Jungle Cruise (2021) – Movie Review

disney continues to test the pvd waters
with jungle cruise
it’s fought over a movie to receive a
simultaneous release in theaters and on
disney plus
tree’s premier access model this is
coming right after the heavily touted
soccer star scene with black widow
earlier in the months
and much like that without film this one
was originally successive debut last
before being bumped a full year in the
wake of lockdowns and covered concerns
now that the film is finally out i’m
here to tell you whether or not it
manages to stay afloat
in uncharted waters hi guys michael
abbayimi here
and today i’m loving jungle cruise
all sailing puns aside jungle cruise
starts doing johnson as frank
a skipper who gets hired by brother and
sister seeking to explore the amazon
river in search of the fable tree of
their adventure is made all the more
perilous by the fact that they are being
haunted by german aristocrats
who also seeks to find the tree but
little do they all know
about the dangers that awaits them in
the depths of the jungle
jungle cruise is just elected disneyland
attraction to be

turned into a
full-fledged film
finally laughed at the very successful
pirates of the caribbean film series
as similar to those movies featuring an
oscar-winning performance by jenny
deplo’s jack sparrow
this one is also elevated by the star
power of his lead or leads to be
specific both strain johnson and emily
blunt give great performances
and the ensemble as a whole might that
make the movie worth the price of
the movie also has that sense of
adventure expect from fema about facing
the many dangers of the amazon
most of the said pieces were at least
too heavy on the use of cgi though
but even that is to be expected from a
film of this nature the main lead down
is in a generic story animal absence of
real stakes
no one see the movie did i fear for the
lives of his protagonists despite the
film’s attempts to convince me otherwise
but i imagine this was done to keep
things light-hearted and more
family friendly jungle cruise is a
fun-filled adventure film
that should appeal to fans of general
classics like those in indiana jones
but while it might not quite match those
films and share trails it still offers
many of its own
while serving as a showcase for a
star-studded ensemble all of which come
together to make his adventure
ultimately work well
i’ll give the film a 6 out of 10.
we’ll be checking out jungle cruise
anytime soon let me know in the comment
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