Kelly Rowland GOES OFF On AMA's For BOOING Chris Brown After He Won His Award

now the amas still decided to give Chris Brown an award even though they told him he couldn’t perform for no reason and I heard the fans were booing so let’s play the clip on his behalf excuse me chill out but I want to tell Chris thank you so much for making great r b music and I want to tell him thank you for being an incredible performer I’ll take this award bring it to you I love you congratulations and congratulations to all the nominees in this category oh not with the kiss at the end look

I’ma check you I’m gonna check you but I still love you that’s right Kelly don’t let them play with Christopher Maurice Brown favorite male R B artist award by the way Now American Music Awards if you gonna give an if you’re gonna give Chris Brown an award why not let them perform because you know that’s how it go they knew that they were going to give him this award it didn’t just happen out of the blue so why he can’t perform why it don’t make no sense to me and and I don’t want to hear

nothing about the Rihanna situation it’s been years Chris Brown has done plenty of stages since that incident working hard on his career Rihanna forgave

them I took him back threesomes with Karrueche the whole nine yards I don’t know nobody else who’s still tripping about that situation not trying to justify what he did it was wrong but let’s not act like Chris Brown’s career has been on some type of pause since that situation so it has to be something else to why the amas decided he couldn’t perform now I see fans booing I know that I

know it can’t be about Rihanna not 10 10 12 years later I was thinking maybe some of the fans were booing because they might have wanted to see him perform maybe but you know Kelly got him together all right um I I don’t know man I just feel like the amas missed out I think that would have been a big moment at their award show especially when award shows are pretty much dead I’m not sitting up watching look I’m not even watching the BET Awards no more you know what I mean so you you should

want to have big performances to bring people in and you know I get it they still had a packed house tonight you had uh Kodak Black Karrueche Machine Gun Kelly you know Kelly Rola Kelly Rowland like everybody came it was still a star-studded event but you know it it it felt a little funny when you did that to Chris Brown if you ask me and and I wish I kind of wish some of these black celebrities wouldn’t have showed up you know and made a little quick video and said hey I’m not going to the

American Music Awards tonight because of how they treated Chris Brown but y’all let me know what y’all think about this make sure you like the video and subscribe I’ll see y’all next time peace

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