KARATIVA JEWELRY UNBOXING & REVIEW (discount code, necklaces, musical jewelry box)

hey guys i’m nia welcome to or back to my channel  
hey guys for today’s video it is sponsored by 
karativa jewelry thank you guys for sponsoring  
this video and for karativa jewelry i will be 
doing an unboxing and review so you guys can  
see what the jewelry looks like and definitely 
check them out if you don’t know about karativa  
let me educate you okay i have everything written 
on my phone so if i’m looking down that’s why  
karativa offers classy and elegant jewelry designs 
at affordable prices that you can wear on a daily  
basis special occasions or give as a gift each 
piece of their jewelry is carefully crafted and  
hand engraved they have necklaces rings jewelry 
sets the thing that makes karativa different from  
all of the other jewelry companies is they 
have men’s jewelry and make custom design  
music jewelry boxes they also sell regular jewlery 
boxes they know love is a treasure so they value  
every detail and hope everyone can have their 
own unique jewelry i highly recommend to give  
this jewlery as a gift because valentine’s 
day is coming up soon and people’s birthdays  
to get to their website there will be a link in 
my description and if you purchase something do  

not forget to use my code nia10 for 10 
off and the pieces that you will see in  
this video will also be in the description 
so let’s get straight into this unboxing
this is what the box is looking like once you 
first open it very very good packaging first  
this is the box it says karativa on the front 
okay let’s open this up okay i’m gonna pull it  
out looking nice this is so adorable oh 
my god this is so cute if i can open it  
it comes with this i think this is to like clean 
the jewelry off just to keep the maintenance up it  
says karativa right there to and it just comes 
in this thing so i think you can just put it  
back very very easily it says this greeting card i 
think this is to like hold the jewelry right here  
and this is the actual box it comes with a 
jewlery care which is very very important  
you want to take care of your jewelry comes with 
all the steps it comes with like a little gift bag  
so if you’re getting a gift for somebody which is 
very very convenient i love how they put this it  
was just in the bottom of the box okay so i asked 
for two necklaces this is guys i am so excited  
it was in here so i opened it up it was right on 
the top but this is so nice and the material in  
here is very very nice so this is the first one 
i think it’s like a pink necklace open this up  
this is what the whole necklace looks like so 
it’s like a rose gold let me see if my camera  
will focus on the heart looks so pretty has like 
some type of crystal see if i can get closer
you haven’t said you guys cannot lie this is it so 
let’s try it on i have the necklace on it looks so  
pretty so that’s what it’s looking like i highly 
highly recommend this necklace for valentine’s day  
the most adorable thing so yeah that is what the 
necklace is looking like will i rate it 10 out  
of 10? of course now next is this bigger necklace 
let me take the necklace out of that this necklace  
is longer let me get close so you guys can see you 
guys see how shiny this one is very very beautiful  
okay so i got the necklace on looks so 
pretty different angle looks very very nice  
then this is the other necklace together 
these will both be in the description so  
you guys can go check them out they both look so 
beautiful highly highly recommend both of them  
so that is it for the necklaces now i did 
get a music box they had both blue and red  
i think or pink yeah i think they have blue and 
pink if i am for sure i’m opening it up this is  
what it first looks like yeah i got the blue one 
it looks so pretty look at this ahhh looks so good  
amazing okay let’s see i can take this out  
so this is the bottom so this is 
is the most adorable thing ever  
so this is a 360 look at my eyes
okay so this is what’s looking 
like very very beautiful open it  
so you can take this whole thing 
out oh the music thing’s right there
it’s like i’m getting ready 
for like an elegant ball  
so i’m going to try to mute this so i can talk 
so this is for like i guess like a necklace and  
you can put like rings or like earrings 
right there and it came out of here so  
you can just like slide it right back but yeah 
and the music stops but like when you open it  
the music goes back on but i think this is like a 
very very cute accessorize to it i’ve never seen  
anything like this so i highly highly recommend 
checking them out they put love and hard work  
into this so guys that’s the end of my unboxing 
and review video i really really highly recommend  
karativa because like how can you just diss this 
but thank you karativa again for sponsoring this  
video thank you thank you so much i really 
love the jewelry and the jewelry box i highly  
recommend for you guys to go check them out the 
links for the jewelry and the jewelry box will  
be in the description below and a direct link 
to their website do not forget to use my link  
nia10 when purchasing to get 10 off do not 
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video i will see you guys on my next video bye

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