Jbl wireless Bluetooth earphone Tune110Bt black review

hello friends today we are going to
pure base zero cable tune in double one
zero pd earphone
so they’ll help us to connect them
earphone with the bluetooth this is a
completely y free
so i’ll tell you what are the
special characters we hold with this
product the first one it gives six hours
of battery backup
this product is famous for base
this product gives you the best base you
can get experience with the best music
uh when you play through youtube are
from you know best quality music
in this product you have the option to
answer the call
third one we have the option here with
wire which is kit suitable putting on
your shoulder
around the neck
so which can gives you comfortable
while walking
a while gym
are running so this is going to be get
perfectly on around your neck
and the fourth one we have the option
over here it’s a magnetic options we
have in this speaker
so it will get connect when
hold that on your neck
so let’s see the price of the product

/> actually mrp is
but i brought this from chroma store so
they charged me 1 800. i checked in
amazon also amazon offering around
1900 and this product is made from china
and you can see the model number which
was uh written over there
this model is especially for the base
like you like who like to have a
good system with the base the one who
looking for the best base
in the earphone so i suggest this one
will be really going to work out so
we’ll discuss about the pricing also on
this product and how the sound
experience will be
okay let’s unbox this product
okay you can see this overall look
okay now we’ll unbox this
so let’s see what all accessory we are
going to get this with this product
yeah here it is
so we have our earphone
right so here we have
and usb cable for charging and third one
we have our ear tips of three different
so which uh help us to input this linear
into your ears
and we have some manual book also here
so you can see
so if you want to know in more
information about using this product so
this is going to help you
um really well okay let’s see so how the
product is
yeah here you have phone there’s a usb
cable guys you can see how good it is
the quality of product is too good
so here you can see the name jbl has
so if you have your charger just you
need to plug out this you know usb cable
you can plug it so only we are getting
the usb cable
but it’s uh the quality is pretty good
and even it is strong it’s foldable and
tangle type of
yeah and even it’s not a large size it’s
like uh only five centimeter can call up
a centimeter all right
so next we are going to see the ear
so what are the sizes of ear tips we
it is interesting
because if you buy from any other
earphones you are not going to get this
kind of things with that but this is one
of the additional things i can see you
know with the earphone we are getting
this you know
ear tips this one is a large one
this is small
really small one yeah right small
right so the medium one is get connected
with the earphone itself
so let’s see the earphone quality and
what are the options we are having with
the earphone
yeah you can see this one is connected
with a magnetic one
yeah right so here we have the magnetic
option for this earphone so now if you
get that two earbuds close to it
and it will get
so what all the additional options we
have in this uh you know earphone we can
right now we are going to see what all
the benefits and features we’re having
with this product
so we have the two box type of things
here so the one was carrying battery
so that i can you can see in my
left hand side it is a battery
and coming to the right hand side you
have the option for volume right so here
we have
an option to decrease the volume and
increase the volume we have option for
increasing and decreasing the volume
in this
and then the middle button which help to
answer the call
and we have the same option to charge
you know
this uh earphone
yeah here you can see the usb
yeah we should uh
yeah open that one
and you just need to connect this usb
cable into it
you’re right so you can connect this one
in this way
perfect yeah it’s got perfectly
connected just you need to uh connect
the usb to your charger all right so
normally this usb connector will get
connected to any normal phone which or
get uh you know released
you’re right
so this one about this product you just
need to charge for two hours and it
gives a battery backup up to
six hours so if you are a good user then
you can extend you know capacity can
extend up to eight hours
so is it worthy if i talk about i heard
some of the music in this
and if you want to buy this product you
just check the description where i
posted the affiliate link so clicking on
that you can buy this product from
amazon but overall the product quality
is good and backup also battery backup
also good and i’m satisfied with the
music and the sound so everything is
overall good i like to rate this one is
out of ten nine i can trade the only one
reason about the price
uh it should not be like thousand seven
under its normal earphone
so this bluetooth system is working very
okay i’ll show you how to connect with
the mobile
okay now we are going to see how to
connect this bluetooth earphone with
your mobile how to get pair
right just first you need to turn on
your your phone
so once it get turns on you’ll get a
blue color light
right now the white color indicates
that the bluetooth is getting starting
right so now it’s turned into the blue
color it means the bluetooth is on okay
after turning on the bluetooth
so now we are going to
check out to paint this earphone with
the mobile
i’m i’m going into this mobile settings
right so here i have the option for more
i’m going to search for the device it’s
automatically started searching
so you can see the round blue color it’s
getting loaded
right we are trying to pair this device
with our
earphone right so once you search
so now are getting under the
available device so our earphone model
is jbl tune double one zero bt yeah we
are selected we are going to give the
option pair
yeah right so now it’s got successfully
connected with your your phone okay this
is our channel

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