Jerry O'Connell draws CBS 8's attention to Pictionary

Welcome back here, everybody. We’re talking about Pictionary, which airs tonight on The CW, actually this afternoon, 11:30 every weekday morning. Actor, director and host of Pictionary, Jerry O’Connell here now to talk about the show. And now San Diego’s can even get on your show. Jerry, nice to see how are you? You know, I want to thank you so much for having me. I’m actually here on a very important mission. I would like to talk to all Sandy Agen’s. I’m saying that correctly, right. You’re looking into them. Yes. Not. It’s not. San Diego wins. That would

be a bad start. I didn’t say that. I said San Diego’s. Yes. What’s the call? We are casting right now. OK, Pictionary. We shoot it in Southern California. We are about to start shooting it. We need pairs to go up against each other. OK? And we found that husband, wife, spouse, buddy, husband and wife, girl, husband and spouses are great. Please don’t fight on the show. We had one. I don’t want to. I don’t want to assign gender. But one husband really laid into his life. And it was like, I felt like we were going

to have to go see a counselor. Who came Jerry Springer in that moment, Not Jerry McConnell. It’s the wrong Jerry. We love siblings. Roommates are really good. You know what

the best contestants are. And there are so many sandy aegons. Personal trainers for some reason, I think because they’re like, good at like guiding bodies and motivations. And we don’t judge people physically, but they look great. I’m so sorry. I just caught a glimpse of myself. I’m not wearing any makeup. I’m so sorry, everyone. And then you started talking about personal training. So then I was

wondering, are you like, trying to channel your inner self to get some personal training? I mean, you look fit to me. Summer is coming up. I do come down here to San Diego quite often. We have a lot of friends. I used to come down very often. I had tickets to a football team that used to be here, that we’re not going to talk about it anymore. And by the way, I do want to say I do go to game games of theirs in Los Angeles, and it’s not the same as it was when I

would go to Qualcomm or Jack Murphy. There’s a lot of people here that agree with you on. It’s a different vibe. What do people need to know if they do want to get on the Pictionary game show? We have a website called Pictionary on Go to that friend, roommate, coworkers we love, coworkers, trainers. And some amazing nurses that came on. They were coworkers. They were such great contestants. San Diegoans. I really thank you. And I thank you for allowing me to announce that I was. I remember when this came out mid late 80s picture

it was all the rage. You were out at the, you know the the log cabin with the friends that was drawn the pic. Well because that other the original, of course. Yeah. Because that other game trivia. Your pursuit was so boring. Nobody wanted to play that. When your parents broke that out, you were like, oh, we’re in for a boring the pies and everything. Pictionary came out. You were like come on Grandma John, faster. Give it to me. Right. So you played a lot of roles over your career here. 25 year career you started. I’m

very like 11. I’m a new elderly person. Some pretty big shows at 11 what what we called you into Pictionary, say someone came to you and said, hey, we want you to host Pictionary and we want to be a game show host. Jerry, what sold you on that? You know, I, I, I, I tried to do a talk show like a failed talk and I failed. I’m so sorry. This interview just got dark. But therapist for you, but my boss is a year later said, hey, we’re going to be rebooting Pictionary as a TV show.

Do you play Pictionary and two nights before, because I have teenage daughters. Yeah, we played Pictionary and my wife attempted to draw a fireman. She drew a helmet and water and it didn’t look. It looked inappropriate. And so I sent that to the boss and my boss went, what is this? It’s a fireman. Duh. OK well, this is a family. Family show. Of course. We’re going to keep it speaking. Keep it thing here. We’re going to bring in the dry. Evan. Dana. Marie. OK. So you’re going to act as the. Yes the models for the

board. Jerry. So you’re going to draw and then we’re going to guess I am a terrible drawer. But I want to say to all all Sandy agens who are who are applying. You do not have to be a. Good artists stick figures are good enough. Stick figures just about. It’s about efficiency of drawings. So you draw, we guess first to guess wins. Is that good? Yeah, just the guess wins. Here we go. Let’s start off from here. We go on the artist. Now typically on Pictionary we have different colors and stuff. We don’t quite have

that budget here. This morning I have green and black. Those are my choices. But here we are. Ready. Are you ready? OK, so. Oven fire Log cat logs log cabin fire, fire campfire chimney, lawn chair, fire chair, campground, Ghost stories, Ghosts by the fire. Stories by the fire. Log man being we ran out of time. Oh, so sorry. This is a bell. This is a bell. OK, This is a burrito. It’s a California burrito. Wow. I think you gave yourself too much credit for your drives. OK, it’s a race, that one. Let’s just forget it.

Let’s just forget that. That. Let’s just forget that. That happened. We got one. We got time for 45 seconds. One more. Let’s go. I want to just tell all San Diego’s Typically our show is a. Lot better than that drawing right there. I don’t know. I loved it. 30 seconds. Here we go. 30 seconds. OK, here we go. Here we go. Man. Stick figure. Firefighter. Bald hair. Mullets. Man and wife. Spouse. Significant other. Marriage. OK, OK, here we go. And here we go. Watching dictionary with children. Watching dictionary on the telly. It’s Eric and Dana.

It’s Eric and it’s you, both of you. That’s an anchor desk. That’s an anchor desk. Yes. This is a television right here. All right, Jerry, thanks for coming on the show, man. Best of luck. We were so close. Actually, we weren’t close enough. Thanks man, that was good.

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