Keith Lee in Dallas: TikTok food critic begins tour, reviews two restaurants

Good morning Tik Tok, famous food critic Keith Lee is here in North Texas and he is wasting no time already hitting some of our local popular restaurants. It’s like a really high level, high quality turkey meat that you get on a sandwich. Mhm. Absolutely. Is this the best rib I’ve ever had? No. Is it good? Absolutely. I’m going a little bit past good. This delicious. You gotta get barbecue when you come to Texas. Keith Lee opting for Terry Black’s giving the meat some pretty solid reviews, especially those ribs. But before that, he visited Thunderbird Pies,

which is a Detroit style pizza place near White Rock Lake. Although the comments were filled with folks wondering why he opted for pizza in Dallas of all the options. Hey Lee posting some polls asking where he should go. So we’ll have to see what he tries next. But I’ll say this, Keith Lee, if you are watching this morning and you want to talk about food, you have an open invitation to come on daybreak. We like to talk food on the show. We talk food all the time. Keith Lee, you are welcome while you’re in town

to pay us a visit. I do know that he’s been looking for recommendations. Crag, uh, smoking ashes in Arlington one he should check out. Is there

any that you’d be willing to share? Are you keeping your places secret? Because you don’t want them to be, I’m gonna keep them secret. Keep them to myself and my wife and, and family and he doesn’t need my recommendations anyway. Well, II, I know plenty. I know too. You don’t want them to blow up so that you can still get the good. See. Well.

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