie news anymore um and I

made it serious news because that’s that still hasn’t come out we will talk about that when it comes out and a bunch more contents coming your way daily and keeping you updated you love stay safe be kind I hope this next time stay peachy kisses foreign

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