Juventus Fourth Kobra Jersey 21/22 (24FCStore) Player Unboxing Review

Hop! Hello,
today we will see this beautiful jersey, the fourth of Juventus, for the 21/22 season, the one in
collaboration with the artist Kobra, in the Player edition, that is the one worn by the players.
Football and street art, Kobra, Juventus and Adidas, a common vision, a unique and innovative jersey.
Born from the sensitivity of the Brazilian artist and from the values ​​of inclusiveness that have always
distinguished Juventus sport, the Quarta Maglia 21/22 is a real celebration of colors.
Characterized by a geometric pattern, perfectly interlocked, it plays on shades
of white, blue and orange. Finished with the classic Adidas stripes on the shoulders,
it looks like a unique garment, which embodies the passion for art and football.
A Manifesto Shirt in honor of a more inclusive world.
Are you here? What do you think?
In my personal ranking this takes 5 stars, in my opinion it is a beautiful shirt
with really wonderful colors, it is one of my favorites of last season,
among other things it arrived towards the end, so it is as if it were the new season.
I remind you that in the description you will find all the references to order the shirt and, above,
you can see the cost, as you can

see very low, at this point you just have to try.
The shirt is really well made, perfect in every detail, with bright colors,
with the seams that do not bother,
really a nice surprise and also the shipping was fast as usual.
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more reviews in the future. That’s it for today, bye!
I am 1.75 meters tall and weigh about 70 kg,
what you see is a Large size of the Player or Authentic version.

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