Just Watched GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE!! Instant Reaction & Review

the thing with the glove I had a moment where what causes him to acquire the glove I guarantee you mark my words right now when you watch Ryan George’s pitch beating you are going to hear him say super easy barely an inconvenience which I’m very torn on because

it’s really funny to me the the the way that that is handled but it is the kind of that you will see and you will raise an eyebrow out wondering why they chose to do it like this citizens of the re reject Nation we are here at IMAX

HQ once again just got out of Godzilla multiplied by Kong we’re going to give you our full spoiler-free review right now but before we do that I just want to say a big big thank you to IMAX for having us out movie of this scale featuring characters this

darker and it is the Premier way to see the movies they shot it with IMX cameras too oh did they yeah see some of the expand aspect ratio CH most of the monster Styles it is larger than life so do yourself a favor and go get that expanded

picture and sound quality in your life Godzilla XCOM what is it about and how is the movie well we’re picking up a little bit into the Future

Past Godzilla versus Kong uh there is outposts established in the hollow Earth there is kaiju activity Titan activity on the surface

and a new threat is lurking from deep within uh some of the Uncharted areas of Hollow Earth and all that is about to become our problem what you think of the movie G do you like it I would say that there are definitely Parts I either really liked

or really loved and there are parts of this movie that I also feel very strong about that I really did not like stuff that surprised me about that I didn’t like especially after having loved the first movie now right now guys there is a massive reception going on

over there the director is over there really nice guy I got to ask him a few questions as well staring at us right now we’re just over here because it’s a lot quieter part of me is tempted to be like oh he’s so nice I should only say

only positive thing really makes you want to and getting you know a clipse into how these things are made it does make you appreciate you know what is being done and achieved however you got to be honest about the film and there are a lot of things that

I really genuinely did love about it obviously you know it goes without saying the action is great it’s bombastic it’s allows moments to get weirder he loves his spinning winding shots in this one represent representative of the hollow Earth our world being turned upside down often times I

think you know some of the more Fantastical camera movements in these kinds of movies can detract or can make things feel a little less scopic however in this Ace I really appreciated a lot of the more out there camera choices they were making especially in one particular sequence

that involves unique gravity I will say yeah there are parts of this movie that kind of reminded me of things that James gun were was going for specifically with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in terms of the tone the music choices some of the specific visuals that

actually Happ happen in this movie as well a lot of the things that it seemed like Adam Wingard was holding back on in the first one or showed some restraint he kind of went all out on for certain sequences and the main element like the question that I

actually asked him is there a party that’s tempted to make one of these without any humans at all and just do it with the monsters because there are so many sequences in this film that are teasing the trailer like with Kong and this little ape called uh suko

even sequences with the scar King the other Apes that you see there I really love the dedication to having scenes even a couple of scenes with Godzilla like the scene when Godzilla and Kong first encounter each other there’s a really funny moment there that doesn’t feel out of

place and it’s it’s within the how the characters respond to each other that I love those scenes go on they gestate for quite a significant period of time with no subtitles just body language and behavior you watch character growth happen you watch emotional changes occur in the scenes

you watch relationships velop intensity tension so much of the actual emotionality that you grasp on to in this film is in these scenes where there’s literally no humans in sight it is strong and it’s impressive it’s like watching a silent film almost but you know there’s like cool

sound design happening or like one of those old Ray hary hous kind of things where it is just yeah just the beauty of the animation and the creatures interacting with each other and feeling like even though you’re aware that this is a fantasy and its movie Magic like

you’re peering in on some kind of sci-fi by Nature not documentary cuz obviously they’re more characterized than that but yeah you feel like you’re peering into a forgotten land of some kind that it’s doing them I me I love the character of suko uh easily the relationship there

is essentially the heart of the movie and while I ultimately didn’t think in in isolation the scar King was that great of a villain uh his first scene with Kong though is absolutely an excellent scene that I really do feel like a lot of people will be raving

about and rightfully so and I will say too there are surprises that happen in this movie without saying a lot there’s a there’s a lot more monsters than the trailers would even have you believe like there kind of a lot at times it goes maybe didn’t e this

many but there are but there are a significant amount more that allow for a variety of different set pieces locations of where to have your fight scenes go down our sets and whatnot it’s pretty cool the main thing you show up for when you want to see a

monster movie and you get the monster Mayhem action it delivers it’s like really cool and there are some surprises as well like I said with certain uh monsters that do appear and it looks really good all the way around like for as many of these again big CGI

effects driven movies as we see nowadays I am the kind of viewer who often times will see scenes on stuff but for a lot of this I felt like they realized it and they animated it so much but this kind of an animated movie that stuff I thought

came together cuz yeah there were a lot of great visuals where the color palette was Exquisite to behold there were many moments too that kind of reminded me of of a bunch of different Sci-Fi movies I was even talking about Beneath the Planet of the Apes at one

point moments that felt like sci-fi B movies feels like Journey to the Center of the Earth not to punt it up but like Hollow Earth does have this really fun Fantastical science fiction kind of majesty about it that feel like one of those old ventro movies also a

little Temple of Doom in here little Temple of Doom a little bit of Peter Jackson’s uh King Kong movie as well here are my gpes for this movie that sound like you’re beating a dead horse at this point cuz you kind of hear this with all the movies

at the monsterverse the question with every monsterverse movie is the same question and each one comes out with a wildly different balance between the answer Godzilla versus Kong the first one I really love that movie The only thing I really don’t like about it the storyline with Brian

tyon Henry and Millie Bobby Brown like I really hate those characters in that movie in particular I pretty much think it’s a near Perfect movie for for what they’re aiming to achieve and there’s a great buildup happening and now enough has been revealed over the many many months

in marketing that ah this is going to be like a team up movie with it’s that’s why it’s called Godzilla xcong they’re going to have an enemy that a common enemy they have to fight I really felt like the human storyline in this one was especially cumbersome okay

I get you’re trying to infuse a little bit something here like someone gave you a note to try to give more emotionality here with Rebecca Hall and guia make it more of a motherdaughter relationship let’s get Dan Stevens in here to give it a little more levity and

while everyone is is technically like they’re they’re showing up it really just bored the hell out of reality it takes up so much of the movie and it can get so boring that it made the action less exciting cuz you have two and a quarter of a plot

that eventually converge whereas the last movie well while there’s a lot of human stuff in there it’s intertwined in a more focused way with Godzilla and Kong throughout whereas here it takes a while before it all coalesces so a lot of the journey can kind of feel a

little boring the balance I thought was really off I thought the first movie was more focused like it’s a solid buildup in that first film and here the main plot that’s teased in all the trailers that you maybe you’ve already heard about you know with having to fight

the scar King that comes in like so late into the it feels like past the halfway point and then by the time you get to the the team up part of it it just feels like we I’m like weird I feel like they rushed a plot here well

it doesn’t feel doesn’t feel like they built it doesn’t feel like the movie is building toward that or is about that threat in particular until kind of late in the movie where it appears that oh yes this will be the kind of main big bad we got a

EV or whatever yeah it just becomes like a little unnecessarily complex with a bunch of humanity mythology that just Falls so flat in its Exposition it seems to be working really hard to justify uh the existence of God’s Zilla and Kong teaming up for a few minutes Godzilla

where he’s definitely like not the main character in the last one he’s definitely the the supporting character his presence looms always and here they cut to Godzilla randomly a lot just blowing up or doing something godilla in this movie reminded me of Scrat in the ice age for

a lot of it because it does feel like you’re watching like some animated movie where there’s this like silent sea plot that you cut back to every once in a while to be like a comic strip to compliment everything else but yeah just kind of you’re taken back

by that fact when you’re like oh yeah we cut to Godzilla for like a minute and then we cut away for 20 he essentially feels like an extended cameo in this movie I don’t feel like Godzilla is trly a supporting character in this movie and by that standard

that part of it is certainly a let down for a god being a Godzilla fan that that part is a let down it does feel like we had to have Godzilla in here but I really feel like from what we saw here from what Adam Winger has especially

talked about that his interest don’t really lie with with the human characters I think it shows in both of these movies like they really dive deep into the mythology of the humans at uh at habit Hollow work but that’s all it is it’s just a bunch of exposition

in a very kind of mundane sort of way like I didn’t find any of it really to something very familiar and the components that kind of flesh out that whole plot line are very much like not to spoil anything but yeah it’s very much like a chosen one

special kind of we need you to be the link between two societies and and it’s something that is played well by the actors but isn’t really that interesting in scripting and while you’re hearing this right now going okay but the things that you’re saying are are the things

that are supposed to be like what I’m showing up to this movie for you’re saying they’re great and that’s all it matters humans are always boring the difference is the for me on this go around the time dedicated to the humans just really felt bogged down the movies

pacing and overall energy where it felt like unnecessarily conver deluded what it’s not really that complicated but it feels complicated it makes it yeah it’s weird it’s like there’s a lot of stuff in now nowadays especially I think you’re apt to just kind of look past because sci-fi

mumbo jumbo we all get it and yet there’s something about the way this movie plays certain elements that do like cause you kind of to go wait a minute though how like in a way that you don’t want to be thinking about because I think a lot of

people want to look past that stuff and it may be like this cuz it can be they could go for the fun and the weird but then it could feel tonally in conflict with itself when it is just with our really boring human storyline here I really feel

like it lost sight of its main story it’s like it’s a simple main story at its core Kong found a home but he’s lonely he finds suko and a bunch of other oppressed apes and he has to free them but that comes in so late into the movie

and ultimately again like I keep saying loses his Focus that emotional connection to Kong throughout the first one is what helps ground that film and here loses sight of what it’s aiming for its emotional Center to be and that little bit goes a long way to actually making

the entire film like how the last one proved an enjoyable experience throughout and it makes the action more engaging and rewarding as well and I loved all the things when it was just with the monsters it’s just I I want to looking back on the experience I I

was so annoyed by you see you feel like you had had the experience I had watch King of the monst because that’s the one for me that that aggravated me watching the hum again I can absolutely see how you would feel that way I thought all the actors

did a good job but I think the characters don’t bolster it’s like with GDK they found a way to make it so that like it seems almost aware that yeah no one’s here for the humans but they’re able to bolster what’s going on in an appropriate feeling way

whereas here it does feel like we’re going to focus on these people and their Journey until a point where you realize like not really where this movie’s hard end anyway so it feels like they’re kind of patched and there are moments where you feel like oh you know

their discovery of Hollow Earth maybe there’s a way that these two stories can synthesize in a very satisfying way and even the stuff with Gia and Kong while still endearing here you know loses some of that because it’s not as ingrained into the DNA of the story well

that was the part that gave the last movie heart with the with the humans was the relationship with Kong and Gia and like one thing I wish this movie really carried over was because I thought the last one really did have just enough heart and more importantly had

a surprising dose of a sense of wonder where here they are clearly infusing some plot stuff attempting to replicate that feeling but it’s it’s just not quite hitting and can at times feel more like a a note because it’s what the last movie did to hit rather than

than a genuine beat they sort of supplement that with the storyline with Kong and suko which has a lot of surprises in there there actually some really nice surprises of what they did I was like this is playing playing out at all like how I thought it was

going to play out cute merch character isn’t just cute merch character it was a nice surprise like there’s a real growth in trajectory with those two characters that I thought was excellent you don’t get Gia and Kong you get suko and Kong overall I’m like no it’s absolutely

worth watching IMAX because when you get when you get the visual pop in the sound I’m like wow this is really great to look at and if you can see it with like a crowded house that’s Jack to be there I have a feeling this will be really

fun still yeah and the final battle everything like yeah and and sure is the wow factor a little bit over because it’s like when you watch Avengers the first time you watch Age of Ultron and you’re like yeah I’ve seen The Avengers coming we know it’s possible so

w factor is a little bit diminished definitely prefer the first one but there the elements that they brought here with just the visual story telling I’m like wow I I I didn’t realize I was going to have such a massive takeaway with how strong stuff is really striking

and I and I and I do like Adam Wingard overall take on this world you know even again with the gripes that we do kind of share with this movie to one degree or another I still like his take and his Vibe about how he chooses to color

things and needle drops that he chooses whatever and and ways that certain things are characterized I would love for him to do a third one and like do no humans honestly I think people would actually op for that like of course you want to see more monsters but

at times it does become a little bombastic to to the degree where it never got there but it was almost at a Transformers level for me where it’s like all right we’re cutting into Godzilla and something fighting I don’t know what’s going on here but sure why is

that thing too like you’re used now the further we get into time and Cinema the the more used you are to seeing you know Big Stuff smashing other big stuff there were times when I was afraid I was going to slip into that for the remainder and it

would frequently pull me back with something exactly that movie that’s what I mean I never the movie I never got to a point where I was like you lost me I’m checked out like it would be a back and forth I was having and that’s where the dichotomy

is happening for me right now there’s still stuff in here I would love to see Contin or expand exactly exactly I I really do think the the action again great even if it’s at times I’m like okay A little little much but brain is turning into liquid yeah

I feel like my brain’s getting smashed but the visual storytelling I thought was excellent I’m done John I give it a s out of 10 s out of 10 that’s not bad I think I might I might agree with you I’ll go 7.28 what did you think of

Godzilla X Kong where would you rank it among the uh legendary Warners monster verse films what mathematical symbol are you looking forward to Godzilla and Kong doing to each other next leave it all down in the comments that might be 6.5 uh oh we should I know I’m

hovering we should do check back in review I’m thinking about what I don’t like something like a 6.5 I feel very strong about what I really liked and I feel very strong about what really bored me and and that’s the one emotion I really don’t like feeling is

Bored yeah that’s the worst thing especially movie like this annoy is second worst Bor is top so to me I’m like bored is the worst so so uh yeah and I I was I I I will say I was I was bored at this man the R I

was like man I love this cat you I can St rejecta

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