Jarrett Allen describes what the Cavs need to do the rest of the season to be successful

Jared was this last you think more of a could have executed the game plan better thing or kind of beat yourself up with the turnovers um could those of them they did play an excellent game tonight uh it’s also on us so we had 17 turnovers that’s unacceptable for what we’re trying to do what do you think led to those uh just mental errors it was a lot of just throwing the ball out of bounds I know I had a couple where I just lost the ball it slipped we were just all making mistakes how

much for that do you think is is the Rhythm kind of off after the break uh no I don’t I don’t think so I think it was just a bad game for us like I said we just made mistakes that we shouldn’t be making I think they finished with 63 points off their bench what made that unit so hard to deal with right uh they’re super energetic they bring the energy the physicality they come ready to play they wanted to Speed the game up speed us up by bumping us and just getting us going how

frustrating was the physicality that Mo brought out there and the JB talk about just how tough he is to defend and

you know try and slow down uh we all know he’s a physical player that gives 110% of his energy for 49 minutes you know that’s what he brought into this league that’s what he’s always been known for so it’s just up to us to match it when it comes to you guys as a team and you personally what are these final 28 games all about uh wrapping up or not ramp R ramping up for

the Eng goal you know ramping up for the playoffs trying to get everything to a te to a DOT trying to make sure that we’re the best team that we can be is there a specific Focus area to make sure that you can do that just being crisp and cons that’s what’s going to get us to the point that we want to uh tonight was a bad example of that but good thing we have 28 more to get where we want the magic being a long and extraneous team on defensive end how does that kind

of show you what you guys might have to deal with in the future uh just shows us a lot of teams are going to be like this a lot of teams are going to pressure us on the defensive end they’re going to make us work for our buckets it was a great test for us tonight and we still have a lot of things to figure out for it

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