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Assalammualaikum & hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel
In today’s video,
I’m going to talk about iUNIK’s products again
I’ve talked about their Black Snail Restore Cream last week,
but this time, I’m going to talk about another products from the brand,
and spoiler alert : for people with oily skin, this video might be the one for you
Okay hi (again), in today’s video,
iUNIK sent me 3 products for me to try out and give my full honest reviews on,
so today’s video is sponsored by iUNIK,
but the reviews are going to be 100% honest reviews, based on my own experience
iUNIK sent me 3 products,
the first one is the Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil,
the second one is the Vitamin Hyaluronic Acid Vitalizing Toner,
and the third one is the Black Snail Restore Serum
I have tried all of the products for almost 1 month now
Now, let’s begin with the first product,
this is the first product I use in my routine which is the Ccalendula Complete Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oil is the first cleanser that we use,
this is the oil based cleanser that we use as the first step for double cleansing
So, why do we need to use the oil

based cleanser?
We use makeup and sunscreen everyday, and those products are mainly
the oil based products as well.
So, we’re afraid that if we use our normal daily cleanser,
it won’t be able to remove all of the oil based products that we used.
This is why we have to use the oil based cleanser as our first step of cleansing
We can use either the clansing balm, the micellar water
or the cleansing oil.
First, let’s talk about the packaging
this bottle is a plastic bottle
containing 200ml of the oil cleanser
For me, 200ml is fairly a generous amount when it comes to oil cleanser in this packaging
because most of the times, oil cleanser comes in 100ml or 150ml packaging
but this one, it’s in 200ml .
Now, let’s talk about the ingredients of this cleansing oil
This product contains 94% Pure Plant Oil
and also it has the Calendula Flower Extract
What this extract does to our skin?
It has the anti fungal
anti inflammatory
it helps in soothing the skin
So just imagine, this product has all the properties,
which means, you’re actually help in soothing the irritated skin while cleansing
When I first started using this product,
the lightweight texture impressed me right away
Eventhough this is a cleansing OIL, it’s very lightweight to the point that it is almost watery
I was a bit hesitant at first with the watery consistency, will it be able to remove my makeup?
But I did try it anyways
but at that time, I told myself that if this watery product cleanse really well,
this product will be a really good product for people with oily & combination skin
It has mild fragrance to it
But the scent isn’t that strong
I myself, don’t like to have fragrance in my skincare products,
the fragrance it has is still tolerable to me
I don’t feel bothered at all with that
While I was using the cleanser, I noticed how it helps in removing
the waterproof makeup products that I put on
and most importantly, when I was rubbing my eyes to clean the eyeliner & mascara,
it doesn’t sting my eyes AT ALL
and my first impression on this product went so well.
It’s emulsifies well and can easily be rinsed off.
These are the traits that I’m looking for in a cleansing oil
Ones that doesn’t sting my eyes,
ones with amazing cleansing power, of course
and then ones that rinses off easily
Some cleansing oils are very hard to be rinsed off
you have to rinse it (unexplainable sound effect) ^_^
You have to rinse it multiple times to be sure that there won’t be any greasy or remained oil
I really think that this cleansing oil is suitable for daily use
it wont strip off the moisture of your skin
The next step after using the cleansing oil
We can proceed to using our normal hydrating cleanser,
to clean off everything that is left on our skin
And then, here comes the toning step
I’ve seen this products in certain authentic Kbeauty store
that also sells the authentic products from iUNIK (links in the description box)
and I saw so many good reviews about this product
So, I’m so grateful when iUNIK sent me this product for me to try it
It comes in a plastic bottle
so it is safe for clumsy person like I am
Now let’s talk about the texture
It’s in lightweight gel like texture
It’s almost similar with the one from Hada Labo ( the premium lotion)
but once it’s almost be fully absorbed, you’ll notice that that it has less viscosity than that product
In conclusion, it has this gel like lightweight lotion with slight viscosity to it
it’s fast absorbing
it doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy feelings on your skin
which is why for my dry skin, I love to use this product in the morning
because I can feel that it still provides hydration, and makes my skin feel moisturized
without being too overwhelming
It’s best to use lightweight products in the morning under your sunscreen or makeup
This toner contains 45% of Hyaluronic Acid
even for the non skincare junkies person, they will know how HA
this ingredient is very good in repairing the skin barrier,
and also good in providing hydration to your skin
It has 45% of that ingredient and sodium hyaluronate
sodium hyaluronate is the derivatives of hyaluronic acid
and also, it has 5% of the Hippophae Rhamnoides extract
I googled to look for the benefits of this Hippophae Rhamnoides
Turns out sea buckthorn is one of the plants that has the highest amount of vitamin C
In fact, the Vitamin C in this plant is 12 times higher than that in the oranges
No wonder, iUNIK decided to use this ingredient in the toner
Other than that, this product also contains gycerin, niacinamide, and also has free from alcohol
Ingredients wise, this brand really is up in the game
For oily and combination skin, you can definitely use this products day and night
because the consistency isn’t that thick, it’s very lightweight,
but it’s also hydrating
After using this, I can’t wait to share about this product
because these first 2 products is really suitable for oily and combination skin
I always shared about products for dry & sensitive skin
and when I finally found the products that are suitable for oily and combination skin,
i went like…. (unexplainable) 😀
Last week I talked about the black snail restore cream,
now it’s time for the partner of that cream, the serum
Honestly I didn’t see much reveiws about the cream since it’s fairly a new product,
but I could see so many good reviews about this serum
It comes in this 50ml bottle
and this is also a plastic bottle (?)
(oh… it’s not…)
it’s a glass bottle..
The ingredients very simple
It has 70% of Black Snail Filtrate
I dis share about the benefits of the snail mucin last week (kindly check it out)
It hydrates your skin, a good anti-inflammatory
it also helps in fading the hyperpigmentation,
helps in calming and soothing the skin
Now the texture (sorry for that left out words :o)
it looks like it’s very sticky and slimey isn’t it
it might be a little bit too iverwhelming when you first try it
It takes quite some time to be really fully absorbed
but once it’s fully absorbed, you can see the healthy glow finishing
but most importantly, it’s non sticky
This serum is a must for me especially after I exfoliate my skin
I use this serum to calm my irritated skin
Use this overnight and the next day, my irritated skin will be all good and soothed
You’ll wake with the supple and hydrated skin
but in terms of fading the hyperpigmentation,
in the past 1 month, I havent seen any significant changes yet
Unlike the first two products that I recommend for oily and combination skin,
but this product is recommended for the dry and sensitive skin
for oily and combo skin, you can still use this at night
because of the slightly thick sticky texture, I’m afraid that it might be too heavy to be used
during the day, eventhough it’s non sticky once it’s fully absorbed

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