Jaqueta Forclaz Trek 100 (análise / review)

Hello, how is it goin? I’m Marcelo Barce (@marcelobarce)
today I’m gonna talk about this jacket
Forclaz Trek 100
it’s a jacket for cold weather
good for Brazilian winter
it provides comfort at zero Celsius degrees (20 F)
or even less if you wear a Fleece jacket underneath
I’ve used it at zero degrees already and I was fine
just wearing a thin layer underneath
so I can approve it
for cold weather
it also breaks the wind
not extreme winds though.
If you’re on a typical windy night
in Brazilian mountains
it will be enough to break the wind
and you won’t lose comfort
it’s water resistant
so it’s fine under light rain
the water won’t penetrate
it won’t get soaked.
However, it’s not waterproof
so it obviously won’t
resist a STRONG rain.
This jacket is sold in 2 versions
with or without hood
I’m wearing the hooded jacket
but my mom has this one
without hood.
I prefer the hooded version
because it helps a lot in the mountains
it makes all the difference
at those windy mountain tops.
So, the hooded version
is way better for me.
The hood is not adjustable
you can’t tighten it
but it’s already pretty tight
it has the same shape of my head
and winds won’t get in
because it’s also tight on the face.
The sleeve ends have an elastic
to prevent wind from passing through.
There’s also another elastic
at the waist’s height
you can tighten it
from inside the jacket.
This is useful and helps a lot too
specially if you’re thin
and the jacket is a little loose on you.
There’s this black tag on the left pocket
indicating you can store your jacket
inside of it.
You just have to turn it around
and gently push the jacket
inside of it
like I’m doing.
You should remove the air while doing it
just so it fits in easily
and don’t force the fabric too much.
It gets very portable
shorter than my head
it has 27 x 16 x 9 centimeters
but it can get smaller
if you compress it inside your backpack
It weights only 328 g (12 ounces)
so it’s pretty light.
You can wash it on a washing machine
because it uses only synthetic fibers
it’s much more practical than down jackets.
I paid R$ 230 on this one
it’s now on sale at R$ 200
even now with this financial crisis.
So it definitely worth it.
It’s an excellent jacket
at this price range.
Also because the down jacket
sold by Decathlon
costs twice as much.
The down jacket is R$ 400 right now
I’ve bought one years ago
when it was R$ 200
but nowadays it’s R$ 400.
So it’s definitely better
to get the synthetic one.
Even if they had the same price
I would prefer this one
because synthetic fibers are much easier
to care and wash.
Also, the “Full Down” jacket
can’t be stored inside its pocket.
It wasn’t designed for that.
Besides being synthetic,
this jacket wasn’t dyed on the inside
it may sound like bullshit, but…
it cut costs of production and
generates 50% less pollution
since it doesn’t use half the dyes.
I’m sorry, I mean… 40%
less pollution in the air
rivers and oceans.
Also, half the filling is made from recycled fabric.
So it’s one of the most eco-friendly
products from Decathlon.
I think this is an important fact
and it’s worth considering.
If you already follow this cannel,
you may find it strange that I have no complaints
this is the first product that I review
with no negative criticism.
I have absolutely nothing to complain
I could point the fact that
it has no hood adjustment
but I really didn’t find it necessary
I could also point that
the hood isn’t perfectly aligned on my forehead
you can see the sewing is a little crooked
but honestly… I think it’s nothing
because after all
you won’t find any good jacket
like this one
at this price range.
I really think this backpack
I mean… jacket, hahaha
it’s worth the price.
I haven’t been using the
down jacket lately
I don’t find it as practical
and versatile as this one,
but I keep both because
sometimes I go to very cold places
and I need more than 1 jacket.
You never know when you’ll get dirty.
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