Jeezy Files For Divorce From Snow Bunny Wife Mai!

foreign what’s going on guys damn it TV I’m back with another one with a broken heart somebody please call up Dr Umar Johnson guys because another snow bunny lover just bite the dust yes Jeezy Put On A Usain Bolt 100 meter dash to get to the courthouse to divorce his Pookie and Snow Bunny wife Genie ma guys while I take no fun into sea family breakup guys this is crazy who would have thought not even Stevie Wonder series coming from a mild but before I jump into this divorce business please don’t forget to like share

subscribe hit that notification button so when I post you’ll be the first to know guys let’s jump into this details holy breaking news guys Jeezy has reportedly filed for divorce from Jeannie Mai the filing in Fulton County Superior Court obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution states that the rapper Najee Jenkins is already separated from Mai and the two have signed a prenuptial agreement the veteran Atlanta rapper and talk show host unveiled their relationship to the public in 2019 and have been married since March 2021. the pair reportedly met when the Trap or die rapper was

a guest on the Reel which Mai has hosted for eight seasons the two entertainers share a one-year-old daughter Monica my Jenkins Jeezy is reportedly seeking joint legal custody from

the moment we talked about being married we talked about having something together Jeezy said on a 2021 baby shower episode of the real whether that was real estate businesses all those things but God gave us a child first and I’m just excited to see that the first thing we have together is from the both of us last October my showed support court for Jeezy at the second

annual snowball Gala for his Street Dreams Foundation you are the definition of turning great vision into a reality congratulations baby on your second annual hashtag snowball Gala she wrote on Instagram bringing together an incredible room of compassion and power to serve our at-risk youth uniting us to invest in Tech Health entrepreneurship and financial literacy for these kids on the music front the 45 year old MC’s most recent project release was 2022’s goat Jeezy a compilation LP filled with his bona fide career hits the body of work boasted tracks like Soul Survivor with acon Air Forces

and trap or die prior to that in the same year was snowfall his joint album with DJ Drama that featured guest appearances from Lil Durk 42 Doug and estg holy guys I want to hear from you all what you all think about Jeezy divorce Genie did you all see that coming please tell me this is April Fool’s joke so someone please call up Dr Umar Johnson another snow bunny bite the dust guys leave your comment below you know how we do see you all in the next one damn it TV bye for now

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