Kiki's Delivery Service | Book to Movie Review

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review of kiki’s delivery service
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i do kiki’s delivery service is one of my very 
favorite studio ghibli movies and i was really  
nervous to pick up the book when you fall in love 
with the character and a story and just the magic  
and the charm the way that i did with the studio 
ghibli movie you worry that it’s maybe it’ll be  
messed up you just don’t want any other kind of 
i don’t know any other anything messing up like  
your idea and your imagination of this character 
however i was so pleasantly surprised by the book  
i was completely delighted with the book so in 
case you didn’t already know kiki’s story kiki is  
a young witch and she goes to live in a new

all by herself she is only 13 but she has to work  
as a witch as part of her coming-of-age kind of 
ritual she starts a delivery service flying all  
around her new town delivering parcels and helping 
her neighbors and you know having adventures now  
i have watched the studio ghibli movie many times 
just over and over and over i even have purchased  
the sheet music for the music soundtrack of 
kiki so that i can play the music on the piano  
now other than the basic premise the book and the 
movie are quite different but they have the same  
enchantment the same charm the same kind of 
mood and flavor kiki is such a complete darling  
she is spunky and kind and generous she’s 
just so sweet and i love that sassy black cat  
gigi is so adorable and gigi and kiki have 
some really just funny adventures together  
i love the way that those two really stick 
together they rely on each other no matter  
how crazy things get kiki meets so many delightful 
people as she flies around delivering the mail she  
meets young people she meets an old lady who 
is incessantly knitting she makes a laundress  
a tugboat captain and an artist who paints her 
picture and of course her first friend and her  
best friend is osono the baker lady the pregnant 
baker lady and it’s just so interesting to see  
how these people react to kiki and her magic and 
her ability to fly and of course kiki wins their  
hearts with her sweetness the only characters that 
are really the same from the movie to the book  
are kiki herself ( and Jiji) and her parents and 
osono and of course the boy tombo who belongs to  
an aerial flying club so other than those kind 
of main people the other people that kiki meets  
in the book are not in the movie and there 
are people that she meets in the movie and  
there are story lines in the movie that are not 
in the book however i really i didn’t mind that  
i wasn’t necessarily looking for an exact copy 
of what i had seen in the movie to be in the  
book what i was hoping for was that the characters 
and the mood and the flavor and the charm would be  
the same and they were this kind of felt like 
once you get past the first couple of chapters  
which is kiki at home and then kiki is leaving her 
home to go to her new town pretty much everything  
after that is different from the movie but it 
almost kind of felt just like the continuing  
adventures of kiki you know just like the further 
adventures just new people that she meets new  
funny situations that she’s in and so i really 
loved that whether you read the book first or  
the movie first i don’t think it really matters 
because both of them are the same and they’re  
different in in other ways i don’t i just i don’t 
know how to describe it other than kiki the book  
made me feel the same as you know my feelings 
my emotions about it and my connection to it  
was the same as my connection to the movie 
but with all of the delight of discovering  
new adventures and new people and new things 
surrounding kiki the writing style is utterly  
charming and this edition has some really cute 
illustrations that just capture that magic so  
perfectly this book is a complete delight and 
now i feel i i just finished it and i feel like  
i just want to reread it again right away and 
watch the movie again right away and sit down at  
the piano and play the movie soundtrack all the 
songs from kiki as well i don’t know what it is  
but there’s just something that speaks to my soul 
in kiki’s story and i can never never get enough  
of it i’m sure there’s probably some kind of 
psychological component that speaks to our souls  
and and that that just feels so relatable about 
kiki but i can’t quite put my finger on what it is  
please leave me a comment down below and let 
me know have you watched the movie have you  
read the book do you adore kiki as much as 
i do and can you pinpoint for me what is it  
that indescribable thing that makes us love kiki 
and her story so much thanks for watching please  
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