Kemove Snowfox Review [Wireless, Hotswap, Full RGB]

hi everyone welcome back to the channel
today we were sent an entire keyboard to
this is the snow fox bike move it’s a 60
keyboard with a ton of great features
if you’re interested in getting one i’ll
leave the link down in the description
make sure you use my affiliate link and
you’ll help support me just by making a
purchase full disclosure keymove did
send me this product for free to review
it with all that other way let’s take a
closer look at this keyboard
the snow fox is a sixty percent hot
swappable keyboard with bluetooth 5.1
and rgb lighting
included in the package we have a small
assortment of some of the other switch
a usbc cable to both charge the keyboard
and use it as a wired connection
keycap and switch pullers so you can
upgrade your keyboard in the future
and of course the manual
and now we can look at the keyboard
itself overall the design of the
keyboard is very clean and functional
personally one of my favorite color
schemes is black and white and i think
this keyboard

pulls it off really well
the white parts have a nice clean finish
and the subtleness of the black details
really puts it over the edge for me
the keyboard comes with nice shine
through ppt keycaps and as you can see
it has side printing that indicates the
secondary functions of the keys
because it’s a 60 keyboard you’re going
to need to use the function keys to
access all the keys that aren’t present
the side printing makes it really easy
to remember what key those want as you
can see here by the arrow keys
media controls
the function row
and the lighting and bluetooth controls
as i said before this keyboard is hot
swappable and compatible with five pin
that’s really great for future
compatibility if you ever do decide to
replace the switches with newer ones
also as an added bonus because it is hot
swappable that means you can take these
switches that were pre-installed on your
keyboard open them up and lube and mod
them yourself
the top we’ll find the on and off switch
as well as the windows and mac toggle
and on the other side is the usbc port
again this is used to charge the
keyboard and it can also be used as a
wired connection
and lastly on the back we have a large
keymove logo and the adjustable rubber
now let’s go over the wireless
functionality bluetooth 5.1 guarantees
that the keyboard will have a stable
connection of up to 10 meters or 32 feet
and as for battery life the snow fox
comes with a 3 000 milliamp hour battery
while most other keyboards are using
only 1 000 or 1 900 milliamp hours
needless to say your keyboard is going
to last for a pretty long time
you can pair the keyboard with up to
three devices really easily
like i showed you before on the back of
the keyboard you’ll find two switches
want to turn the keyboard on and want to
select windows or mac
once you turn down for the first time
the rgb lights on the keyboard should
light up
to pair your keyboard simply hold down
the fn key and either the z x or c key
each of these keys will represent a
different bluetooth pair
after holding down the key for about
five seconds you’ll see the key begin to
from there simply go to the device you
want to pair it to and look for the
and just like that your pairing is
complete and now you can easily switch
to the different profiles by selecting
fn and zx or c
now take a look at the rgb lighting
it has a good brightness with a ton of
customization options
even without any software installed you
can cycle through a bunch of
pre-installed effects
and if you choose to install the
optional software you can fine tune the
personalization to your style
now let’s take a look at some of the
lighting facts that are built in
i think that this keyboard does a lot of
great things for the price being a hot
top keyboard definitely adds to it being
both beginner friendly and somewhat
future proof especially for beginners i
think a hot swappable keyboard is a
great idea to pick up as your first one
as you learn more and more skills in
this hobby you’ll be able to upgrade the
keyboard more and more and just try new
things out and have fun with it hot
swappable keyboards are a really great
way of introducing new members to the
hobby and in fact that’s how i got
started with it i know soldering and
things like that can be pretty
intimidating for beginners so this is a
really great way to circumvent that the
fact that the snow fox is also wireless
and has rgb lighting definitely helps it
stand out from the crowd
60 is a really great size for wireless
it’s really easy to travel with and
easily connects to whatever device
you’re using
that’s really useful if you’re going to
like a lan party or if you just game on
a laptop a lot you could even bring it
to class and take notes with it but in
that case you should probably go with a
quieter configuration it’s a really
great size to just throw into your bag
and once you get to your destination you
don’t have to worry about fiddling with
any wires
and as i said before the beginner
friendliness of this keyboard really
shows there’s actually a lot of mods
that you can do on this thing and if
you’re interested in me modding this
keyboard to help it realize its full
potential leave a like and a comment and
stay tuned for when that video comes out
okay if you’re interested in this
keyboard remember to use my affiliate
link down in the description get
subscribed if you haven’t already shout
out to my patreon because you guys are
awesome i’ll see everyone in the next

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