KIA Carnival 8-Seater Review in 2022 /// Why CKD more expensive ?

when i got in the car Installed two baby Car Seats Then I tell my Lady Boss If the car launch eight months earlier a year earlier I will most likely not buy the CX-8 because It has several points that CX-8 can’t compete First it has… This is locally assembled in CKD Malaysia KIA Carnival It is priced from RM231,288 to RM261,288 CBU from Korea version The 11-Seater KIA Carnival RM196,340 I know you will ask “Why is CKD more expensive than CBU” Generally, we CKD a car the most important reason Just make it cheaper than CBU You

don’t have to pay so much tax But Why Why Made in Malaysia more expensive than imported from Korea Because of that 11-seater KIA Carnival Because the Malaysian government classifies it as Commercial Vehicle like a pickup truck They are exempt from Excise Duty and SST This eight- and seven-seater locally assembled Carnival don’t have this kind of offer It Belongs to the Passenger Cars category If you think RM231K to RM261K is expensive Might as well go see its brother Hyundai Staria That car sold for RM366,768 besides Bermaz Auto also offers 5 Years Warranty 5 Years Free Maintenance

Hyundai Staria only gives you 2 years Warranty So you can imagine equipment like this Has Adaptive Cruise Control Has Bose premium audio KIA Carnival with ventilated chair

If it’s not in Malaysia CKD It will definitely sell above RM350,000 The focus of today’s episode Just to introduce this eight-seater 8-Seater’s KIA Carnival because I think it’s currently Inside these four KIA Carnivals most flexible best to use The most practical style It’s not the best one though 7-Seater KIA Carnival But I think the 8-Seater is the best before the video starts Remember to subscribe to my channel Follow All four KIA Carnivals come standard LED daytime running lights Dual LED dual headlight design HIGH version has added High Beam Assist Automatically adjust high beams Rear 11-Seater with Bulb taillights CKD version comes standard with LED taillights Stronger sense of technology Interestingly KIA Carnival’s signal lights are detachable It’s where the Rear Bumper is. similar with Toyota Harrier And Hyundai Kona. KIA Carnival Length 5,155mm 210mm longer than Toyota Alphard Wheelbase 3,090mm 90mm longer than Alphard But 183mm shorter than Hyundai Staria Although they are all built on the N3 platform The most obvious difference between MPV

and SUV is Ground Clearance Its Ground Clearance is 172mm SUV of this size Generally 200-220mm All four Carnivals use 18-inch wheels Both are FWD front-wheel drive models 2.2L Turbo Diesel Engine and 8AT Transmission Has 199hp and 440Nm Although the horsepower is not high But Palisade’s 3.8L V6 Only 355Nm Carnival from 1,750rpm able to reach 440Nm The benefits of diesel engines It is evident Original factory recommended EURO 5 standard B7 diesel The biggest difference between SUV and MPV is Generally MPV A Proper MPV There will be Sliding Doors Electric side sliding door There’s a handrail here

After you get in the car You can pull this Handle You can also press this Button it will Auto Close The 11-seater Carnival I introduced earlier is four-row This is a three-row, eight-seater But although it is an eight-seater But strictly speaking It can be a two-seater if you want Because these three chairs can be dismantled not only dismantle You can even Rear Facing I’m not talking about Baby Car Seat Rear Facing is the whole Car Seat Terbalik turn upside down Face to Face you can play mahjong you can do whatever you want like every time

i travel to thailand I used to ride that Toyota Hiace Thai version both can whatever you like it’s very flexible You can even put these three chairs tear down the whole put the chair behind it becomes a two-seater Put the sheets in the back put the bed you want to camp you can sleep Because there is a Sunroof and can be open up There are also manual sunshades here Adjust the air conditioner here It is different from other SUVs It also has two air-conditioning vents at the back So this car is Except for the front

row There are a total of four air-conditioning vents in the rear The previous 11 seater The middle one is capable of Flip able to lift Then this can’t But you can just put it down it becomes your armrest can be used to put things with non-slip mat There are also two cup holders Something special is that Usually the spare tyres is placed in the trunk space under the trunk But because the spare tyre of this car is placed on under my feet Between the front and rear wheels its third-row seat backs are hidden Where the

spare tire was supposed to be When you put the third row seat back upright it has a hole a big hole a deep deep hole when you need to take your luggage Actually you can’t get it if it doesn’t stack up high 11-Seater’s words When you put the fourth row seat back in The floor is flat instead of recessing a hole 11-Seater can also be flipped up in the middle But it can’t be dismantled So in the three-row state The luggage space of the 11-Seater is Bigger than 8-Seater Because the third row of the 11-Seater

was cut into three pieces The third row of the 8-Seater has only two pieces So it will be wider bigger It looks like this You might think the 11-Seater is bigger But because the middle of the 8-Seater can be dismantled to the end in the most extreme cases 8-Seater is better than 11-Seater more lenient 8-seater Carnival middle seat in the second row Also has ISOFIX Basically the rear seats All have ISOFIX interface sitting in this chair because it’s missing a row so your chair is can slide so far Almost sticking to this chair Then you

can go back besides The inclination of the seat back can also be adjusted but it’s not electric seats If you buy the 7-seater HIGH This chair has Relaxation Seats like a massage chair “King chair” your feet can be straight It’s like a Business Class You see KIA Malaysia They are really Determined to eat this market you want 11 seater with cargo RM196K , it gives you you want to take your wife carry children Many It also gives you a seven or eight seater you have to take the boss It gives you Relaxation Seats you don’t

load anything you are just husband and wife you are going to camp Put Tilam in the back to sleep Also can It might… This chair is not Ottoman Seats Anyway, Lexus LM / Toyota Alphard that kind of chair It may not feel so VIP But it’s more on a Driver’s Car Can carry a lot of people at the same time If you’re going to talk about Atasness It’s really can’t compare with Alphard / Vellfire not “VIP” enough But Its leather Its panel Its material Piano Black Still very Premium you have ridden you have used you

saw it touched it You know KIA Carnival is a good car. Especially this brand new KIA Carnival start engine All four KIA Carnivals are used 12.3-inch center screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay The one I’m introducing now has a 360 Camera 360 Camera Among the four variant of KIA Carnivals Only 2.2D 8-Seater Mid version Using Reverse Camera Physical Instrument Panel for CBU’s Carnival This CKD’s Carnival uses 12.3-inch Digital Cockpit It can pass through different driving modes to switch styles It has Normal , Eco , Sport and Smart It has four styles for you to

switch Of course, the main point of this car is that CBU’s Carnival only has 6 speakers It has 12 speakers Bose Bose Premium Sound System Even next to the third row have speakers There is a Center Speaker here Has Tweeter There is Mid Range by the door, etc. And its this Bose sound system It’s not just Hardware Its Software is also very powerful like when i was driving long distances before It has Bose Dynamic Speed ​​Compensation It also depends on your speed Say you drive Say you drive to 140km/h it will turn up a bit

It gets louder when you drive to 160km/h if you turn this thing off The sound of the engine drowns out the sound Then there’s the Bose Centerpoint You turn on Bose Centerpoint its sound is concentrated in the middle Then the voice The voice of people singing will also be clearer relatively clear It certainly cannot be compared with Bowers & Wilkins Bang & Olufsen than But I think at this price This is below RM300K This Bose sound system is already very pretty because in other brands You have to buy RM300K-RM500k A sound system of this level

will be standard 2.2D 8-Seater HIGH I introduced With 2.2D 7-Seater HIGH Basically the same inside The difference between them is only in the back This high-end version Ventilation Seats here Heated Seats Heated and Ventilation Seats Here’s Auto Hold and EPB Then Gear Selector also a knob But it’s not MZD Connect or the knob for BMW iDrive It’s just a Gear Selector it’s not a knob Everything has to go through the Touchscreen but Although many things to Touchsreen However, the air-conditioned Panel is retained in the middle. Fan Speed Temperature this inner loop Rear Climate can be

adjusted through this panel Not like the new BMW iDrive 8.0 All integrated into the screen good and bad But I personally prefer something like this And it also has a physical Volume button And Tuner can be adjusted with these two knobs So it’s already a compromise It wants Digital, it doesn’t have Fully Digital Of course, the biggest difference between CKD in Malaysia is that It has a full range of active safety assist systems it has Adaptive Cruise Control Bottom right corner of steering wheel Button with Steering Assist There is also the function of following the

car in front You can actively control the distance with the car in front of you Has Distance 1 Distance 2 Distance 3 Distance 4 You can use individual buttons to adjust You don’t need to go to Adjust all through it Then you can choose to be in the middle You can also switch to can see the driveway On the right display go to Driver Assistance Blind Spot Monitoring Lane Keep Assist and more can be adjusted here This chair also has Lumbar Support electric seat There’s also a ‘Boss Switch’ here You can adjust the chair for

the passenger next door very good very practical inside glovebox This storage compartment is very large very deep But there’s no air conditioner inside so stuff in there It’s not from the fridge Overall this KIA Carnival is really Perfect invulnerable Sunroof can be turn on If you really want to be picky… can’t pick You want a Qi wireless charger Wireless Charger , he also gives you apa lagi Paddle Shifter it also gives you Ambient Light Ambient Light loses a little bit Because its Ambient Light is a luminous trim Not like VW , BMW , Mercedes Give

you beautiful lighting strips but i think It’s good enough lah because that thing is no practical use So KIA Carnival no opponent Win liao cornering Because it has Motor Driven Power Steering So when you’re cornering its steering system will It knows when to compare Stiffs When to compare Soft when you are driving at low speed its very easy to swing at high speed It will adjust the soft and hard according to the speed I think this Steering is a it gives you a lot of confidence at any speed You think this car handles well As

for power? This 2.2L Turbo Diesel engine Has 199hp and 440Nm Although the horsepower is not very high But this 440Nm Reachable from 1,750rpm Torque of this car Already a 3.6L V6 or 3.8L V6 petrol engine unattainable torque So you buy KIA Carnival no matter which one Four KIA Carnivals same Powertrain You don’t have to worry about it being weak Even if the body weight has exceeded 2,100kg very heavy But because there’s 440Nm to counter it if you are full Seems like I used to Media Drive We have four or five adults in the car Stepping

on the throttle when exiting the Plaza Toll It will spin. CKD locally assembled in Malaysia HIGH spec KIA Carnival comes with Smart Cruise Control whole system It can be regarded as a Semi-Autonomous Driving System. If you move to the line it will swing back to you Even such a curve It can help you we do not encourage you to do this because it’s for you But seriously This system is already Comparable to Volvo and other high-end brands Autonomous driving assistance system it has radar It has a detection lens to sense With Smart Cruise Control You

can adjust the distance from the car in front of you You can set Distance 1 2 3 4 I think this car is really a Great car for long distance driving Because when you get on the Highway This 3,090mm wheelbase car you can’t feel it 5,000mm length is fine It’s like you’re on a cruise ship a yacht Of course I know in Malaysia KIA Carnival’s opponent It’s the car in front of me also the majority of Malaysian consumers He has a budget of RM200K-RM300K they’ll buy those cars I think what about KIA Carnival it’s really

nice to drive especially when cornering If you ask me it compares to Alphard Estima Its Cornering is top notch Really are These cars are not enough But for comfort These Japanese MPVs might be better But I’m not saying Carnival is uncomfortable I was in this car From Shah Alam to Penang come back from Penang very comfortable And the chair behind its cushion is very good Very well equipped So it’s totally Brand Preference some people he is He just wants to buy Alphard and buy Estima he doesn’t see He even went to KIA’s Showroom He doesn’t

want to go in But those who have walked into KIA’s showroom looked at the car test drive tried sitting He’ll change soon I hope everyone wants to buy MPV at this price before Visit KIA’s showroom give this car a chance Although we have always emphasized that it is well equipped but i think Three pieces of a car Engine, Transmission, Chassis These three things are enough You need to test drive Carnival You just know the charm of the N3 platform High Strength Steel Ultra-High Strength Steel It’s not a Korean car anymore it’s a german car Appearance

from the body its designer its engineer Many are from German brands Probably BMW Audi from these brands Look at the KIA / Hyundai brand These FIT people will know That’s why many people still think “Kimchi Car” “Korean car” look at it with that attitude you are wrong. Do you have any questions about KIA Carnival What do you think of this car Also welcome to leave a message to discuss Or you are an MPV owner Also welcome to leave a message What are your requirements for MPV What do you think is a good MPV how long

should it be What equipment should be traffic jam Let’s see if there will be any frustration in the traffic jam unavoidable First Turbo has Turbolag 2,000kg+ you speed up brake again re-accelerate Passengers in the back get motion sickness about to vomit like i said before Driving an MPV, there is a way to drive an MPV What about driving an MPV? your golden right foot you are between the gas pedal and the brake pedal The accuracy of wandering should be fine-tuned Because you’re not driving alone? you have to take care of the passengers in the back

So you can’t suka suka jump brake you can’t suka suka throttle and brake you have to catch the timing when i got in the car Two Baby Car Seats installed Then I tell my Lady Boss If the car was eight months earlier Launched a year earlier I will most likely not buy the CX-8 because It has several points CX-8 is not enough where it comes First it has Sliding Doors This is the fundamental problem SUVs just don’t give you Sliding Door so you don’t have to think Besides, its air-conditioning vent is on the top Because

sometimes you put a child seat Front Facing is okay Your air conditioner is in the pillar in the middle can blow But what about when you Rear Facing The air conditioner was blocked by the back of the child seat. Put the air-conditioning vent on it I don’t care about you Front Facing Rear Facing even Side Facing Cold air can blow to your head make you feel cool its Convenience It’s very very convenient This kind of convenience is not something that an SUV can give you But the problem is that I live in a Condo My

Car Park is design is very stupid When turning left or right higher body shorter wheelbase still more flexible better agak “Some strengths aren’t always advantages” “Some strengths aren’t always advantages” concept like this I think if you are often you live in Landed House And you often have to run the Highway you don’t have a problem like me KIA Carnival is the Best It is your best choice. you don’t have to look at anything else you go to KIA Just find Carnival Its Signal is designed on the left Problems when moving from left-hand drive to right-hand

drive Normally The signal light lever is to follow the gear lever in another direction they cannot be on the same side On the same side , that means is wrong I used to drive a Manual car Signal is on the same side as the Gear Knob You look stupid when upshift and signal at the same time. But get used to it , it’s not a problem. I can’t get used to it Because I change cars every day I’ll get another car in two or three days So left or right I can’t figure it out myself

Let’s move on.

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