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Do you see them alive?
Yes, right! But the government records prove that they are dead.
What is the most important thing in our life?
Is it our dress, food, family, shelter?
Nah, it’s not that!
It’s KAAGAZ! Kaagaz means paper.
If you’re going to apply for a passport, buy gas,
to get school admission, college admission or to invest,
Kaagaz is essential.
Today, we are going to talk about a movie named KAAGAZ.
It’s a movie review in Tamil (with eng subs)
The actual person is Lal Bihari Mritak
Pankaj Tripathi played his character
in the name of Bharat Lal
The story goes like this. He goes to the bank to get a loan,
but the government records would have declared him dead.
Whereas he was alive and kicking.
For almost 19 years, he fought against the government.
For what? Hey man, I exist and the records are wrong, change it!
And so he struggled.
And I’m going to share 4 interesting incidents out of his life.
The first incident is, he has arranged his own funeral
to show that he is alive on top of his deathbed.
The second incident is, he and his wife went to the government
and asked

for a widow’s compensation.
But the government didn’t issue it.
In the third incident, I told you that his name is Lal Bihari Mritak right?
Mritak refers to a dead person.
Just like Late Mahatma Gandhi.
This picture that I showed you at the beginning,
They belong to the Mritak Sangh,
that is the association for dead people
and this was started by Lal Bihari Mritak.
To date, there are approximately 20,000 members in this association
and most of them are based in Uttar Pradesh
And after almost 15 years,
only 4 have been declared alive by the government
in which Lal Bihari Mritak is one of them.
In the fourth incident,
Pheww, he’s got a lot of guts.
He stood in the elections opposing Rajiv Gandhi.
Not to win in elections, but to gain popularity.
Pan card, aadhar card, license, ration card,
10th & 12th certificate, birth & death certificate..
you have it safely right?
Not your death certificate, but of your forebearers.
You have it right?
My parents used to say that
if the house is on fire, the most important things,
which one?
KAAGAZ, should be kept safely in a suitcase.
If the house is on fire, you have to take this and run!
Do you have your papers correctly? Safely? In a box right?
If not, do this work first!
No drama please, papers are the keys!
Wanted to deliver a punch line, but hope you got it!
I know you’re a genius.
Okay, Take care! Don’t forget to watch this movie.
Do tell me how you felt after watching the movie <3
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