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hello everybody princess and 
the bear here and we’re back  
doing something local orlando food truck time 
okay so we found a little pop-up over here on  
the edgewater drive so we’re going to go try a 
jacket vegan you shot a jackfruit you’re a good
i got the sunday feels sour beer
oh that’s quite nice very light on the sour  
very delicious um i’ll give it four out of 
five hops sunday feels on a friday i think  
we had dog fish before actually but uh didn’t 
know they made a sour beer this is interesting
that is really good for few people a little bit  
to it not as light as i was 
expecting it’ll drink like a cider  
and i still beer four to five balls i’m about to 
find this if you guys know where it is let me know
ace pineapple had this beer before at epcot
this tastes like pineapple juice which 
if you like that you’ll like this but  
for me it’s one out of five pineapples not my jam
and i couldn’t resist the eighth 
part pineapple cider because  
this is probably as close to 
true vegan as i’m ever gonna get

i could literally drink this all day
four and a half out of five our bag is ready 
let’s see what we have in here door number one
an empanada i’m excited for this 
one it’s like a vegan pork empanada  
this is hot this is nachos 
it’s a nacho nomo nachos
we have the next container which contains
a burger this one’s my burger
and lastly bears oh wait these are the 
nachos that one must be bears well oops
at least you can see it in all of its 
colorful wonderful glory hello jacked up vegan
first up we have the nachos now these 
nachos have impossible meat on them  
and they make their own queso cheese  
it’s made out of guava this bite also has some 
salsa on here some tomato and some um tomatillo
hmm wow
that is a very flavorful very wonderful 
pseudo spicy bite of nacho the cheese  
tastes extremely artificial like movie 
theater cheese like level this is a great  
like drunk food snack my mouth is tingling 
like maybe a 4 out of 10 on the heat scale  
i think it’s that i don’t know if it’s tomatillo 
if it’s a salsa verde it’s probably salsa verde  
just looking at the color um overall i’m 
going to rate these nachos a four out of five  
chips it’s a full and complete nacho it’s a 
little spicy it’s a little artificial tasting
nachos and like this chill spot sort of like a 
backyard hangout fairy lights music from a bar  
they have like a decent beer 
selection this place is nice  
this is like a place i would come with uh 
my vegan or plant-based friends come hang  
out have a couple beers and have some 
greasy bar food let’s see how it tastes
ah i really do love how good and possible 
meat mixes into a dish far more than any  
other plant-based meat it just blends in 
like actual beef wood the tomatillo salsa  
has a little bit of spice to it the chips are 
fresh the corn lettuce is all good it’s nachos  
and how to easily tell the princess this is nachos 
anymore i’m good three and a half out of five plus
it’s been a minute since we’ve had a vegan 
empanada the last time we had one was zen  
butcher empanada and i was addicted to those 
and then we have more of this salsa verde  
it looks very nice and creamy 
very very nice consistency of this
i don’t know how i’m supposed to share this with  
bear with only a fork i’m gonna 
try and just like tear it apart
ready nice lovely little fillings i’m 
gonna try it first just by itself and  
then i’m gonna try it with salsa i think 
it’s hmm it’s very interestingly flavored  
it’s got some tomato in there it’s got i 
think some impossible and some jackfruit  
i’m not quite sure what to make of 
what it’s supposed to taste like  
mind you have never had pork and i’m pretty 
sure this is supposed to be like pork  
so it’s okay it’s not better than the 
zen butcher but it’s definitely up there  
let’s try it with this verde and see if that 
kind of like kicks it up a notch or something
hmm yeah it’s definitely meant to be dipped 
in the sauce and it gives it like a full  
flavor palette like a full explosion 
in your mouth so like half of one  
like it doesn’t taste like 
anything’s missing this um bread  
cook perfectly flaky crispy wonderful 
this is a beautiful empanada
zen butcher is known for empanadas 
so you can’t really compare
the two i’ll probably give this a 
four and a half out of five empanadas  
empanada empanada how many 
times can you say empanada
plant-based banana we keep pruning across 
these sort of reminds me of the quality  
of empanada llama which you’ve had 
before during our like support local  
things and here again supporting local 
businesses but uh let’s see how it stays
well that’s spicy but i wouldn’t 
call it porkish it’s more like a  
maybe like a ground pork hamburger helper 
sort of filling let’s try the verde
it’s probably just how much the sauce adds 
but it takes you like a whole another level  
you easily clear the plate of these but it 
definitely gives you that like nice home cooked  
or like fair style empanada food i 
proof three and a half out of five plus
i ordered this burger because it was like an 
interesting different like pulled pork type burger  
but in hindsight i don’t have a lot of utensils to 
eat it with and i feel like it’s going to be very  
messy because there’s a salon in it so i kind of 
regret this decision but i commit to my mistakes  
actually doesn’t look too messy it is a jackfruit
dish it’s beautifully charred got 
some slaw you got some crunchies
to your health
that char really kicks up a notch it almost 
tastes like it was charred or like cooked a  
little too long so it’s like slightly charred 
a little bit more than it should be but i  
love me some char so i’m not mad at that 
there’s also pickle in here which definitely  
takes it up to the next level i’m very glad that 
i ordered this very messy sandwich i would rate it
probably three out of five jackfruits  
maybe two and a half just marking 
it down for it being slightly burnt
and then my free
lovely season free put a nice little like 
sprinkling of the um seasoning salts on it  
light little salt as well not overly 
salted which is like a problem with most  
french fries so these are very delicious 
i’m i’m gonna say these fries are a win  
the fries are a four and a 
half out of five potatoes  
so if you like a new style burger i’m glad 
that something different but a jackfruit a  
pulled jackfruit on like a pretzel bun 
it’s interesting i like the mix of the  
like the slaw the pickled onions you 
can see in here um it does look like a  
little char i love how lightly like uh vegan 
butter the roll these are all nice touches
so what we hear about here is 
really the end result how’s it  
going to taste i’m definitely getting a lot of uh  
of all vegan kitchen vibes just place one 
daytona that’s not necessarily a bad thing
so know
it is a little burnt however you guys 
been this long enough i have voiced  
my opinion before the problem with 
jackfruit as far as the pulled pork  
is it doesn’t really maintain like the 
char you get from like a smoked or grilled  
like hunk of meat this is a step in the right 
direction it is you get a little bit of the  
burnt taste but overall there is a lot of 
flavor in a not so big package as far as  
like jackfruit pulled pork barbecue this is some 
of the best i think i’ve ever had so even with  
the burnt i’m not gonna knock off that much 
i’m gonna give it a solid four out of five
we’re worried these weren’t gonna 
pass the fry test it seems they do  
fresh cut potato freaks no complaints here
they’re a bit soggy they can sound a 
little bit crushed a little bit more crisp  
basically i’ve been sitting for a little bit 
but uh i appreciate they’re evenly evenly salted
it’s an average side probably a little 
bit below average i’ll give those a two  
out of five claws luckily the burger is that good
bear got this in beautiful impossible 
carne dish we don’t see carne very often so  
we’re into it and there’s plantains which 
is interesting i’ll take a bite here
oh look at that there’s rice down there
this almost reminds me of like a 
taco salad where it just looks like  
a bunch of stuff meshed together
oh yeah also reminds me of a taco salad  
but not in a bad way i think this is 
probably the best thing that we have here
it just tastes like
elevated taco bell i shouldn’t say that 
because taco bell isn’t really mexican food  
it’s probably an install tastes like a fine taco 
salad that i would get at any mexican restaurant  
in california beautifully executed tastes 
amazing no points offer anything on this  
dish i’m going to give this a 
five out of five mexican flags
so i got this is your specialty section this uh 
carney rice bowl i love the mixture of things  
just looking down from the top to sort of like 
different colored nachos strips and then you have  
the crispy onions the plantain more of this verde 
so if i feel like already sauce here is their  
thing and they do it well so i’m not really gonna 
complain but i love everything that’s in here it’s  
like a an actual bowl but uh let’s get a little 
bit everything here see if i can get one of these  
tortilla chips on there there we go 
look at that look at that fork full
like a description i got a porn this uh 
impossible i wouldn’t say it tastes like carne
but i’m definitely getting like a seasoned 
ground pork from it that’s for sure
nice for this plantain hmm
this is a complete meal like i would eat this 
you know look small it’s really dense i’d be  
fall for this i think it’s excellent tasting i 
think however the princess’s pulled pork burger  
is a slight edge for me i’d order this again 
but for me this is a three and a half five plus
wild basin does this not look like a bar soaked to 
you i feel like it looks like a bar soap to me oh
designed as such anyway 
black raspberry here we come  
it tastes like a white cloth just 
like a sparkling water it’s not bad  
it’s good if you want a sparkling water i’ll 
give it three out of five seltzer waters
this new seltzer craze everybody else’s one i 
feel like there’s gonna get a bunch of people  
on the scene and then the bubble’s gonna pop but 
hey more options to go for the rest of us right  
sort of reminds me of like a stock google phone 
wallpaper background but let’s see how she tastes
diamond tap and water two out of five claws
sierra nevada makes a sour 
sour sour is my favorite
well this is just extremely light in the 
sour this is almost like drinking water  
i kind of like this one guava hibiscus and 
strawberry yeah four out of five strawberries  
so here in nevada i’ve had a lot of their 
beers never liked any of them but it’s nice  
to see them doing like some sour stuff so that 
seems to be like the trendy thing right now
that’s a sour beer i can get on board with 
like i don’t like sour beers that are like  
too sour they’re born they’re almost not 
drinkable this is like a nice balance between like  
a beer and a sour beer i could uh get losing a 
party i do this three and a half out of five plus
so that was uh objective vegan yes probably 
jacked up vegan their food was incredible yes  
it’s surprisingly good this little chill 
hanging out spot we liked what luckily do  
you have to find more of these i wish there was 
more in north florida but we really appreciate  
having these in central florida yeah especially 
when you have the opportunity to showcase more  
small business we are absolutely here for that on 
board with that and the food is so good and yes so  
much more affordable than some of the other places 
that we got so much better than theme park food  
but uh leaps and bounds we don’t know have 
you heard of protector begin to sew why not  
let us know in the comments if there’s any other 
local place local food truck you’d like us to try  
that’s gonna be the place to find us hit 
that notification bell if you want to see  
other videos like this and we have new 
videos five days a week monday tuesday  
wednesday thursday saturday we’ll see you 
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