JADEVINCE – Apple Watch SE [Full Review]

this can also be your iPhone’s perfect companion
and how it compares to its competitors
You might very curious now
on what’s competing with Apple Watch SE
All those three are water resistant within 50m
But from here,
you’ll see how the Apple Watch SE will start to drift
to a very sweet spot between the two
Their differences start with the display
I consider this a major upgrade from the 3
display is also LTPO OLED like Series 6
You’re also getting a huge jump with the storage
it’s now 32GBs on both SE & Series 6
The SE has all those like Series 6
Well, it feels almost complete already
Let’s discuss the chip first
S6 chip also brings the 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
Would you notice?
Barely, maybe?
Oh yeah, I actually want an always-on display
What’s left to tackle?
If you have a health problems,
is always on your wrist
that the Series 6 has
The main reason why I bought a smart watch
is of course, notifications.
I’ve already turned off a bunch of app notifs
except for the important ones
most of them don’t need an urgent response
or any response at all
that I

don’t need to pick up my phone
Well, even though it’s not
the best assistant out there
Doing phone calls thru this watch
is effortless as well
The way that you can see who’s calling in an instant
In fact, the person on the other line,
unless you say it
It’s a great help for those who are filming alone
then check how your frame looks
from your watch
I work near the living room, by the way
I often turn our smart TV on
to listen to music
I control what’s playing
through the iPhone’s Spotify app or the TV remote
there’s honestly not much I can share
being a casual user
At first I thought its just a little gimmick
But then I learned that proper breathing
so… its indeed an important thing
I am not an active person at all
But the psychological effect
of closing your rings hits so hard
that it pushes me to be more active
throughout the day
Though… I still haven’t closed
any green ring ever from my weeks of use
Now here are the last few things
that I really appreciate in this Apple Watch
if ever I’ll go swimming
every time I cant find it
I really enjoy this Apple Watch
Alarms, stopwatches and timers
set thru your iPhone
are not synced with your Apple Watch
It only pushes the notification as it arrives
That means you can’t turn it off
using your watch before it rings
The native Notes app isn’t available on the watch
I mean I’m kind of a forgetful person
So I don’t get it
Thankfully, there’s an Apple watch version
of Google Keep to save me
I can just dictate my notes
and check it later on the iPhone Keep app
which syncs even without internet connection
but of course, no Siri integration
It’s not very friendly
I want to enable it during bedtime
cos I don’t use sleep tracking
but it bothers me that it needs
to be restarted the next day
I think Apple intentionally made it that way
You can’t connect the watch to a hidden Wi-Fi
Your watch is automatically connected to the Wi-Fi network
as long as the paired iPhone is connected as well
So I recommend you unhide your Wi-Fi SSID
that those concerns are not SE’s problem alone
meaning Apple can fix them
thru software update
I’m still satisfied with my experience
with this watch
The aluminum rails and glass on display
don’t get scratched easily
But I’m not a fan of draining my battery
that low on my devices
So what I do is charge it when going to bed
then unplug right before I sleep
as I put my phone down
So what do you think?
If you don’t need the ECG and Blood Oxygen Sensor…
I made myself clear, right?
if you’ll be buying here in PH
It’s because the cellular version
isn’t available in our country
meaning you’ll always need your phone around
for you to do phone calls and SMS
you can’t choose your band
So if you’re not in a rush to buy,
you’ll save around P1,000
and they deliver for free
If you’re not sure what size to get,
just re-install the Apple Store App on your iPhone
and there it can display
the real life actual sizes of the watch
So you can check how it looks on you
I’ll read them for sure
and on my Instagram @IMJVSR for more updates

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