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We are only two months into the new year,
and I think we already have a top 10 film.
Let’s get to the review
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“Judas and the Black Messiah” is a new 2021
biographical drama film that details Fred
Hampton’s betrayal, played by Daniel Kaluuya,
chairman of the Black Panther Party in the
late 1960s, at the hands of William O’Neal
played by LaKeith Stanfield.
This was in my top 20 most anticipated movies
of the year as I have been so excited to see
this movie considering this was supposed to
be a 2020 release.
Since the Academy Awards have been moved to
April, they are allowing 2021 films to be
eligible all the way till early March.
The film is being released during Black History
month which is so perfect!
What this film can accomplish is that it brings
this tragic moment in history that still somehow
manages to be more relevant than ever before.
The film does a

full character study on these
two men by showcasing the different sides
of Black culture during that period.
The film manages to tell its story having
its powerful message seep through the cracks.
Let’s dive right into the positives starting
with the acting..
They all fit their roles so perfectly, bringing
these characters to life.
Daniel Kaluuya continues to prove he is a
very versatile actor as he embodies Fred Hampton.
He undoubtedly deserves a nomination at the
LaKeith Stanfield can not do wrong as he can
play any character at this point.
He is superb in the role with having fantastic
chemistry with the rest of the cast and being
a force to reckon with every time he is on
Kaluuya and Stanfield are two of my favorite
new upcoming actors that I will see in every
new movie they’re in.
The story is told so wonderfully, showing
all the different sides to this era of history
that feels so relevant to today’s standards.
It is a sad and angry feeling knowing black
people in America are still oppressed.
They are even being mistreated by police,
which the film showcases that to a disgusting
I love how the film demonstrates how respected
and loved Hampton was by his group and other
black organizations.
He sought to bring unity together and to make
a stand at twenty-one years old.
I was moved by him and resonated in his struggle
as he felt responsible for the black community
because he was a leader.
He would die for the people as he was a true
leader who was taken away too soon.
The writing is also fantastic with having
a crisp dialogue that seeps into every avenue
of the film.
I love how the film opens by giving you all
the essential exposition you need going in,
which sets a precedent for the rest of the
The writing is very creative in telling its
story, which I thought every scene was essential
with no corners to cut from.
I just love that the film wants to showcase
who Fred Hampton was as a person despite all
the controversy he may have had during that
The film illustrates him as a well rounded,
complicated person rather than what people
saw during the rallies and interviews he may
have had.
The screenplay makes this so lifelike to its
period feeling so authentic.
Shaka King did a marvelous job directing the
film as he added some of my favorite shots
of the past two years.
It was perfectly framed, adding to the grand
spectacle this film presents.
The few action scenes are shot with so much
emotion and drive that they feel so poised.
The last shot of this movie was so jaw dropping
and perfectly shot.
It extracted the exact feeling I should be
having after watching the film.
I’m not familiar at all with his work, but
he made this movie so powerful and so meticulously
I will be on the lookout for his next few
The music is also fantastic, with the score
being performed by Mark Isham and Craig Harris.
They do an excellent job with the score bringing
that fuel-injected heat into the film to build
the film’s high stake tensions.
But also articulate a beautiful score to the
more emotionally driven scenes that enhanced
the emotions to a max level.
The cinematography is gorgeous, being one
of the best-looking films of the past two
It is so perfect for this time setting with
having that perfect cinematic look and feel
to the film.
It looks consistently beautiful all throughout
the film, in which I could never take my eyes
off the screen.
The editing is also superb with being edited
so tightly and smoothly together.
The film flows together seamlessly throughout,
that I thought it kept the movie’s pacing
so exciting and structured throughout.
The costume design is also terrific with accurately
capturing the look of the Black Panther Party,
police officers, the Crowns, and the time
setting itself.
It brought a more authentic realism to the
film that I think can’t be overlooked.
As for negatives, I think the movie should
have been longer.
A few times in the film, I would have loved
to see certain parts of the story play out
a little bit longer.
The film’s pacing is so perfect, so I’m not
sure if this would affect that, but certain
aspects felt a little glossed over.
I know I might be picky, but it is the first
thing I thought of after finishing the film,
so I have to throw it in here.
Overall, this will be in the top ten films
of the year.
It is a tremendous biographical film that
feels so powerful in the way it is so tightly
The performances are remarkable, along with
excellent writing, beautiful cinematography,
and superb directing.
This is a must-watch film for being such a
fantastic film and how important its message
is being so relevant today and experiencing
a part of our history that should be in the
I am giving “Judas and the Black Messiah”
a nine out of ten.
So let me know down below in the comment section
what you think of “Judas and the Black Messiah”
and how many Oscar nominations do you think
it deserves.
As always, I will see you all in the next

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