JOJO's makeup #OMG I chose these?!! My makeup review Part TWO!!

Good good good morning
I am Jojo
The following section
will be a makeup pick 1 out of 2 section
Therefore you guys might get to know
my different choices and thoughts of makeup products
Here we go!
I will choose
brow pencil
It is because brow pencil is basically a pencil which can be used for a very long time
That’s why it is worth the price
Also, while applying to our brows
It’s more natural
and there’s less chances that the powder will get stuck on our brows
Another thing is that, I seldom choose brow powder on its own
because somehow brow powder is quite hard to control
maybe somehow the brush
is not fine enough
While we draw to the end of the brow
it will be quite difficult
to draw a define end on the brow
I will still choose brow pencil anyways:)
and cos brow pencil can be sharpened
if you are looking for a define brow
you can sharpened the brow pencil
in order to draw a sharp and define end
Even on a day to day basis
if you feel like the pencil is too blunt
you can always use a

pencil sharpener to sharpen it
and use it again
I will choose liquid eyeliner
In my opinion
the operation for both pencil and gel liner is quite similar
It is more natural
the nib of the gel liner
although it is already very small
but the nib still looks blunt
It is not as sharp as liquid liner
Usually when we draw to the end
you still have to retouch on it
OMG I roll a lot of the eyeliner out…
If I had to choose between these two
I would still choose liquid eyeliner
you can easily fix on it
and in general
it is more easy to adjust the degree of thickness you want
Gel liner is just like pencil, and liquid liner is just like pen
Liquid liner will have a more solid finish
while gel liner has more possibilities in terms of blending out
I will choose matte lipstick!
This (right side) more than this (left side)
It is because
I personally like the matte texture
it’s like
the colour will softly lay on your lip
and very long lasting
Especially when nowadays we have to wear a mask
I definitely will choose matte lipstick based on the current situation
Matte lipstick is more long lasting
compared to gloss
Gloss will give me some burden
on the lip
for example, although
gloss is moisturising
I will still have the feeling that
the lip gloss is glued to my mouth
glue to my mouth
just like applying a glue to my mouth
When I eat or drink
I will usually remove it
before eating/ drinking anything
To conclude, it is not as convenient as matte lipstick
I choose nude lip!
because red lipstick is hard to apply
and the red colour is easy
to stick on our face/ teeth, etc
so at the end of the day
nude colour turns out to be more natural
and more practical
as it can match with almost everything including our outfit
it is less of a big deal
and you can use it almost everyday
Nude colour won!
Definitely gel mask
I really like how
it enable me to pick the areas I want to apply on the face
if I were to apply
a sheet mask on the face
you can’t have a lot of facial expressions
gel mask give me more flexibility to adjust
you can laugh whenever you want
you can eat or drink too!
But if you applied a sheet mask on the face
like this
you will turn out to be like this…
you cannot move
I specifically like masks in darker colours
it looks like or give me a feeling that
it has a strong cleansing function
I feel more clean after using this
I like using clay masks
or other darker pigmented mask
like my other charcoal cleansing mask
Earth tone eyeshadow
earth tone eyeshadow
is more natural
and can use every single day
For me
they are more practical
in common use
while for colour eyeshadow
there is less ocasions
for me to use
like maybe
if I wore something colourful
I might use a bit of coloured eyeshadow to match with my outfit
Earth tone eyeshadow serves a day to day common use
since earth tone is a brownish types of shade
generally speaking
it can help contour and outline Asian faces even more
It is both natural to use and have a contouring function
That’s why I pick earth tone eyeshadow!
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