Kauai HAWAII Food Review

Hi guys
good morning
how are you?
this time we are in Nawiliwili Kauai Hawaii
and now we are close to Harbor Mall
there is one restaurant
South East Asia Restaurant
one of Thai autentic Restaurant
and we would having lunch there
let’s go
this is the restaurant guys,
nice,clean and cozy
hmm..and this is an open air/outdoor
lovely restaurant
from this side we could see Nawiliwili beautiful Kauai HAWAII
and from this side facing to the beach
lovely restaurant..
now we are right here at South East Asia Restaura
and we’re get this menu list
as you can see
there are so many menu selection
from appetizer,maincourse,dessert
ohh lovely
beside Thai reguler meals
it provides sushi and sashimi as well
so it becomes mixed-combination South East Asian Cuisine
ok,it’s nice
so this tme we will order Thai Cuisine
as ussual it will be great if we order Pad Thai
so this time we are going to order
Pad Thai,Tom Ka Ga,
fried rice as well
for beverage we’re going to order
Thai iced tea
as a complimentary
once we arrived we’ve got a glass of water
iced water served by the waitress

we’re waiting our order to be served
and we’re take a look at menu list
ohh really want to order all
but it is impossible
because we don’t have much time
and it takes lots of time if we try all of this stuff
so only few we can try
and hopefully that will be great
it takes a while to wait
Thai iced tea is ready
this is iced tea made of
made of iced tea,ice cube,
also milk
or thick coconut water
coconut milk instead
mmhh..great..try one more time
we did order meals while
we’re waiting they served this drink first
it’s okay
so this isThai iced tea
it basic ingredients
iced tea with..
it supposed to be like this (stirred it well)
try it
mmhh great
one more time
it amazing guys
Meals is now ready
2 steamed rice
Penang Curry
and then
Tom Ka Ga right here
and also
Pad Thai
it comes together with some condiments on the side
let’s try
this is Penang Curry
there are
we see it inside
chicken breast
coconut milk
cucumber or zuchini inside
with autentic Thai recipe
ours similar with curry
but it’s cuisine ala Thai
so tasty
one more try
and this is one of Thai dishes that I like so much
this is my favourite meals that I enjoy it so much
this is Pad Thai
normally when we order it
they will ask what it comes with
with some option pork,beef,chicken
or shrimps
this time I ordered Pad Thai with shrimps
nice texture,nice presentation,
let’s try how it taste
we try it
it’s so delicious
try with this shrimp
perfect guys
so this is soft rice noodle
it’s original
soft noodles not instant noodles
homemade noodles instead
soft,delicate rice noodles
so it made of rice noodles
let’s try again
so perfect
next we try Tom Ka
similar with Penang Curry
but it only different of ingredients
this time I ordered Vegetables Tom Ka
There are tomatoes,zuchini
in coconut milk
it’s great
let’s try
amazing it’s so tasty
we try it one more time
Perfect guys
one more try
so delicious
this will be perfect when we enjoy Tom Ka
this actually soup ala Thailand
but we could request
additional steamed rice
so we enjoy it with rice
together with Tom Ka
now with rice
try it
one more try
it’s perfect guys
well that’s all guys our journey today
reviewing meals at South East Asia restaurant
located at Harbor Mall Nawiliwili Kauai HAWAII USA
hope this show is useful for you
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