Johnny Depp STELLAR reviews on new movie Jeanne du Barry

oh good morning you lovely people welcome to the channel can film festival is starting tomorrow and I’m excited because it seems that Johnny Depp is going to participate and as soon as they start streaming on YouTube the camping Festival I’m gonna be there but not only that we got some nice new pictures of Johnny celebrating the opening of Khan and also a ton of Articles which we’re gonna go through it together very briefly so here we are one of the co-star shooting went well and our complicity was created naturally he allowed me to be comfortable

with him and to establish a fairly effective working relationship since we had a kind of natural chemistry Benjamin level on Journey Depp now must perfect French Johnny Depp impresses Ebola with his facial expression Amorous amused or imperious throughout the film so people are praising Johnny up for being one of the best actor around more Johnny News Review Johnny Depp is totally credible as Luis the 15 with the delicate French a Timeless film we have the director of gender Buri my one on Johnny Depp debut says this is going very very well I don’t know if

this is an actual picture but it’s interesting to see Johnny Depp can 2023 itinerary itinerary there you have Johnny Depp behind the scene it’s posted also

on his social media on Instagram this picture so it’s official it’s not AAA generated AI generated and we’ve seen other pictures of Johnny Depp actually every time that he has a little bit of time off from movie Set he plays his guitar let’s also remember that this was last summer I think he was either preparing or it was either a reading tour with Jeff Beck all he was going to

so most likely he was also rehearsing there are very very many French articles coming out some of those that we have discussed so it’s all going very well for Johnny Depp including the 20 million deal of Dior quick news for today I’ll keep you posted for tomorrow please subscribe I’ll talk to you later hit the like button all of this helps the channel greatly I’m so grateful for you being here I need coffee

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