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what happens when you take a group of
who are useless without one member and
you pit them against a villain who has
severe mommy issues the answer is
justice league
so this dc movie was released back in
november 2017
by zack snyder and jose whedon i know
this is a very sensitive topic
that you can have like a lot of debate
on this

which is better marvel or dc
as far as the comics and the characters
goes i like both
however when it comes to feature films i
always find that marvel does a much
better job
at creating these superhero movies as
compared to dc
but that doesn’t mean to say that i
don’t like dc movies in general
batman dark knight which was directed by
christopher nolan featuring christian
bale and heath ledger happens to be one
of my most all-time favorite movies
that being said this video is purely
based on this how this whole movie is
directed the characterizations of it
different characters the plots so on and
so forth
and what were my expectations when i had
gone into the movie
as many of you know this movie is
basically a sequel to batman was a
superman that was released back in 2016
where superman dies at the end of the
movie it is also part of the whole dc
movie franchise where you have a group
of superheroes like batman
wonder woman aquaman flash
superman who basically come in together
form a kind of a group
similar to the ones that you have in
kitty parties and pretty much beat the
cap out of anyone who basically
to destroy earth now justice league has
tried to add in humor
throughout the movie but it has failed
i don’t not i had to willingly put a lot
of stress on myself
to go back to this movie and then
reviewing it in detail just so that i
create this video and every time i watch
the movie i
can’t help but ask myself the basic
why god what are you doing
so then with the background set let’s
get into the characters
so first up we have flash now needless
to say speed as a superpower
within the series he is portrayed to be
a kind of a super genius
similar to that of spider-man but then
over here he basically
is useless
the only contribution that he has
actually made to this movie is kick
starting the mother box
to revise superman but we’ll get that to
in a bit apart from that he is pretty
much caught off guard throughout the
do you really think that oh
wow they just they really just vanish
when he’s asked to run
he is absolutely clueless i need you to
take a walk
god i hope this is east i get the fact
that they try to add in a bit of playful
humor and element to this flash
character as a whole as
what they had did with spider-man back
marvel comics
it’s just not working out he looks
completely out of place and he looks
awkward to say the least all that being
said i just can’t look at this running
without the image of bambi trying to
walk on ice popping up into my head
next up we have wonder woman as far as
character goes
she had her own movie called the wonder
woman that was released back in may 2017
and she’s an amazonian
her skills are basically the lasso of
truth and she has some special gauntlets
that is able to deflect bullets
and she can basically create some sort
of a shock wave when she bangs them
also if she’s in a mood she doesn’t mind
explaining her superpowers to villains
the lasso of hestia compels you to
reveal the truth
now who are you next up we have cyborg
now frankly i do not know what to make
of this character he does seem to be
going through a lot of struggles
but the fact that he doesn’t get much
screen time you’re not not really able
to make sense of what’s going on
now it’s time for aquaman now based on
his performance in game of thrones he
does seem to have quite a female fan
following as a character he’s basically
a person who carries a pitchfork
and there’s somewhat of a cross or a
mashup between
black panther avatar and
thought turns out he also has a bit of
matthew mcconaughey in him
all right all right all right
now if you do not know the full extent
of his powers
it’s fine you’re not alone even batman
doesn’t done in fact he recruited him
into justice league
and do you talk to fish
now we have superman he’s undoubtedly
the most important guy of the show
they could have easily changed the name
of the movie from the justice league to
superman and his sidekicks and it would
have made a bit more sense he
single-handedly beats the super villain
who is supposed to be very powerful
and he also keeps jumping in and out of
battles as he pleases it’s kind of like
how you
switch from one movie in netflix you go
on into the other one then you pause it
and you go on into the other one
so that’s pretty much what superman does
throughout this entire movie
whether it be beating the daylights out
of the bad guy separating the mother
or even saving civilians he is pretty
much everywhere
the justice league just can’t seem to
handle their own ground without him
here’s the part that i really do not
look forward to
batman the last and definitely the least
they may have tried to make him seem a
bit more human but they have completely
lost him in the whole process
i don’t i’ve never seen
batman getting beaten around and thrown
around like a ragdoll so much in his
entire franchise as i’d seen
him in this particular movie
seriously batman even a minion is
tossing you around
he also seems to be quite bulky as
compared to dark knight
i mean the best supporting role in this
movie should actually go to the batsuit
considering the amount
of stress it had to manage just to keep
it all in together
the pretty remarks that batman is
typically known for has turned into
cringe-worthy jokes and moments
and do you talk to fish
and my biggest pet peeve of all batman
running out of ammo
i mean apart from ammo what power does
he have
what are your superpowers again i’m rich
fine you might argue you know what
that’s not his gun but come on at least
the fact that he knows that the minions
are coming up he could have at least
devised some kind of a
weapon with unlimited ammo i mean i’m
coming into a super movie i’m definitely
leaving some part of my logic out the
window when i’m coming to watch this
i must say though fat man has definitely
improvised and found a new way to beat
he’s using his newfound holiday weight
oh my
how much do you weigh ross
i prefer not to answer that right now
i’m still carrying a little holiday
wait um am i forgetting someone
oh yeah there’s the green lantern
so he’s basically the guy the flying guy
with the ring on
yeah if you’re wondering where he is
well here’s the answer
god damn that’s beautiful
you’re welcome so with superman and his
group of lackeys out of the picture
let’s have a look at the super villain
so this dude with long horns in his
helmet is actually part of dark seeds
who is somewhat like thanos in a way
not steppenwolf but dark seed so he was
beating basically a long time ago on
earth when he fought with the amazons
the men and the atlanteans
now he’s back for a bit more oh and did
i forget to mention that he has
severe mommy issues i see
mother i know mother
you’ve been near the box whose scent is
on you
where is my mother
of horrors
the only other character who i came
across was this possessive was this
little fella
and as expected steppenwolf does tend to
overestimate his powers
quite a lot so before i go into the next
part of the video
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so this movie is for about duration of
two hours
which pretty much feels like an ordeal
for most of it
the initial 50 minutes of the movie is
basically spent trying to gather this
group of sidekicks together
and also giving some sense of a
backstory to the folks who haven’t yet
received their own feature film
so the next 10 minutes these group of
assembled sidekicks basically get their
backside handed over to them by
really it just takes 10 minutes for the
villain to beat the crap out of the
superheroes and then take the whole
mother boxes away
i mean are you kidding me so clearly out
of water
the team of sidekicks then spends the
next 30 minutes trying to revive
and once he’s back superman basically
beats them again
with superman mia or missing in action
the group of sidekicks then decide to
take on steppenwolf again
as if they’ve clearly not learned
anything from what
their past experience was but hey i mean
they’re superheroes right what is that
they’re going to do
so kudos to their bravery
now superman finally decides to turn up
and someone has a fan movement
once he comes in to the movie he
basically beats steppenwolf
he rescues a bunch of civilians not a
bunch i mean the building of civilians
and quite literally a building of
superman also separates the mother boxes
and this is in just four minutes i mean
talk about anticlimactic
superman man of steel actually gave him
a much
harder time with the opponents as
compared to justice league
and this is supposed to be like a group
of superheroes who banded together so
you would
naturally expect that the villain would
be even more powerful
steppenwolf could have may very well
easily become
a side plot in the man of steel i mean
that’s how weak here is
compared to the other villains that
superman has fought in the past
all that said and done towards the end
of the movie superman finally decides to
race against flash so now you have the
flying man versus bambi
by the way during the end credit scene
even the arch nemesis
lex luthor who pretty much looks like a
kid straight out of high school
decides to start an alliance to put it
shouldn’t we have a league of our own
i didn’t know they were handing out
alliances in the supermarket i mean
who’s next
i was thinking that it might be a good
idea if you and i
formed an alliance
to summarize this movie this is the
well honestly this movie could have been
much much better
if they would have just focused a bit
more on the villain and actually stayed
true to what the characters are all
about but hey that’s just me and my
personal opinion
by the way there’s a new batman movie
that is coming out in the year 2022
any guesses as to who’s playing the new
batman it’s like diamonds
yeah that’s right it’s robert patterson
no god please no no no
so the vampire who sparkles in the sun
watches girl sleep at night will now be
molesting sorry haunting the local
thugs in the small back alleys of gotham
interesting that is after he learns to
ride his bike properly
you’re fake laughing too right the tears
are real are you excited for the batman
movie i certainly am not
so then thank you so much for watching i
really hope you enjoyed this video
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