Jason Cundy CLAIMS Tottenham Fans WANTING TO LOSE Against Man City Is The WRONG Way To Think 😱

it’s a it’s a pre um sports ball watch along with Jamie ohhio and Perry Groves um yep and Jason is the referee good afternoon Jason afternoon boys oh this you’re GNA be a nightmare you’re gonna get stuck and No One’s Gonna No One’s Gonna Come Out Alive you’re

going to get stuck right into both of them at various points of the game basically say the worst possible thing you can say at the worst possible moment to wind them up yeah I think car was a little bit strong maybe but he took he took it the

right way but yeah look it’s it I can’t wait for it it’s going to be fabul it’s going to be Electric in there the atmosphere is going to be intense because of course Jamie clearly wants City win he said that plenty times last night Perry have his Arsenal

shirt and I think Jamie will have a Manchester City shirt in I believe that’s gon could be fun I mean if if if it was a Chelsea situation if you know Chelsea were in uh playing doing what Spurs are doing tonight and it meant say Tottenham could win

the title don’t laugh but if it if it meant that um what would you be thinking would you still want your

team to win that’s a tough one Paul honestly that’s a tough um but here’s the situation right Spurs can still get top four sure that not been

the case if Spurs had no chance of moving up or down the table I get it I totally get it but the most important thing is what’s good for your football club and have Chelsea in that situation where we could still get Champions League football there’s no reason

when you look at the games that are coming up towards the end end of the season it’s some tough games still for a lot of teams to play yeah and and while there’s still that opportunity so they so they’ve still got a go Villa to Palace that is

not an easy game that is not an easy game if they picked up three points tonight Spurs and picked up three points sheffeld United away you might not say could might get Champions League Football you know not impossible but improbable but in the situation I want the best

of my team you know I would absolutely want the best of my team but I totally understand how conflicted Spurs fans are it’s been a real Ian I’ve been listening to you guys listening to all breakfast even the callers we had on last night oh yeah Spurs ban

that made a song up well we’re going to play it Jason it was some of the calls were great let’s have a give you a flavor of what they were doing on the sports bar last night the Arsenal waight cuz my toam can control their fate what do

we do beat the bruers boys and hear the gooners gloat no I don’t think so cuz North London is the place we own our tet is crying in his bed his title dreams are dead and he’s got a Lego head instead come on he’s got a Lego head

he’s had a good go at it isn’t he yeah I mean that’s pretty about it Robie Williams covered the last reworking of angels I wonder if he’ll do that one quite a lot of words in it wasn’t it I thought it was I mean you weren’t particularly taken

you were quite shocked and stunned Jason weren’t you no I I I I just it the concept of it you you think about every fiber of your body when you go and watch your team play you want them to win every you know it’s it’s so important this

stage of the Season that I mean look what Chelsea are right now we’re in a situation we could get get European football and so every Point matters I understand how conflict Spurs fans will feel I really do but for me the most important thing surely is what’s best

for your football club we situation like it as a player Jason no I can’t recall but you know what though Charlie you get a lot of these type of scenarios towards the end of the season it’s not the first time we’ve gone into games the back end I

mean I think you boys mentioned there that Manchester United you know look look what they are now all of a you know there’s they they’re looking now to for pickup results from the rivals that they wouldn’t normally want to win as well so yeah you get them in

this stage of the Season as fans it’s like I said the most important thing I think is what’s best for your Club do you think Chelsea are still in the mix you’re looking at tonight and thinking if Tottenham lose then you know we’re still in the hunt we

could still get into Europe I’m I’m thinking more really when Newcastle are right now you can you get above Newcastle because of course they play Man United tomorrow man united drop points so that we’re above them so yes there are important result I I don’t think catching Spurs

is possible personally I think you’ll beat Sheffield United no matter what happens um tonight I think you have enough there’s enough space there but we can just got to keep going it’s been a great end of the season if we pick up wins against Brighton then home at

bumer from the last day all you can do is is do your best from this this situation right now and um yeah it’s been a good end of the season it’s going to be a lively Sports party yeah great Sports party lovely sports bar it’s gonna be a

good one you done a watch done a watchong before Jason I haven’t done a watch along before no have you seen Mark goldbridge do him he starts chucking chairs about all sorts Jason’s got the best gig you’re just going to sit there no real skin in the game

You’ just said you don’t think they’ll catch Spurs so you can sit there and just poke the pair of them with sticks can’t you you what though I obviously I don’t want to say Arsenal win the title you know I obvious I’ll be rooting for City tonight for

for obvious reasons but it’s going to be Lively in there Perry’s joining us as well for the first hour of the sports bar so whatever happens Perry will be there either gloating or you know even if Arsenal win the situation is as we as we know s if

Spurs um draw tonight it can still go to the final day of the Season goal difference yeah you know City if there’s one team that can pump a team five or six when they get angry is Man City so look there’s still lots to play for there’ll be

a couple of beers in the green room we’re watching The Watch along so yeah come and join us on YouTube fantastic all right Jason we look I’ll say I’ll be at the game but if I wasn’t I I may even check in I can get a bit of

WiFi you had a wish Paul if you had a wish now I’m giving you a magic wand what is the score tonight question Jason do that to me I a magic I always want my always want my team to win I just think it would be so Tottenham

to go out and just turn it on and just all the things they haven’t done in recent just to get out there and just play like you know play Total Football it would be such a Tottenham thing to do I I don’t know I just I just we

got win Paul you got to win I want to win I put it in Arsenal’s hands to lose Saturday I want to win and there is that that opportunity to say for Arsenal fans you know a couple of them have said I don’t want Tottenham I don’t have

to thank Tottenham fans for landing us the title that’s not the way I want to win it but I think they’d get over that quite quickly wouldn’t they think of this Paul right you come out the stadium tonight Spurs of 11 one nil you turn talk sport on

and you’ll be hearing Spurs fans moaning that they won yeah you’ll be get as anyone seen they’re going to get the lot aren’t they no gallager they’ll be doing a lot yeah well look forward to it Jason thanks very much thanks Jason cheers boys take care Jason cundy

is the ring master and the referee for Jamie O’Hara versus Perry Groves it’s a live watch along uh and yeah quarter to eight it gets underway all the buildup game at eight and of course the yeah Jason will be getting stuck right into both of them as the

game unfolds and then get calls into the sports bar if you’re on your way home from the game uh or indeed wherever you’re watching Paul hawksby and Andy Jacobs Monday to Friday afternoons 1 till 4: on amm on da via the talk sport app and on your smart

speaker talk sport

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