KENDALL JENNER Makeup Tutorial | Kendall x Kylie Cosmetics Review

it’s jackie and welcome back to my
channel for another celebrity inspired
makeup tutorial
in my tutorial i did that was inspired
by bella hadid
for foxy eyes on round eyes i showed a
picture that i did
from a tutorial of kendall jenner that i
deleted a lot of you’ve been asking for
the tutorial and i explained in that
that i just didn’t really like how the
look turned out so
in that time that i deleted it and many
requests came in for a kindle look
the kendall and kylie collection came
out from kylie cosmetics and i have not
kylie cosmetics just in general so i
thought it’d be fun to buy the whole
and then let you guys know what worked
for me what products that i would re-buy
from the brand
and also you know show you how to get
makeup inspired by kendall jenner
so if you enjoyed this and had fun you
know becoming a gender with me today
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let’s get into it i already have my
darker wig on and i’ve applied
kendall’s skin tone in these pictures
were a little

bit tricky to match so i
did it off camera
and then to start the transformation
i’ve popped in some brown contacts
i only wear colored contacts for
pictures or videos so i don’t really
promote them because
it’s always a risk to put anything in
your eye but let me know if you guys
think these ones look natural because i
have worn some pretty bad ones on this
and i think these ones are quite good
and not distracting so let me know
and i love this photo shoot here’s the
first look at the packaging for the
face stick trio the bronzer stick is
called act natural and it’s a cool taupe
it’s supposed to bring warmth to the
skin i like my all-over bronzer to be a
bit warmer than this on my skin tone
and layering the shade too much for like
a full snatch contour becomes a bit
like ashy and muddy so i like this on
very sheer foundation
for a no makeup makeup type of contour
really great in person makeup
but if you want to go for more color and
more of a snatched instagram type of
look like this photo shoot that i’m
trying to recreate
i definitely recommend powder because
you can add more depth with less product
so i’m going to show you guys how this
blends out because it does look really
but since i’m going more extreme i’m
going over it with a powder bronzer
overall this product is easy to blend
and looks natural on the skin
but for the work it took to blend i
could have got a stronger result
with powder in less time so it
definitely depends on what you like
moving on i’m adding concealer to
highlight my chin by my nose
under my eyes and down the sides of my
nose as well as jawline
and above the brow this will help make
the contour pop
and here i tried to build up the bronzer
stick one more time but you can see
adding too much product it did start to
look a bit dirty on me
but the second stick is the blush stick
and run away a warm rose and i had
better luck with this one i really love
it and i’ve worn it all week
it’s a sheer satin buildable blush that
provides immediate natural finish that’s
how it’s described
and you can use this on the lips as well
i think it has a really nice sheen to it
on camera though same thing i am going
to add a similar mac blush for more of a
so it like shows more but i love this
for in-person makeup again so my review
i like the sticks for every day on sheer
makeup but to get the look i’m going for
i brought in more powder and time for a
kindle inspired nose contour
with the tiny brush this one’s from
charlotte tilbury i’m pinching
in between the brows for a higher and
slimmer nose bridge up top
and i’m using an ashier brown shadow
from another palette
and then i’m creating a wider base
tapering down in a similar shape to this
photo of kendall
from the shoot you can really see how
her nose is contoured so i’m replicating
that as best as i can on my own shape
and blending as i go
this will look funny until the end of
the makeup before everything is
balancing it out
but i love creating a shadow above the
nose tip and then adding some
little divots at the tip for more
structure and i even added a bit of
shadow under my nose to make it appear
slightly longer
i feel like i gotta disclaim this but i
recreate contours for a challenge for
i don’t go out with my face contoured as
different people i don’t really
recommend it for every day at all
but um if you do take some of these tips
and tricks
to snatch your own features with the
lighter hand it can really look
good especially in photography finally
the spotlight highlight stick from the
this is an icy champagne and i liked it
my all-time favorite highlighter is by
charlotte tilbury and it’s also called
spotlight and i do prefer
the texture of that one but it is really
expensive so for 42 to get all three
i thought this was a pretty good deal
and i’ll be using them again but for
natural over glam looks like i’ve been
and i’m going to deepen up my brows and
try to straighten them a bit
i have wider thicker brows so my first
attempt got a little messy but the
second brow i used a lighter hand and
faded in the front of the brow with a
couple small strokes
and then brushed the hair across and
then up to give the tail a bit more of a
straight kendall vibe without plucking
any of my brows off
i follow mary phillips on instagram and
she’s the makeup artist for kendall
a lot of the time and did the makeup for
the shoot so she used the shade model
i started that on the brow bone
then i’m assuming cup of tea a matte
medium brown and i use this through my
own crease
slightly onto my lid to tone it down
because my eyes are
quite round and a little more deep set i
really like the lightest shade
for like an eraser type of shadow if you
make a bit of a mistake with a slightly
darker shadow you can blend the cream
over top and diffuse it so i’m doing
that with the nose contour
starting to deepen it up with brunettes
do it better which is a matte cool toned
taking this through the inner portion of
the lid and crease
and on the outer v it faded upwards into
that wing
i read from the post i’m telling mom was
used maybe that was under the lash line
but i went with
the same brunettes do it better to smoke
it out and add that almond shape
i thought the deeper shade might help
bring out more of an almond shape to my
super round eyes
overall the shadows were super easy to
work with i’ll show you
in a little bit some of the really fun
colors quickly to the eye
and to finish off the look i’m using my
all-time favorite eyeliner
super easy control especially when
creating a very thin line
so as you can see i’ve applied it to the
very inner corner
and then before i reach the outer corner
of the eye i’m going to taper it up and
out into a wing
leaving a gap to lift the eye upward and
outward and just check out the
difference that this little step gives
next product is the translucent blotting
powder this is used for final touch-ups
to eliminate the look of shine and it’s
pretty cool it’s a velvety gel powder
and you just tap the pad into it and
then press it over your skin
it’s also great if you have a pesky
pimple like i have a tiny one forming on
my cheek and as soon as i blotted it
it’s hard to see because it doesn’t pick
up the light anymore
one of my favorite mascaras is the
benefit bad girl bang and with this glam
look i’m not going to use falsies
but a thin layer of mascara fanning the
lashes outwards
and the bottom lashes i’m pushing them
upwards if you can tell this does give
a slight illusion of more boxy like eyes
by bringing the volume
up rather than downward which would just
accentuate the roundness and kind of
bring the eyes down
i love this makeup look and before i
move on to the lips i wanted to show
three of my favorite other shades from
the palette
and i’m definitely going to do another
look with these green shades and mix in
some browns on instagram
so follow me if you want to see more
looks with this palette
i think the palette really does capture
some of kendall’s most iconic looks
and the bright shades are really
pigmented so i’m impressed by the
and for the lip kit i surprisingly have
never tried a kylie lip kit and i’m
i’m really obsessed with the shade it’s
the sister sister lip blush kit
it’s a perfect rosy oh my god mauve or
why do i always mess that up anyways for
the kindle inspired
lip look we’re going to create a
stronger v-shape
i love the texture of this ultra creamy
wash of color
isn’t drying and it stays put it reminds
me of one of my favorite k-beauty
products that’s on screen
but the k-beauty product doesn’t dry
down so it transfers and this one
doesn’t which is awesome
and under a mask i wore it all day it
didn’t transfer
and we have two more kendall products i
really love from the collection the can
i borrow that high gloss
it’s a sheer berry color very glossy
adds shine without being really sticky
but stays in place and lasts a long time
and in the current state of the world i
mean gloss isn’t the most practical
thing with um masks
but if you are a gloss girl then this
one is pretty awesome final product is
the everything everywhere gloss
this is described as a versatile
shimmering face gloss that creates high
shine for a glass-like effect
and it’s probably my least favorite from
the collection in terms of like a
practical product
but if you’re a makeup artist or you’re
just experimenting with makeup and
you’re looking for something that you
can kind of do
more editorial looks to play with then
this one’s pretty cool
it has a shimmering copper hot pink and
rose gold shift to it
and there’s the completed kendall glam
inspired look using the collection
i hope you got some kindle makeup tips
and tricks and a good review i like
never do
reviews so let me know what you thought
and the wig is from pose wigs it’s the
same one i used in the aria montgomery
tutorial i did
bella hadid tutorial and yeah i’m just
adding some volume up top kind of
finessing it a bit and adding some
and it always takes me so long to get a
good shot um to do like a recreation
that’s the completed look and this
awesome top similar to kendall is from
verge girl which is my favorite online
site right now
for my little rundown of my top products
from this collection
i kind of already let you know as i was
going through the video
i will for sure buy a lip kit again i
love the feel of these products and i’m
so late to the game
i did also really love the gloss smells
amazing but
if you use too much i do find it drips
down so use this with a light hand but i
love this color combo
the next product that i did really enjoy
is the um translucent powder the
blotting powder
i think this is great for summer the
middle products for me
is the eyeshadow palette because of this
texture and the light cream shade i just
know it’s going to get so dirty
with my makeup won’t look that nice very
long um
but i do love these shades especially
the fun colors i think this is very
kindle i love her in green eyeshadow
so i’m excited to wear that more and
the least favorite products of the
collection the everything everywhere
i wouldn’t re-buy it’s cool that i have
it in my kit because i think it does
make really cool
um like pictures if you really gloss
yourself up but it is pretty sticky and
not the most
comfortable thing to wear and then the
sticks i’m just not a huge fan of cream
products as i talked about in the video
so there’s nothing wrong with it
um if you like cream products you’ll
probably really like these
but not for me and the one i would re
was the runaway blush stick i thought it
was really pretty and had a nice sheen
to it
so there’s my rundown i adore the
packaging i so wish that the photo was
like printed
on the palette maybe that would be tacky
i don’t know but
i’m just sad that i’m gonna get rid of
the boxes that have such beautiful
images so i might keep them
but anyway hopefully this was helpful
and if you enjoyed it make sure you give
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you try out any tips from these
i love to feature you and if you have
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below and i will see you in my next one
bye guys

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