Joe Rogan EPIC Thoughts On Khamzat Chimaev VS Nate Diaz

joe brogan epic thoughts on comes that shimaya versus nate diaz since it was announced there have been numerous thoughts and reactions to the fight between comets like jamaica and nate diaz most people have expressed their emotions and reactions to this fight one of them being joe rogan over several episodes joe rogan’s show has developed a comprehensive opinion on the fight between consulate shimaya and nate diaz so according to joe rogan who will win the battle between hamza and nate let’s have a look but before we start hit the like button and subscribe to the channel

don’t forget to turn on the notification bell and without much further ado let’s get started nate diaz now has a fight date after months of publicly demanding that the ufc grant him the final fight on his contract diaz and hamza shimaya have verbally agreed to the fight in the main welterweight event of ufc 279 which takes place september 10th from t-mobile arena in las vegas diaz one of the most popular fighters in the ufc was recently reported to have only one fight remaining on his contract which was set to expire in october diaz was recently

interviewed on the mma hour where he accused our promotion of holding him hostage claiming that the ufc had offered him fights but only if he signed a contract extension

instead he planned to fight out his contract and move on to a post ufc career diaz’s stock skyrocket in 2016 when he stepped up on short notice and handed conor mcgregor his first ufc loss things in part to being the brother of longtime ufc veteran nick diaz and the season five winner of the ultimate fighter diaz was defeated by mcgregor in a rematch later that year by

unanimous decision and many speculated that the ufc was planning a rematch between the two that didn’t happen and diaz has only gone one two since then he has repeatedly called for a fight with shamaya throughout 2022 shamayim is one of the usc’s newest rising stars he debuted in july of 2020 with a dominant submission victory over john phillips then returned 10 days later with an even more impressive win over reyes mckee he took only one significant strike in his first four ufc fights alternating between middleweight and welterweight competition shimayev took his most significant step forward

in april when he faced off against former title contender gilbert firms at ufc 273 the back and forth battle ended with shamaya of winning unanimously but not without some terrifying moments through a representative shamaive informed akamoto that he would handle nate diaz’s funeral for the ufc kamzan shimaya like many others believes this is a good fight for him many people believe that sending nate diaz to the slaughterhouse is a disservice to him dana white has stated that ufc fans would want to see nate diaz versus kamza shimayev diaz had been looking for a fight for

several months while waiting for his final ufc fight to be tested the americans promoted several opponents including dustin poirier and vicente luke but the fight never took place however following diaz’s emotional request to be released from his contract ufc president dana white arranged for diaz to face rising star shamayev on september 10th at the t-mobile arena fans who believe shamiyah can kill diaz have spoken out against the fight so have ufc contender leon edwards and former fighter dan hardy white has admitted that it took a long time to find diaz’s final opponent and that critics

do not need to watch the fight he said i love when fighters or other people or anybody else gives us advice on this incredibly successful business that we built he also added that it makes him laugh so he’s considering pairing diaz with francis taganu who comes at shamaya and a couple of other bad choices dana white stated that he would be taking hamzads he claimed that leon edwards dan hardy and anyone else yapping had never dealt with the diaz brothers he described it as a one of a kind experience dana white also stated that it

takes him a long time to get through it and then they were there white noted that this was a famous fight that people wanted to see and everyone got what they wanted dana concluded by saying that dan hardy and leon edwards were not required to watch it because they could go to the movies that night so how have people reacted to this brawl ufc commentator joe rogan recently discussed nate diaz’s fight with comsat shamayev since the stockton native will now face shamif at ufc 279 on september 10th at the t-mobile arena rogue can weigh in

on a potential fight between nate diaz and boris in an episode of the joe rogan experience podcast with guest cameron hayes while diaz may be nearing the end of his mma career the veteran welterweight has repeatedly proven he’s still extremely dangerous and always willing to put it all on the line according to the 54 year old joe rogan stated that he does not want to see shamaive compete against nate diaz he isn’t interested in that joe would only be interested in seeing that because nate diaz will find out if is real and according to joe

nate is a beast and a warrior joe rogan added that if nate gets paid a lot for that fight if they set up the main event somewhere for hamza and nate for a title elimination fight rogan believes nate would never lose if every fight went 100 rounds the upcoming fight between the two will be diaz’s final fight under his current ufc contract interestingly president dana white recently admitted that diaz had previously agreed to fight shamaya however it appears that bores was looking into other possibilities at the time regardless the two welterweights will finally square off

in what will most likely be one of the year’s most watched fights according to joe rogan gilbert burns pushed boars to the limit back in april however after shania managed to win against the game dorino rogan stated that the chechen-born swede demonstrated to fans that he could not only thoroughly dominate his opponents but also endure a hard-fought battle if necessary rogan noted that the fight with gilbert burns inspired a lot of people rogan stated that many people were braver after the fight because he appeared human rogan pointed out that the fight taught them that hamzad

is more than just a hammer hamza can also take it while both fighters are clearly on different stages of their careers fans can expect this fight to be exciting due to diaz’s approach to mma the same approach has made him one of the promotion’s most popular fighters this past weekend with theo von rogen he also praise comes at shamaya saying he is good rogan stated that hanzot was powerful and intimidating that everyone should be afraid of him kamsa according to rogan is a murderer he means that he will seek and destroy when he enters the

octagon and he is a dangerous man rogan praised diaz’s bravery in accepting the fight he claimed nate diaz requested the fight according to joe nate desired to compete against francis nagano and he is as willing as any human has ever been shamaive is not the easiest opponent for diaz who is on his way out of the ufc due to an expiring contract boris has gone on a five fight winning streak since joining the ufc his first four victories came with performance of the ninth bonuses the swede won a decision over gilbert burns in his previous

fight the fight was intense enough to earn the title of fight of the night whatever the difficulty of the fight nate diaz and his brother nick diaz have a reputation for being the toughest in the business and you can’t expect them to back down nate diaz won the ultimate fighter 5 and has been a ufc fighter since 2007. 26 of his 33 professional fights have occurred in the famed octagon with numerous highs and lows diaz is a cult hero and a fan favorite who has wowed the mma world every time he enters the octagon with

eight fights of the ninth bonuses he is tied with frankie edgar for the most in the ufc joe rogan who has known diaz for many years and has participated in iconic interviews with him is no stranger to diaz’s tenacity nate diaz he said is a fantastic fighter and has been for a long time according to rokin nate has been submitting and beating people for a long time and he’s a tough fighter and it’s a wrap so how do you feel about joe rogan’s upcoming fight analysis is it accurate or does it leave something to be

desired what other ufc commentators are you looking forward to hearing from comment below let’s engage also please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and for more amazing videos like this don’t forget to turn on the notification bell goodbye we’ll see you in the next video

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